This is fate update monday 18 December 2023

This is fate 18 December 2023: Rishab is with the women who advises him to tell Preeta that it is very dangerous to remove the venom from Arjun’s body and if there is someone who knows about it then only, they should do it otherwise it be a risk to their lives, she mentions a lot have other people have already lost their lives. Rishab explains the phone disconnected; he once again tries to contact them. Shristhi answers the call when Rishab informs that Preeta je should not do it herself as this can prove fatal and anyone who has tried it before have lost their lives, Shristhi is shocked hearing this,

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Arjun tries to push Preeta away, but she does not listen to anyone and is continuing her effort to save Arjun. Anjali prays that Preeta be successful in her attempt to save Arjun, everyone is worried. Preeta feels dizzy after a while, Rishab asks Preeta to listen, he demands that Shristhi should make him talk with Preeta ji. Shristhi sits beside Preeta asking if she is fine, Preeta demands water for her, she takes a tablet. Arjun asks if Preeta if fine, she replies she has taken a tablet so would be fine. Rishab once again asks Shristhi if Preeta is fine, Shristhi assures there is nothing to be worried about.

Arjun gets emotional staring at Preeta, she is also weak, he tries his best to touch her but does not have the strength to do it so just keeps looking at her, thinking about the beautiful moments they both spent together as a couple and how she would take care off him, he finally places his hand over her head before walking away, Preeta wonder what has happened here. Rakhi is glad seeing them both, she thanks Bhagwan for the help.

Rishab is emotional when Anjali consoles him, he assures he is fine. The lady explains she has way as they can make the snakes go in deep sleep with the powder, the official asks how can it happen when they are already in flight, Rishab replies this is possible, Anjali does not believe him asking how can they get in the plane as the only tool possible is helicopter, when Rishab replies that they can fly the helicopter at its best possible limit while instructing the plane to come down a bit, the lady asks if they all think she doesn’t have a sense, Rishab apologizes asking what does she mean, the lady informs they would have all the necessary items in the cargo bay of the plane which they can mix with water and throw on the snakes so they once again fall asleep.

The lady mentions they must just send the ingredients to the pilot.Rishab asks Anjali if she saw what has happened today, she would blame that the Luthra’s have caused problems in their lives but today Arjun’s life was saved by them as Preeta je did it, Anjali asks if he is trying to boast about his family, Rishab replies it is nothing like that as he just wants to make them understand it can all be avoided if Arjun acts a bit more sensibly, Rishab mentions she would have understood that neither of them has a bad heart but everything is happening because of a mis understanding, he explains how he feels that she knows the reason Arjun is against them but is not telling them about it, he leaves advising her to end this war as it would never cause good for any one of them.

Arjun enters the lavatory, recalling when Preeta refused to go with him even if he is Karan, and when he vowed to marry her to the biggest wedding of this century, Arjun wonders how is it possible since Preeta hates Arjun a lot when he has caused a lot of harm to Rishab, but when it came to his life she forgot everything and decided to help him. Arjun thinks that when she found out he might be trying to harm Rishab she went against him, when he could not have harmed Rishab since he is his brother, he is furious with Rishab when he killed Karan alongside Rishab. Arjun exclaims that such a women can never harm anyone when she is such a kindhearted person, Arjun wonders why Bhagwan once again raised the emotions because which he would not be able to harm anyone. Arjun accepts that he loves Preeta.

The lady asks the official to go and send the photo of the powder to them so they can mix it with water and throw over the snakes, Rishab once again connects it, Karina answers it so Rishab immediately asks if they all are fine. The official informs Rishab to tell them that there is a powder in the cargo bay, Karina bua replies that Preeta has also returned, the official explains there is a mixture in the cargo bay of the plane which they can use to make the snakes go in hibernation once again. Arjun and Preeta both try to go but hit each other, he immediately asks if she is fine but Preeta leaves.

