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Meet in love 11 January 2024: Sumeet approached her bracelet, intending to pick it up, but Raunak intercepted her just before she caught sight of Shlok. Shlok felt a pang of hurt as he observed Raunak placing the bracelet on Sumeet’s wrist, urging her to have his name inscribed in her mehndi. Unfortunately, the mehndi artist mistakenly wrote Shlok’s name instead. Sumeet repeatedly dialed Shruti’s number, but she received a text from Shagun, using Shruti’s phone, stating that she was occupied and would talk later.

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Sumeet was perplexed because Shruti had never ignored her calls before.Meanwhile, Shlok’s uncle presented Sumeet with a family painting he had created, but she failed to notice Shagun’s face within the artwork. Pankhuri advised her to examine it later when her mehndi had dried.

Raj noticed Poonam carrying the painting and considered inspecting it, but once again, Pankhuri interrupted him, causing him to miss seeing Shagun’s face as well. Pankhuri attempted to flirt with Raj and inquired about his girlfriend. He replied that he was single and wanted to witness Sumeet’s happiness before contemplating his own relationship. Pankhuri deceitfully claimed to be single herself. Bitti informed Shlok about Raunak’s dishonorable and questionable character, prompting him to express his gratitude by grasping her hands.

Just then, Sumeet arrived and witnessed the scene.Shlok clarified to Sumeet that Bitti was his childhood friend, but she insisted that their relationship didn’t affect her. She displayed her mehndi, revealing that Raunak’s name was now etched on her palm, but Shlok was taken aback to see his own name instead. Raunak also arrived at the scene and lost his temper upon seeing Shlok’s name. He spoke rudely to Sumeet, prompting Shlok to intervene, but Sumeet assured him that she would handle the situation and requested that he leave.

Raunak began shouting at Sumeet while she tried to explain that there must have been a misunderstanding.Raunak’s loud scolding attracted the attention of all the family members, who gathered around. He forcefully rubbed off Shlok’s name from Sumeet’s mehndi, causing her pain, despite her warning him to stop. In anger, she slapped him, stating that he had no right to treat her this way, even after marriage, as husband and wife are equal partners. Raunak suddenly realized that everyone was present and changed the topic,

claiming that it was all a bet between him and Abhay, as Abhay had said Sumeet wouldn’t tolerate any injustice. He pleaded with Abhay to confirm his statement. Raj warned Raunak not to harm his sister, even in jest.Shagun called Raunak and questioned his behavior, wondering how he would explain himself to Abhay. Shlok approached Raunak, gripping his neck, and vowed to inflict the same pain on him that he had caused Sumeet,breaking a glass in his hand. Sumeet intervened, preventing them from fighting.

Raunak left, and Sumeet applied ice to Shlok’s bleeding hand. She asked him why he persisted in coming despite being restrained by both Raj and Raunak. Shlok advised Sumeet to search her heart for the answers. She believed that her heart was telling her that what Raunak had done wasn’t merely a prank. Abhay slapped Raunak and instructed Shagun to call off the marriage with Sumeet.

Shagun says Raunak and Abhay are my kids and they obey me. Sumeet is shocked to see Shagun in front of her. Just a few moments ago, Abhay expressed his disapproval of Raunak and suggested breaking the marriage alliance. Abhay mentioned that if it weren’t for Shaun’s respect, he would have slapped Raunak. Shagun warns Raunak about his behavior and promises Abhay that Raunak won’t repeat such actions. She asks him to call Vani and apologize on Shaun’s behalf.

Shagun advises Abhay to control his actions until the marriage is over. Raunak receives a call from Bitti, and he happily smiles. Shagun decides to keep an eye on him.Bitti takes Raunak to a room, with Shlok watching. Shagun’s spy informs her about this. Sumeet arrives at the scene, and Shlok is determined to show her Raunak’s true face. Shlok pulls Sumeet into the room, and she becomes angry with him. Bitti and Raunak also enter the same room. Shlok and Sumeet hide behind the curtain.

Bitti questions Raunak about why he isn’t spending time with his wife. Raunak confesses that he hates Sumeet and only wants to marry her for revenge because she publicly rejected him. Raunak tries to get intimate with Bitti.Shlok steps forward and pushes Raunak away from Bitti. Sumeet confronts Raunak about his behavior and asks if he understands the meaning of a girl’s “no.” Raunak tries to blame Shlok, accusing him of trapping him and trying to break his and Sumeet’s marriage. Shlok advises Sumeet not to fall for Raunak’s manipulations.

Sumeet slaps Raunak and calls off the marriage. She thanks Shlok for saving her. Sumeet attempts to call Raj to tell him the truth, but she is shocked to find Shagun standing in front of her. Shagun asks if Sumeet is looking for her.Sumeet is stunned by Shagun’s presence. Shagun reveals that Vani is marrying Abhay and Sumeet received a proposal to marry in the same house because of a reason, which is Sumeet being Meet Hooda’s daughter. Shagun confesses the truth about being the mother of Abhay and Raunak. Sumeet recalls meeting Shagun at the temple and overhearing her husband saying that his wife wouldn’t attend the marriage functions.

Shagun suggests that if Sumeet wants to inform Raj about Raunak’s truth and break off the marriage, it will result in many other “yes” turning into “no.” She emotionally blackmails Sumeet, saying that if she refuses to marry Raunak, Abhay won’t be able to marry Vani either.Shagun adds that Vani’s dreams and love will remain incomplete and asks Sumeet to make her decision. Sumeet notices artists sculpting a goddess idol and smiles, commenting on how beautiful it will look when completed. Sumeet bravely faces Shagun and declares that she won’t be afraid of her blackmailing.

She is willing to break off Vani and Abhay’s marriage, as she believes that once Vani knows the truth, she will end the relationship herself. Sumeet tells Shagun that she had a good plan, but Raunak ruined it, and she criticizes Shagun for not raising Raunak properly. Shagun tries to slap Sumeet, but she stops her with the trident of the goddess idol in her hand.Masum in tension says to Sumeet, Vani is pregnant, and I have decided she will marry Abhay and Shagun will treat my Vani with love if you get married to Raunak. Raj walks in and asks what you guys are talking about.

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