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Gazal is crying and tells Haider that Ruhaan raised hand on her, he beat her up. He says no this can’t be true, you are lying. Gazal says my wounds are not lying. Haider says you are lying, he would never do that with any woman and he loves you, he would never do anything like this. Gazal says your brother has done this with me. He says I don’t believe you at all.

Dua is looking around for Haider and sees Gazal’s room lights on. She says what if Haider is there and filling his mind against Ruhaan?

Gazal tells Haider that can’t you see my wounds? Haider says this is a lie. She thinks he is not believing me. Gazal cries and says can’t you see my blood, I thought you would take a stand for me but you wouldn’t go against your brother. I don’t mind what Ruhaan did with me but what he said about you was so wrong.. he thinks you are characterless and having an affair with me, that you preyed on me. Haider asks her to shut up, what is all this? he would never think like that for me. Gazal says you are blinded by your brother but can’t you see my wounds? why would he hurt me like this? She cries and sees Dua coming to her room but Gulnaz comes there and takes Dua from there. Gulnaz hugs Dua and cries.

The flashback shows how Gazal told Gulnaz that let her complete her plan otherwise she would marry Ruhaan and destroy her son’s life. Gulnaz takes Dua away from Gazal’s room. Gazal sees that and thinks she is helping me like I knew. Gazal tells Haider that I don’t deserve to live now, she takes a knife and tries to cut her wrist but Haider stops her and says what are you doing? Gazal says I had nothing but self-respect, Ruhaan destroyed that by calling me shameless and characterless, he thinks I have an affair with you, I am so disgusted that he can even think that. What should I do? Haider looks on.

Gulnaz tells Dua that Gazal will destroy my son’s life, please do something. Dua asks her to calm down and says I have a way to expose Gazal. Gulnaz thinks I am sorry Dua that I am helping Gazal but I have to save my son, I am sorry for doing this with you because I know you can’t win against Gazal.

Haider says to Gazal that I can’t believe all this, Gazal says he beat me up so bad. Haider says if he can raise a hand on a woman then he is not my brother, I can’t believe that he is from our family and did this with you. He should be punished for what he did, he has lost all respect and has no place in this house. He calls the police. Gazal thinks if the police comes there then my plan will be exposed. She takes the phone from him. He says Ruhaan should be punished for what he did. Gazal says at least think about my honor. Haider says don’t worry and calls the police. Gazal is worried and says the first person that should be punished should be Dua. Haider says what did she do? Gazal says she told Ruhaan that I have an affair with you, she made Ruhaan go against me, she told everything to Ruhaan and made him do all this with me. Would you be able to punish your wife?

Dua tells Gulnaz that she think she can separate the brothers but she won’t succeed. I just need Haider and Ruhaan to talk and clarify. Gulnaz says Ruhaan thinks Haider is a cheater and had an affair with his fiance so be careful, if you make them meet then it might make them fight more. Dua says you are right, I need to expose Gazal to Haider fully, I will tell him about Hina’s mistake with Gazal’s mother. Gulnaz says Hina won’t forgive you then. Dua says I can give my life to save Ruhaan and my family. Gulnaz sadly looks at her and thinks this girl is doing everything to save my son and I am trying to destroy her marriage, I am at a cross-road.

Haider tells Gazal that I trust Dua fully, she went against you because Gulnaz filled her ears but she wouldn’t say anything against me to Ruhaan. Gazal says Dua filled his ears against me. She hugs him and cries. A camera is recording them, Gazal smirks.

Dua says I’ve to tell amma before telling Haider. Haider says to Gazal I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. I want to apologize on Dua and Ruhan’s behalf. Please forgive us. She says it’s not your mistake. Don’t apologize. Haider says I’ve to apologize. I don’t know where I lacked in my love and upbringing. Ruhan raised his hand on you and Dua said such things about you. I am ready to repent, I will do what you ask. Gazal says no one will marry me after what has happened. I can kill myself or.. Haider says or what? She says marry me. Haider is shocked. He says what? Me? Are you in your senses? How can you even think that. Gazal says you are getting wrong. I meant.. I said this to Ruhan so many times. I asked him to marry but he didn’t. Please ask Rushan to not leave me. Haider says you’re talking about Ruhan? He has beaten you. Why do you wanna marry him? Don’t ruin your life.

Dua looks for Hina. She says ammi where are you? Hina is in the garden. Dua comes to her. She says ammi looks so happy after so long. I don’t want to upset her. Please forgive me. She comes to Hina. Hina asks what happened? Dua says I wanted to ask you for something. She says you can do anything for the nikkah. You have all the preparations. Dua says I.. I want to tell Haider about Gazal’s mom and her secret. She recalls everything. Hina says what? Why would you do that? Have you lost your mind? You can’t do that. Dua says don’t worry. We’ve to tell Haider.

That’s better for everyone. Gazal is the enemy of this house. Hina says you started that again. You agreed for their nikkah. She says yes I said I agree but I had no other option. No way out. My house was breaking. She says it was all Gazal’s plan. She did everything with planning. Ruhan’s mom was part of her plan but she backstabbed her. She doesn’t even want to hear Gazal’s name. We have to do something otherwise we will regret.

Hina says so you were pretending all this time? She says I had to show her reality to all of you. She has played emotional game with you. Ruhan was in love with her. No one believed me, Haider is trusting her as well. It’s not his fault. He’s just trying to be a good human. Gazal is using him. We’ve to tell haider why Gazal wants to take revenge from our family. She will burn this house otherwise. Hina says why would she do that? she’s about to get married to Ruhan. Dua says it’s all a lie. I have seen her true face.

She thinks we’re responsible for her parent’s death. She wanted to marry Haider but you chose me. She wanted you and Rahat to die. I am not lying. Please trust me. Dua says I can’t let Gazal succeed. I’ve to tell Haider truth. I won’t let this house shatter. hina claps. She says wow Dua wow. I appreciate you. You play so well. I thought my Dua is back, but I didn’t understand you had so much hate for Gazal in your heart. How do you live with so much poison in your mind? Now you dont’ want Ruhan and Gazal to marry?

Gazal cries and says Haider please ask Ruhan to marry me. My life would be ruiend. Haider says you’re today’s girl. You will get a much better guy. Why do you wanna marry Ruhan. She says there’s no time. My respect would be ruiend. I have no parents. You know I have no where to go. People would say many things about me. I felt so lucky when I got engaged to ruhan. I found a family here. Everything would be ruiend. Your life ruined everything. She provoked Ruhan and he accused me of having a relationship with you. People will talk about my character if Ruhan doesn’t marry me. My parent’s name would be dragged. I don’t even have parents. If this doesn’t resolve I will kill myself. I’ve no other way out. Please get me married to Ruhan. Otherwise I will die.

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