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This is fate 19 December 2023: Shristhi, mention she does not know why she feels that there is some sort of connection between Preeta di and Arjun, Preeta asks if she got mad as they cannot forget that he is the same person because of whom they were on that plane in the first place, and Kavya’s life has been in danger a lot of times. Shristhi asks if Preeta forgot as he has saved kavya a lot of all the times, either be the terrorists or on the plane and even when she was about to get in the road accident. Shristhi mentions she doesn’t understand what problems she has with him and even Rishab ji is always fighting with him,

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but they cannot forget that Arjun would never think wrong of Preeta and Kavya. Preeta tries to walk away when Shristhi explains that running away from truth will not change it, Preeta replies she is talking very strange things, Preeta tries to scold her. Sameer comes with kavya from the corner who points towards her mother, Sameer signals her to talk in a slow voice.

Kavya informs Preeta that she is going to eat the ice cream with Sameer, he informs that the doctor is calling Preeta when Shristhi is still tensed so Sameer asks what has happened however Shristhi does not say anything, she then receives a call so explains it might be of Rakhi’s mom. Anjali replies she no longer trusts the doctor, Dadi asks if it is possible, he is still affected by the poison. Preeta comes asking what has happened to Arjun, before the doctor can reply Anjali explains he wants to meet Preeta and not her, Preeta asks if he is conscious but Anjali replies she does not think as the doctor would have heard him talking in his sleep, about when he saved Preeta, she enters the room and Anjali tries to follow her but the doctor threatens to call the security if she refuses to accept his instructions.

Arjun is lying on the hospital bed, Preeta slowly walking close to him starts crying, he asks why she is crying when she wanted to see him dead, Preeta explains she is going to leave if he keeps taking such things, she turns to leave however stops when Arjun holds her saree, he mentions he wants to say something to her so calls Preeta close to him. Preeta hesitantly walks close, he accepts he has caused a lot of pain, so she should forgive him, he apologizes to her for his behavior. Preeta also gets emotional, he assures he will apologize to everyone as he has hurt them including Rishab and the entire family as they were tensed because of him,

he once again apologies to her. Preeta tries to say something, she however feels dizzy and is about to fall but the doctor enters with the nurse she immediately helps Preeta when the doctor asks her to help Preeta sit on the wheelchair, he instructs her to call Dr Sharma. The nurse takes Preeta out on the wheelchair. Anjali is tensed asking what has happened to Preeta, the doctor replies they will find it after a while. Anjali questions if she can meet Arjun, the doctor explains that he lied to them the first time so they cannot say what has happened to him.

Rakhi stumbles while entering the hospital when Rakhi hears the nurse asking the receptionist to call Dr Sharma for the treatment of Preeta, Rakhi is worried asking if she is fine, Rakhi immediately asks in hat room is she admitted, the nurse reveals Preeta is admitted in room 204 while Arjun is in room 203. They both leave to meet with Preeta. Sameer is walking with Kavya and Shristhi, Kavya explains that the ice cream was really good but she mentions she Sameer uncle did not let her buy an ice cream for her Mr handsome,

Sameer replies it should not be anything for which she is tensed as they do not even know if he is awake or asleep, Shristhi stops the nurse asking if she knows where her sister Preeta is at the moment, the nurse replies she fell unconscious in the room of Arjun. Anjali is with Dadi who asks if they can sit for a while, Rkahi and Karina also come, they greet Dadi who assures there is nothing to be worried about and both the children would be fine. Anjali however leaves angrily when Rakhi is tensed asking what happened to her, Karina replies they should not be worried for her and need to meet Preeta.

Rakhi while walking feels as if Arjun called her, she stops looking through the window to see Arjun on the bed, she enters without thinking anything and is about to leave, Arjun however requests her to not leave him alone and stay beside him, the doctor enters asking what is she doing here and needs to leave, Rakhi explains Arjun called her Mom and she feels there is something wrong, the doctor replies that he is under the influence of medicines so is saying anything without giving it proper thought. Rakhi is not able to control her emotions,

she asks about his condition when the doctor reveals he is fine, but Rakhi needs to leave right now. Karina is really worried waking to the room, she is seeing Preeta explains that both Rishab and Kavya really love her, she gets worried when Rakhi is not by her side. Rakhi while walking in the hospital, stops at the Mandir mentioning that Bhagwan knows everything going on and is aware of all that is going on so should once again make sure Arjun meets his mother as she would be waiting for him, Rakhi is praying when she notices the flower fall in the mandir, she picks it up and starts praying.