Arjun reaches the cargo bay when the air hostess comes informing that someone wants to talk with him, Anjali asks if Arjun is fine informing how she got really scared, arjun asks her to control her emotions blaming the Luthra’s for all that has happened including Preeta, arjun however defends them explaining they are his family, but got onto this plane because he forced them to run away due to his actions. Anjali questions how he can forget what Preeta did to him in the past as she killed him, but he is taking her side because she took out the venom from his body, but does he realize that anyone else could have done it. She asks if he forget that she tried to take his life and even succeeded in it,

Arjun angrily asks her to shut up revealing he has a relation with Preeta so can say anything, and even fight with her but did not like when Anjali said all these things, Anjali asks if he has once again fallen in love with her, Arjun accepts it but gets tensed wondering what has he done, he angrily kicks the door only to realize that Preeta is standing on the other side, Arjun pulls her close to him, she questions what sort of behavior is this when Arjun points towards the snake, seeing which she gets even close with him. Preeta however is furious as she cannot understand her feelings, she gets restless while Arjun is holding her close to him. Preeta staring at him in the eyes gets furious, she runs away, Arjun smiles.

Arjun enters the cargo bay searching for the medicine, he listens to the voice of snake and hits it but the torch hits Preeta, so she screams, he wonders since when do the snakes sound like Preeta, she is standing up explains he hit her but Arjun apologizes informing it was never his intention, but Preeta warns to teach him a lesson. Shristhi angrily comes asking what they are both doing, she explains she would herself go and find it. Arjun assures Shristhi they both will work as a team and not fight.

Arjun and Preeta reach the cargo bay when he explain the snakes did the best thing by killing the terrorists, Rakhi also reaches the cargo bay, Arjun asks why did she come when he advised her to not follow them, Rakhi replies she is their mother and can do whatever she desires, she is sure she can be of help as the snakes have not bitten anyone since she sang the song. Shristhi also reaches the cargo bay, Preeta asks why she came, Shristhi replies they both should not ask her to leave as she can slow them using this whistle. Preeta asks them all to start searching for the medicine and even the shower gun, they all start searching when Shristhi suddenly screams thinking it is a snake however Preeta replies it is just a rope.

Preeta points to the carton revealing it is the chemical, however she doesn’t see the snake so Arjun immediately pulls her back protecting her from the snake, Preeta is tensed, Rakhi starts signing the song hearing which Shristhi replies the snake would not leave by the song but this whistle however she is not able to blow it even with her tongue, she asks what would they do when Arjun replies they are going to take the boxes outside, he using the wooden stick manages to make the snake run away.

Arjun picks the boxes and even hands one of them to Shristhi, Preeta takes the other one, Arjun leaves assuring it is the correct box.Minni and Vinni come asking Karina what has happened she replies to the airport authorities have finally found a lady who has suggested that they make a solution using the chemical that is in the plane, she just prays that Preeta is able to find it. Preeta coming from behind asks them to step aside, they all immediately start preparing the solution, Rakhi kneels down, but Preeta immediately asks her to stop after seeing the snake, she showers the snake with it after which they fall asleep. Arjun suggests they should go in the economy class and shower the solution there so the snakes fall asleep, they advise everyone to also keep showing it in the business class so the snakes do not run there.

Arjun along with Preeta rush to the economy class, they start showing the economy class, Arjun suggests that they should also go into the cargo bay to spray the solution, Shristhi mentions she will accompany them, but Preeta replies she should go and stay with Rakhi mom, Shristhi refuses to listen however finally accepts when Arjun scolds her.

Preeta along with Arjun reach the cargo bay while Vinni and Minni also spray the boxes, the plane suffers some turbulence which worries them all, Minni explains that Vinni knows how to handle the plane as he has some experience, they rush to the pilot door when they are not about to open it, Arjun explains the door is not locked but blocked by something, they are shocked to see the senior pilot there. They all mange to enter the cockpit when Vinni after taking control of the pilot explains he needs the help of a co pilot so Preeta should seat beside him, however Preeta is really worried an not able to believe that she can handle such a situation,

Arjun replies he completely trusts her, Vinni asks Preeta to pull the left stick, Preeta asks if he is sure, Vinni gets confused explaining he has not flown any plane in a long time, Preeta replies all the lives are in his hands so he must calm down and be sure, Vinni after thinking for a moment asks her to pull the left stick, the plane starts descending at the airport. The officials are really worried if they would be able to actually land the plane, however, are glad when the plane lands without any problem.

