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Tannu tells preeta if sarla accepts her as abhi’s wife, then she might have pity on her. preeta gets angry at her. tannu tells preeta that Sarla isn’t really worth all her time, preeta shuts her up for pronouncing bad word towards sarla. preeta cries for no longer being able to help her mother. rashi comes there and sees her crying, she tells preeta to talk to rishab by means of tonight as sherlin is coming for the party.

Inside the room, rishab and sameer had been selecting dress. sameer taunts rishab that he takes greater time dressing than ladies do, he becomes into irritated as it’s been one and a half hour now. he walks out of the room silently. preeta enters in then. rishab cheers, watching her.

Preeta indicates the blue dress is good for him, it might fit him properly. preeta says she feels anyone desires a accomplice to solve a few problems of his life, whom you may share everything. she says it should be a person who can contend with you whilst you are damaged; and at this point of life it may be a mom. rishab says it could also be a friend like her with simplicity. preeta says it’s a life partner, who shares her life with him.

She says it feels he is at the proper age to get married, her father constantly stated that if the right age passes through we won’t sense the happiness. rishab says he can see his his mother’s shadow in anything she is announcing. preeta is of the same opinion rashi instructed her to speak to him, however she is speaking to him because she considers herself a good adviser.

She says there would be a person with him to give him consent at any time of life. Doesn’t he feel excited about it? Rishab says he won’t mind if the partner is like the picture she created. Preeta cheers saying she would tell his mother, she would be really happy. Rishab says on the conditions that he will only get married if partner is like her. She nods and cheerfully leaves. Rishab wonders where he would find a girl like her.

In the room, Rashi ia happy and thankful to Preeta and prays for her happiness. Preeta wish Rashi has selected a nice girl for Rishab. Rashi says Kareena has selected a girl for Rishab, Kareena’s decision is never wrong. She says Sherlin and Rishab will meet each other in tonight’s party and asks her about help. Rishab is ready wearing the dress Preeta selected. Rashi gets weepy and says her family always joked about her for wanting to make Rishab marry.

She says she wasn’t hopeless and promises Preeta a diamond set. Preeta says only her blessings are enough. She says Kratika wanted a special dress for her, they brought it. Preeta refuses but Rashi says gifts aren’t forbidden. Preeta thinks about asking her salary in advance, may be this helps Sarla. She was worried how Sarla must be doing.

At home, Sarla gets a call from Tannu who mocks her helplessness. Sarla says she has heard wrong. Tannu mentions she selected a wrong person Preeta for help. Sarla scolds her not to poke her nose into other’s matters. Tannu asks her to come to her home and apologize touching her feet, only then she would forgive her. Sarla slaps the phone shut and fumes over Preeta for sharing the matter in the world.

Dadi asks Pandit ji about preparations of pooja. She spots Preeta and sends her to get handkerchief. Shrishti spots Preeta coming towards her and thinks if Preeta watches her here, the whole game would be spoilt. She thinks about hiding herself somewhere. She runs to the other side and hits Sameer. Both blame each other. Shrishti finds Preeta approaching and runs the other side. Shrishti hides in Dadi’s room but as Preeta comes in. Shrishti hides inside the bathroom.

Preeta looks across the room, Shrishti finds the napkins and hands them to Preeta from behind the door. Preeta asks who is it, she thanks her anyway. Shrishti regrets replying with a welcome. Preeta recognizes the voice and insists on Shrishti to come outside. Shrishti opens the door. Preeta asks if she has gone crazy, why she has hidden inside the washroom.

Shrishti tells her to listen to her, she is free to move anywhere here. She tells Preeta she came from the side of wedding planners. Preeta cheers then complains why she didn’t share with her. Shrishti says she enjoyed the game, where she becomes friends with the one who hates her. She confess she made her fall into Rishab’s arms. Preeta charges over Shrishti.

Shrishti says Kareena promised her double salary. Preeta says she doesn’t care because they don’t interact directly. Shrishti says the one who doesn’t know their sisterhood would open his heart in front of her. Someone opens the door of the room then.

Shrishti forbids Preeta to tell anyone about their relation. Karan watches Preeta come downstairs, he comes to her and says she looks beautiful. Preeta was astonished. Karan goes upstairs with a smirk. Preeta turns around to see Rishab coming from behind, and compliments his choice of color.

Rishab gives the credit to Preeta. Kratika comes downstairs, Kareena compliments she looks beautiful in their family necklace. She corrects it and notices a ruby was missing, and gets tensed as the ruby must have been really expensive. Roo also comes there asking about the necklace. Kareena thinks about Preeta, and her talk on phone with Tannu. Kareena says she will bring the thief with proof in front of everyone, she calls Shrishti and sends her to bring Preeta downstairs. She confirms Kritika if there was ruby,

Roo says she went there and complimented the Ruby was big when Preeta was pinning the dupatta. Upstairs, Shrishti comes to call Preeta downstairs saying there is some tension. Preeta is relaxed that everyone is in a hurry, they must need her only. Shrishti is worried.

At home, Sarla is enraged in the kitchen. Bee ji comes there. Sarla says today, Preeta opened up about their problems to Tannu that they want three lacs for Kumkum Bhagya hall. She was furious over Preeta, and wonders why she told everyone about it. Bee ji wonders what Sarla would say to Preeta.

Everyone had geared up when Preeta comes downstairs. Shrishri also joins the crowd. Preeta hands the black thread to Dadi and asks Kareena why she called her. Kareena tells her not to be innocent, and says she never liked Preeta. She insists her mother and Rashi like her, she is a doctor and why she doesn’t leave after the treatment.

She is always wandering around the people of the family, what’s so common between Kritika and her but she got such importance in Kritika’s life. She convinced Kritika to wear the necklace only to steal the Ruby. Kritika is worried, she clarifies she saw the Ruby herself and it was there. Kareena blames Preeta that she stole it as she needed money. She asks Preeta if her mother didn’t need 3 lacs, or wasn’t she crying for the money on the call. Preeta accepts her mother needs money.

Kareena says she thought about getting the money by stealing the Ruby. Preeta says she agrees she is poor, and they are daily in a problem because there is no money; sometimes they overlook their needs and necessities. But this doesn’t mean they get dishonest. Rashi also takes Preeta’s side saying Rashi must have some misunderstanding.

Dadi agrees Kareena has never thought about something wrong for the house, Preeta wasn’t with her for long today, she also looked disturb. Kareena tells Preeta to either return the Ruby, else she must call the police. She calls Shrishti to check her bag, Shrishti comes to take the bag and goes to check it. Shrishti looks into the bag and turns it over. She announces there is nothing inside, it doesn’t even contain bus fair. She can only see one thing, and brings out a Ganesh idol.

She asks Preeta why its there, then says that Preeta believes God will solve all her problems. She tells Kareena she thinks wrong about middle class girls, they work as sales man but never steal the jewellry. Its people like her who stamp her as a thief. This girl convinced Kritika to wear the necklace of her choice, and she believed her.

She says Preeta always stay hungry to feed others, bear their tantrums just to help them. Kareena asks how Shrishti knows a lot about her, she says she is her sister. Kareena says this means they are both involved in the theft.


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