Anjali while walking thinks about what happened as Arjun wanted to meet Preeta even before her, and how Arjun accepted that he has once again fallen in love with Preeta. Anjali standing at the door wonders how is he like this when everything is clear, revealing the Luthra’s are not good at heart because he has even risked his own life for them, but they do not deserve it. The doctor comes out when Anjali asks about his condition,

he reveals Arjun could have lost his life today because the poison was very strong, but he is glad everything is fine. Anjali exclaims everything happened because of Preeta.Karina is standing at the door when the doctor comes out, so she asks him about her condition, the doctor replies that Preeta is fine but still under the influence of the medicine so asks i Karina wants to meet her, Karina replies that her Bhabhi is the mother-in-law of Preeta,

she is therefor going to bring her to this room. The nurse comes out asking if something happened, the doctor mentions that he has not seen any lady like her as she refused to go inside even when she was standing outside the room. Preeta is lying on the hospital bed when Anjali comes to her side, Preeta inquiries about the condition of Arjun but Anjali asks why Preeta is asking about him, she questions what does Preeta desire from him. Preeta replies she cannot reply as the doctor said she will feel fine after fifteen minutes so they would tell them,

Anjali asks of Preeta thinks she is interested to talk after fifteen minutes as she has only come here to explain Preeta is behind his condition, and every time Arjun is in problem is because of either Preeta or her family. Anjali warns her of severe consequences if she tries to come near Arjun. Anjali sees Rkahi around the corner, she noticing the flower asks if she prayed for Arjun. Anjali thinks that Arjun would feel nice if Rakhi aunti meets Arjun, but she would have to stop her from meeting Preeta, Anjali explains Preeta would be fine after fifteen minutes but if Rakhi desires, she can meet Arjun in that time as he would feel nice,

Rakhi replies even she will feel nice but she still walks to the room of Preeta. Anjali is confused wondering why they care so much about Preeta and not give any regard to the sacrifices of Arjun, Anjali is really confused.Preeta is lying on the bed, Rakhi walks close to her assuring there is nothing to be worried about, informing she will get fine soon. Rakhi informs she is going to meet Arjun, Preeta once again falls asleep so Rakhi thinks it might be because of the medicines.

Rakhi is walking over to the room of Arjun when she asks the doctor about Arjun’s condition. The doctor questions if she came from the mandir, he reveals that Bhagwan listened to her prayers since they were really worried because the poison had spread into his entire body, but they say that a mothers prayer is always accepted so he is fine. Rakhi while smiling asks if she can meet Arjun, the doctor leaves assuring he must finish some work. Rakhi walking over to Arjun starts massaging his face with the flower that she brought from the mandir, Rakhi is crying recalling when she exclaimed that he reminds her of her own son. Arjun wakes up asking what she is doing here, Rkahi replies she never intended to disturb him but has brought the flower from the Mandir, as a blessing for him.

Arjun asks her to sit down asking if she is fine, Rakhi starts crying when he replies she must not cry. Rakhi mentions he is admitted in the hospital but is still asking if she is fine. Rakhi explains whatever he did for her entire family in the airplane, could only be done by someone who is their relative and truth be told she thought her son came back. Arjun requests her to not cry revealing he is then not able to control his emotions. Arjun asks if Preeta is fine. Rakhi is tensed thinking about her. Preeta slowly opens her eyes on the bed,

she keeps thinking about the moment when Arjun fell unconscious outside the airport and how he apologized to her when she went to meet him. Preeta is confused recalling the threats which Anjali made, advising she should stay away from Arjun.Arjun sits up asking why Rakhi is not saying anything, she replies something has happened to her because when she was going to the room of Preeta, she heard a strange voice standing outside his room and it reminded her of her son. The doctor comes asking Rakhi how she is feeling after meeting Arjun,

the doctor explains he is going to give Arjun an injection on his arm. Arjun however gets restless and does not want to get it, he tries to assure that he is perfectly fine and would not take it, he threatens to sue the hospital if they even try to give him the injection asking what would happen if he injected the doctor with it. Rakhi starts smiling thinking this is how Karan used to talk with her, she requests the doctor if she can come near Arjun for a moment. Rakhi assures that nothing wrong would happen to him, she hugs him signaling the doctor to apply it,

Rakhi is shocked to see the black mark on his arm, she hesitantly walks out of the room. Arjun is shocked when he is not able to find Rakhi with him in the room, the doctor informs they have administered the injection which worries Arjun. He sees the flower on the bed and thinks this is how Mom is like because he feels calm. Shristhi entering the room questions how Preeta is di because she was fine when they left to get Kavya her ice cream but she is now admitted here, Preeta replies that she was also affected by the poison for some time but the doctors managed to take control so she is fine.

