Timeless Love starlife Tuesday 30 January 2024

Vidhi ask Abhi to open the door and says we will sit calm and talk. She tells Satyavati that she will see from back side. She goes. Abhi recalls Simmy’s words and cries, asking them not to stop him. He says I am a loser and couldn’t keep my wife and family happy.

He says today my daughter has tears in her eyes. He says we had lost house and business because of me, I couldn’t become a good father and son, I shall die. He says you people can’t show your faces to everyone because of me. Priya calls Abhi. Satyavati asks him to open the door. Priya asks him to think about Simmy and them before taking any step. She says Simmy is small and needs you. Chitra also asks him to open the door.

Abhi says I don’t have the right to live. Vidhi looks inside from the window and comes inside pulling it and stops Abhi from consuming the tablets. She throws the tablets and asks how can you do this being Shantanu Raichand’s son and says we got our house and will get other things also. She says if you take this step then Simmy will think all life that her father is a loser. She asks if you want Simmy to feel the same pain which you had felt.

Abhi asks what to do, first wife’s taunts and then people’s taunts. She opens the door and everyone comes inside. Priya tells Abhi that she is responsible for this scandal and shall die. She takes the tablets to eat it, but Abhi gets up and stops Priya.

Rao ji asks Jai to do what he wants and ends the call. The driver tells that car brakes are not working. Dev is coming from other side. Rao ji asks driver to try. The driver loses control over the car. Dev sees the car hitting the tree and stops the car. He comes out of his car and sees Rao ji in the car. Abhi asks Priya why she didn’t think about Simmy once. She asks why you didn’t think about me. Abhi says I couldn’t do anything. Priya says just be with us.

Abhi says I became selfish hearing this. Priya says it is my mistake, we wouldn’t do anything which hurts Simmy. She asks him to promise and they hug each other. Vidhi says you both shall spend some time with each other and clear the misunderstandings. She says they need to go for outing. She asks them to talk to Simmy.

Dev takes Rao ji to hospital. Vidhi hopes that everything becomes fine between Priya and Abhi. Doctor tells Dev that Rao ji bhai met with an accident. Satyavati thinks of Abhi’s words. She says Chitra is handling her pregnancy alone and all these troubles. Vidhi says all your pain is of God now. She asks her to see that finally everything will be fine slowly. Satyavati says why this is happening.

Dev calls Vidhi and asks her to come to hospital as Rao ji met with an accident. Vidhi says I will come. Satyavati asks what happened? Vidhi goes. Dev asks Manager to go outside. He apologizes to Rao ji for his condition and says I could have saved you. Rao ji says it is not your mistake, but mine. Vidhi comes there. Rao ji says I have to go and asks her if she will fulfill his wish, and says my son Jai is bitter being a mother less child. He says he wanted to teach so many things to him, but…Vidhi asks if Jai is informed. Dev says he is not picking my calls. Manager says he is not picking my calls too. Vidhi comes to Jai and says your Papa is fighting with life and death, and says let him die.

He says two old men has taken your advantage, first Dev and now this Rao ji, says he just acts. Vidhi gets angry and slaps him.

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