The reporters ask the airport official for an update, he informs that there is nothing to be worried about the plane has landed at the Mumbai airport, Dadi praises Mata Rani for saving everyone on the plane.Bani Dadi and Kritika also hear the news which mentions that everyone on the plane is going to return after suffering so many problems, Sameer runs downs the stairs and rushes out without listening to anyone, Dadi explains Kritika should not stop him as he has found out that Shristhi is fine and he loves her a lot, Dadi notices that Kritika is tensed so ask the reason, Kritika replies she just remembered someone, Dadi asks if she meant Prithvi but Kritika leaves explaining she should take care of herself.

The reporters mention tat all the passengers are coming out of the plane, and everyone is safe even after suffering so many problems like the terrorists and then snakes. Karina is searching for Rakhi but is not able to find her, she is pushed by Mr Khurana who starts arguing with her revealing he has not seen someone as rude as him, Mr Khurana explains that she can call him and they both would fight but he is busy at the moment, Karina explains his parents would not have taught him manners due to which he is behaving like this, he leaves but Karina is furious.

Shristhi walks out with Riyu when her mother is waiting for her at the entrance, Shristhi advises her to take care of Riyu, when Arjun feels a little dizzy. Kavya is shocked seeing him dizzy so calls his name, Preeta also gets worried, she rushes to help him lie down on the stretcher, Shristhi informs Sameer they have to help Arjun as he did the same for them on the plane. Sameer immediately calls the doctor.

Arjun is taken to the hospital, when the doctor mentions they have to take him to the ICU, Dadi also reaches the hospital, Anjali asks why she came here but Dadi just wants to know the condition of Arjun.Kavya sees Minni and Vinni coming, she inquiries if they both are fine when Minni replies that she just brought Vinni for a checkup. Sameer once again asks Shristhi if whatever she told him was actually true, Shristhi assures every word was true and Sameer would be thinking that Arjun is the villain but he is actually a hero, she explains that Arjun and Preeta were like a team on the plane. Kavya mentions she was also on that same team, they all rush inside.

Preeta and Anjali are accompanying Arjun as he is being taken to the ICU, the doctor stops them all at the entrance when Preeta asks what his condition is however the doctor refuses to say anything which worries Preeta.Anjali mentions that Preeta can leave now as she is with Arjun however Preeta explains she is not gong anywhere and would stay here until he wakes up, Preeta stumbles when Dadi asks if she is fine, Anjali replies she is just acting. Shristhi warns Anjali to not talk like this with her sister, Preeta explains there is no reason to fight and Arjun is also like her family since he saved the ife o Kavya while putting his own life at risk, so she also has a relation with him even if they are not sure about what it is now. Preeta feeling worried leaves.

Sameer notices Kavya is tensed so asks what has happened, Kavya mentions she also wants to meet Arjun. Sameer takes her to the door and shows Arjun who is on the bed.Dadi asks Anjali to calm down, but Anjali replies how can she remain calm when the Luthra’s are acting as if they are his family, she is feeling as if they are coming back to his life.

Preeta walking in the hall recalls when she argued with Anjali that even they have a relation with Arjun, explaining there is surely something between them. Shristhi comes to her side, Preeta explains Shristhi should not make up after what she had said to Anjali. Shristhi replies that she is sure of something, Preeta asks what she means, Shristhi replies if she tells her then Preeta would scold her. Shristhi makes her promise that she will not scold her, Shristhi explains Preeta would have said it at the heat of moment, but she feels that Preeta has some relation with Arjun. Preeta recalls when Arjun said he is the Karan, he was also there to protect her whenever she felt any pain. Preeta starts thinking about her marriage with Karan and gets worried.

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