Kavya mentions Preeta is her super mom so nothing wrong would happen to her, she inquires if her Mr Handsome is awake. Preeta mentions she fell unconscious during his treatment, she advises both Shristhi and Sameer to be with Kavya while she goes to meet him. Rakhi stumbles while walking so sits down on the bench, she thinks how Karan also the same mark on his arm had, Karina coming asks what happened to her and why is she so tensed, Karina explains she was supposed to go and meet Preeta but where did she go suddenly, Rakhi walks away informing that she is going back home. Karina wonders what has happened to Bhabhi and why is she behaving like this, she is sure that something big has happened to her. Arjun is sitting when the nurse asks what happened, he instructs her to call Anjali as he can no longer stay in this hospital.

The nurse replies that he cannot go back home today as he is under observation, Arjun threatens to purchase the hospital if he does not listen to them. Preeta enters questioning how many hospitals would he purchase, Arjun inquires how is she feeling when the nurse reveals that Preeta also feel unconscious when he was admitted here, Arjun inquires then why is she standing here so should rest, Preeta mentions she knows how she is feeling because she is a doctor. Kavya runs towards Arjun in excitement but is stopped by Preeta.

Rakhi sitting in the car wonders how can two people have the same mark on their arms as it is not possible, the driver notices her when Rakhi quickly wipes off the tears.Arjun asks Preeta if he can hug Kavya once only if she does not have any problem. Kavya runs to Arjun, and he hugs her, she asks how she is looking, Arjun praises her when he informs it is not right to keep Kavya in the hospital so Preeta should take her back home. Preeta asks Kavya to come and tuns back but then Sameer rushes to hug Arjun, he starts recalling the moments spent with Karan. Sameer mentions he heard how Arjun protected their family on the airplane like an elder brother so he would always be there to support Arjun under any circumstance.

Sameer leaves with Shristhi and Preeta, Anjali is furious seeing the differences are ending. Garesh opens the door when Rakhi enters, Dadi tries to call her however she does not listen and just runs upstairs Karina also enters asking if Rkahi came home, Dadi explains she ran upstairs without saying anything, she asks if something happened. Karina replies she does not know because Rakhi Bhabhi left the hospital without even meeting Preeta, she follows to find out the reason. Rakhi frantically turns on the lights of the room,

she is searching for an album taking which Rakhi leaves, Karina wonders what has happened to Bhabhi, she is shocked to see the store is open. Karina wonders why the things of Karan are all over the floor, she is not able to find the old album. Mahesh notices Karina so inquires what is she doing here, Karina reveals she is searching for Bhabhi. Mahesh replies she is also looking for her so what has happened, Karina replies that she is not saying anything and was really tensed, maa said that Bhabhi came here she was searching for her, Mahesh mentions she would be in the room of Karan.

Rakhi sitting on the bed of Karan starts searching through the album, she manages to find a photo revealing the same mark on his hand. Rakhi starts crying holding the photo revealing it is the same, she in excitement calls out to Karan staring at his photo. Rakhi is smiling, turning back mentions the name of Karan while walking towards his portrait, she picks his batting gloves, placing them against her face she is not able to control her emotions, thinking when Karan said that she should only keep the love for him and she mentioned her heart made her realize he was coming back, she punches his boxing bag, Rakhi is crying because of happiness while remembering her son Karan.

Shristhi and Preeta are walking in the hall when Anjali pulling her questions how many times she would have to warn her that she needs to stay away from Arjun. Preeta asks why does Anjali not understand she has no interest in Arjun, Anjali asks if they think she would believe them but Shristhi replies she does not care what Anjali thinks, Preeta turns back, Anjali stops her mentioning she is not finished, Anjali explains that first the hijacking of the plane and then the snakes have delayed it a bit otherwise they were prepared to take over the Luthra business, Preeta informs she can plan all she wants but is not going to get a reply because Anjali is not important for her, Preeta warns that if anything wrong happens to her family, she is going to give her a befitting reply which Anjali will not be able to forget,

Preeta mentions she thought that Arjun was plotting against them but is it Anjali who is conspiring against them or saying such things to brainwash Arjun’s mind. Anjali exclaims even she doesn’t care what Preeta thinks because she is not that important Preeta warns her to stay away from her because she has already said a lot of things to her and so must stay away, she leaves with Shristhi.

