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Tuesday update on This is fate

While driving back, Karan is angry over Preeta while driving the car back; he thinks she always show him attitude and never understands the real matter.

This is fate March teasers 2019

The gang of goons call Preeta names, discussing her character. Preeta walks to them and forbids them for this loose talk in this area. She questions Meer if he can’t even take care of the girls of his area to protect them. She was about to slap one of them when Meer holds her hand.

He mocks the furious expressions of Preeta and asks her for a chance, like she wanders with other guys. He warns to kidnap her and her family wouldn’t be able to find her. He wanted to revenge Preeta for the disgrace of his brother. Preeta comes home where Sarla and Shrishti were arguing over a towel, she shouts at them to stop it and leaves. Everyone was concerned as Preeta is never so furious.

There, Prithvi was thinking about a way to fix Tapsi. He asks Sherlin to contact the goon who kidnapped Tapsi’s mother for kidnapping Tapsi; or he can refer them to a bigger goon’s gang. Sherlin calls Meer’s man asking about a proper goon, he refers to Meer.

Preeta comes out and apologizes Sarla for shouting so badly. Sarla hugs her then inquires why she was so angry, she had gone to get vegetables. Preeta tells Sarla about Sanju’s brother Meer – the corporator. She complains they stopped her way, she slapped one of his goons but then he held her hand. Shrishti was furious and turns to teach them a good lesson, but Preeta doesn’t let her go.

She says they can fall to any level and no one would question them. She was also angry for being harassed in their own area. Sarla also stops Shrishti while she seconds Preeta. She was afraid that goons may fall to any level for revenge.

Sarla assures she will speak to the MNA here, he is a nice man. Shrishti insists this would go in vain, but Sarla and Dadi were both of the view that they must solve the matter with negotiation. Preeta also convinces Shrishti that they must complain the MNA about it. Shrishti was helpless and leaves into the room furiously. Preeta tells Sarla she was aware of Shrishti’s reaction; and goes to take her attention somewhere else.

Prithvi shows the photo of Tapsi to Meer and his gang. Meer says this girls seems pretty, what problem he has with her. Prithvi insults Meer for being a rented goon and must stay in his limits. Meer charges over Prithvi stuffing his gun into his mouth, and then placing it on his forehead. He narrates Prithvi a story when once he placed a real gun over his client, he was saved but went into coma.

He now asks Prithvi who is she, Prithvi stammers this is his ex-girlfriend. He wants her to go into comma, so that at least she is not in her senses until he is married. Meer demands 10 lacks for the work. He increases the bid as Prithvi was shocked, Prithvi asks him to send a man and bring the money from him.

Kareena was making arrangement for arrival of Kratika’s in laws. Akshay’s father arrive and explain his wife was a little busy. He asks about Kratika. Kareena says she will soon be here, and asks about him and his wife. Rakhi also complains that Akshay was only abroad, but they were really busy. He explains his wife continued crying for Akshay so he had to take her there.

Rishab says they all know they were in Dubai, and the ladies are only teasing. Akshay arrives with gifts for them, he meets everyone cheerfully. Kratika comes to the hall with a blushing face. Akshay invites everyone for a pooja as he got a huge contract in Dubai. Kareena asks why keep a pooja at Luthra house, she has been looking for an opportunity to arrange a pooja. They agree.

Tapsi was in a market and sense being followed by the goons. These were Meer’s men and follow her in their car.

Akshay comes to Kratika’s room to say good bye. Kratika hugs Akshay as she missed him a lot. Akshay complains Kratika didn’t call him for once and is expressing her love now. He clutches her arm to hurt her, then apologizes saying he hugs her but can’t bear any disloyalty in love. Kratika also expresses genuine love with him.

Sherlin calls Sherlin to tell her about his meeting with Meer. He says he is over smart but can be handled. Sherlin says it would be better if Prithvi ended Tapsi’s story himself. Prithvi complains that Sherlin never appreciates him.

Sherlin was annoyed with him when there is a door bell. Prithvi finds Karan standing outside. He cuts the call as of his mother. Sherlin wonders who could have arrived at Prithvi’s place. Karan asks why is Prithvi shocked to see him. Prithvi says he is surprised, and didn’t know Karan would come to practice his cricket here.

Karan promises there would be a lot which Prithvi has never expected. He invites Prithvi for Pooja at their place. Prithvi smiles asking about his concern and tells Karan to share the true reason of being here. Karan says he will always find him around from now. Prithvi mocks that Karan is a lost player, but is still hopeful.

This is life, and here emotions won’t work. Karan says there has to be emotions, strategy and preparation to win each match. God sometimes behold the evil to height so that it is badly hurt when fallen. After Karan has left, Prithvi says Karan is unaware Tapsi would soon die, to ruin Karan’s planning.
Preeta asking Srishti to learn household chores. Srishti expresses her anger over Sarla for refusing to take a vital step for Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement. She decides to teach Prithvi a lesson on her own.

On her way back to her house, Tapsee finds a man lying in the middle of the road. As she gets out of the car to see, the goons kidnap her. Kareena and Rakhi are seen making arrangements for a pooja at their home. Srishti comes out of her house to seek revenge from Neel, the corporator who teased Preeta.

She spots him and follows him to the spot where the goons have taken Tapsee. Sensing something wrong, she follows the goons. The men take Tapsee inside a room where Neel tries to talk to her. Tapsee shouts for help and Srishti feels that she should help her. Srishti decides to call the police to help her. Neel asks his men to bring Tapsee behind him.

Preeta goes to the kitchen to ask Srishti for some work but she doesn’t find her there. Sarla is looking for Srishti and asks about Preeta. Preeta says that she has gone to buy milk from the market.

This is fate March teasers 2019

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