Timeless love starlife update 4 February 2024

The employees talking about Jai to be crazy boss. An employee says lets see how Mrs. Raichand handles him. Another says she is Mrs. Raichand and will not tolerate all this. Other says super rich husband’s super rich wife and became inspection head here.

Vidhi thinks she has come for herself and will make her own identity here. She asks Koyal what happened? Koyal says she is feeling uneasy. Vidhi says Jai and I will handle the meeting. Koyal says I will manage, as Jai sir gets upset. Jai comes there and scolds everyone. He asks Koyal and Vidhi to come to the meeting room.

Vidhi says Koyal is not well. Jai says give her medicine and ask her to come. Vidhi says I am the head of this team, so she shall decide who will join us. She says Koyal shall rest and we shall handle the meeting. She goes.

Satyavati tells Dev that she has given permission to Vidhi to work, but she is getting busy all day and Jai called her in the evening too. She says you have handled more big business than Jai, but didn’t trouble the employees like this. Dev says it is upbringing problem, he might not have the good upbringing like me. He says Jai is the new generation guy and gives more value to the business than family. He asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine.

Amba meets the doctor. The doctor says you are my friend and that’s why I will tell clearly. She says she shall plan a baby in 1 or 2 years, else she can’t become a mother.

Jai gives the presentation, but the clients don’t like his ideas. They tell that their thoughts don’t match with his, and tells that the customer wants discounts. He says we used to work with Rao ji, but now we can’t buy your product or contact you. Jai says many companies are dying to work with us. Vidhi thinks she has to do something else will lose the deal. She says we understand your needs and demands. She asks them to sit and have tea first.

The clients sit again. Vidhi tells that Jai ji is waiting for you since morning and has worked on the presentation. She says you have problem with incentives, so we will give you incentives quarterly and not yearly. She says we will not want our food company’s reputation get harmed.

Dev, Abhi and Priya meet Bimla and Hariprasad and discuss the business problem. Bimla says Hariprasad ji was scared to do anything alone. The clients tell that they understand local language and not technical language, and says she saved you else we was going. They goes. Jai goes from there.

Dev tells that someone taught him business theory which is not in books. He says something shall be done by business partners and says they shall be honest and give one share to the poor, so that their secret partner is happy. Bimla asks who? Hariprasad says God.

Vidhi comes behind Jai and says she didn’t intent to take over his project. She says she is from the middle class family and understands them well. She tries to make him understand that if we are selling a product then shall take customer’s reviews too. She says they shall understand the people’s needs. Bimla asks Dev to call Vidhi for lunch. Dev calls on Vidhi’s phone, but she doesn’t pick the call.

Dev calls on the office number. The receptionist calls Jai. Jai asks her to tell that she is not here. He says you have made me understand well. Amba signs some papers. Yogesh tries to stop her. Amba taunts him. Yogesh thinks to do something. Vidhi tries to leave, but Jai keeps her busy. Dev calls Satyavati and asks if Vidhi reached home.

Satyavati says no. Dev checks in Jai’s cabin and finds Jai and Vidhi there. Vidhi gets happy to see him. Jai asks Dev to wait in the waiting room and asks him to let his wife work. Dev says office hours are over, so I came to pick her. Vidhi tells Dev that she will come. She tells Jai that she will leave now. Jai says some what work is still pending. Vidhi says work never ends and we shall balance work and house. She says she is married and have family and asks him not to call her again at late night. He says I called you for the meeting. Vidhi says you can tell me in office.


She comes out and tells Dev that she has cracked a lost deal. Dev gets happy. Vidhi sees Satyavati’s missed calls and tells dev that she had told that she will make food, but it is too late. Dev says cook will make food, don’t worry. Jai thinks the old man came here to take her, and is afraid to give her freedom.

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