Mahesh and Karina enter the room of Karan looking for Rakhi but she is not there, Karina picks the album and gets emotional seeing the childhood photos of Karan. Mahesh takes the album from her hand, he starts going through it and remember how Karna would tease him, he remembers he felt the same feeling when Arjun hugged him. Karina notices he is tensed so questions what happened but Mahesh leaves without saying anything, Karina wonders what has happened to him because first Bhabhi and now even her brother is behaving like this.Rakhi praying in the Mandir, thanks Bhagwan for doing such a nice thing for her as he returned her son Karan, she explains she used think why he punished her like this but now has realized the truth, because she got the same feeling when Arjun met them for the first time,

she is therefor glad as whenever she used to see him, the noise of him walking would make her lose all sense and she would think he has returned but today Bhagwan has once again made a mother and son meet, Rakhi exclaims she used to say to everyone that Karan has returned but no one believed her, she is also sure that her heart was right because a mother can never be wrong, she prostates in front of Bhagwan. Garesh comes informing Rakhi that Preeta Bhabhi, Shristhi and Sameer have returned, Rakhi asks him to call Karina di, Dadi and Mahesh je

Arjun is glad to see Anjali, she informs that he has been discharged when he asks how she knows he will ask her for it, when Anjali replies that he always instructs her to work because she is his employee and he doesn’t have any emotional connection with her but the Luthra’s, Arjun replies it is like this because he himself is a Luthra. Anjali mentions he desired to meet Preeta when he woke up in the hospital, Arjun tries to deny it mentioning he would have thought about her after what happened in the airport. Anjali questions why he is not understanding the real reason he came here, and it was to ruin the Luthra’s because the deception which he faced because of them.

She demands he should remember; Arjun feels dizzy and sitting down thinking about when he met Rkahi and even called her as mom. Arjun in excitement informs Anjali when she questions what he is saying, he is confused if it was the truth.Arjun replies he wants the dream to become a truth, revealing he just wants to cry after pacing his head on her lap, he wants to end all these problems. Anjali mentions they should go back home because Dadi is worried, Arjun asks what about his mom, Anjali asks what has happened to him because she is talking about Dadi but Arjun once again questions about Rakhi. Anjali informs all the Luthra’s have went home, she leaves requesting him to get ready. Shristhi asks Preeta why has Rakhi mom called her here, Garesh replies he was just instructed to call them.

Preeta orders Mohan to bring water for everyone. Dadi mentions she cannot understand one things, Rakhi was really tensed when she returned and left without saying anything so Karina also followed her, she then even sent Mahesh. Preeta asks Mahesh papa what happened, he replies even he does not know because Rkahi jee took out the old album from the store which had the photos of Karan, he is talking when Rakhi comes to the steps while holding the album in her hands. Rakhi rushes to them all, they are really tensed seeing her condition. Shristhi asks Rakhi mom what is the matter, Dadi and Mahesh also question what happened.

Rakhi replies she must talk but with everyone, she is searching for the rest of the members. Kritika while walking with Sameer asks what the reason is they have been called here, Kritika asks him to see that Rakhi mami is holding the old album so would be emotional remembering the happiness in their past, Sameer stops her explaining he feels she is going to give a big news. Kritika asks what has happened and why did she call them here, Rakhi replies she has good news because her Karan has returned, hearing this they all are shocked.

Dadi opening the door is glad to see Arjun so explains he is looking really good, Arjun replies he does not like staying in the hospital clothes, Anjali however is really furious and walks without saying anything, Dadi explains that she cares a lot for him but he is just worried about the Luthra’s, Anjali in frustration throws the bottle which falls near the suitcase, Arjun seeing it mentions that it belongs to his mom, Anjali replies it would have gotten exchanged at the airport, she promises to send it back with the driver however Arjun leaves explaining he himself is going to return it, Dadi advises him to rest but he replies he will rest once he returns, Anjali in frustration throws the bottle.

Rakhi informs that her Karan has returned, the entire family is shocked when Preeta asks where is Karan, Rakhi informs he is present amongst all of them but they were not able to recognize him, she reveals even after being a mother she failed to but truth be told she felt his presence the first time he came to their house and the day he brought tea for them, she mentioned that she even made laddu for him but was not able to recognize him. Bani Dadi asks if she is in her senses or has lost her mind, Rakhi replies she is right because Karan has returned, Karina is also shocked asking if karan actually returned then why did he not meet her,

Dadi questions how can it be possible, Mahesh agrees with Dadi mentioning that Rakhi has been traumatized, but Rakhi replies that she is telling the truth as Karan has returned, Preeta also asks why did he not meet her so what is she saying. Rakhi reveals they all have met him and mentions Arjun is Karan hearing which they all are shocked. Mahesh questions why is she talking like this, Karina also refuses to believe him when Rakhi requests them all to believe her, she is adamant her son has returned. Preeta is shocked.

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