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This is fate 1 January 2022: They both hear that Sherlin’s mother is fighting, he explains now he knows she is like her mother, they both rush and ask their mothers to be calm as it might create a lot of problems, Prithvi’s mother says a lot of bad things to Sherlin which angers her, she says it would be a blessing when her son gets married to Kritika and is away from Shelrin, she threatens to not like the marriage happen and is about to leave, Prithvi stopping her exclaims she is a cheater because she first advised the family members to get him married and is now creating problems, she orders Prithvi to then ask his mother to apologize otherwise she will reveal the truth, he tries convincing his mother but she doesnot listen to him, Sherlin yells saying she will walk out, Karina hearing the voices thinks who might be fighting, she enters the room questioning what is happening when Sherlin tries to leave the room.

Karina questions what is happening here, they all look towards each other and are worried, Sherlin exclaims she feels that Karina should not get Prithvi married to Kritika, Prithvi’s mother apologizes to Sherlin requesting that she forgive her, Sherlin replies that she did not know Prithvi’s mother could apologize, Karina exclaims she cannot even understand what is happening,

Prithvi replies he will explain because Sherlin is really very hurt and so desired some sympathy from his mother which she did not show but now she has apologized and everything is sorted out, Sanjana also exclaims that whatever happened is in the past and now everything is fine.

Karina saying to Misses Luthra exclaims she knows Sherlin and is really glad that she also forgave Sherlin, Prithvi leaves with Karina and Sherlin, Sanjana stops Misses Luthra saying she just now teased Sherlin who forced her to apologize in front of everyone so if she tries anything of the sort again she will not forgive her.

Preeta gives the things to Pandit jee asking if there is something else which he needs, he explains that the Varmala is missing, she goes to bring it, Dadi seeing her smiles, Karina questions what has happened and why is she smiling, Dadi replies to Karan and Preeta have promised Rakhi to give this house an heir, Karina is also excited.

Rishab is standing when Karan comes down, he asks where was he as everyone had been asking about him, karan explains he is famous so it takes time for him to get ready besides his wife was also not their to help him, Rishab explains now he needs her help, asking him to recxall the time whe4n he came and said that Preeta jee had snatched his wardrobe, Karan asks him to not tease him, Rishab replies it is his right. Karan sees Preeta, he replies she will now fall as she is walking really fast, Rishab asks him to not worry, she tips because of some children and is about to fall, Karan seeing her rushes to save her without even listening to Rishab,

Dadi stops him asking why is he interfering, Rishab is confused, Dadi asks him to see, Preeta and Karan are both together and he is smiling, Preeta sees that Dadi is watching so tries to get up but he doesnot let her and places the Varmala, she stands up and they look into each other’s eyes, Dadi exclaims they were having romance Rishab question since when has she started talking like this, she takes him away without listening to anything.

Karan replies he knew she would fall, Preeta explains she also knew he would come to save her, she tries to remove the Varmala but he stops her and then rushes to the Pandit jee, she gives him one, Karan says he has the second which she make him wear, she stops him then giving the Varmala to Pandit jee asks Karan to come with her, she explains that Mahesh papa and Raki maa came to the function but she saw they both were really sad, she needs him to go and try to convince them because he is their son, he asks she should have just said it and why is she so serious.

Shrishti in the room asks Sameer if he really loves Kritika then why is he allowing the wedding to happen, she asks him to help her stop it, Sameer replies that he cannot help her because it means going against the entire family which she cannot do, Shristhi asks if he forgot who the real danger to this family is, they both are still roaming in the house,

Sameer asks if she remembers how di9d the first marriage end, Preeta Bhabhi even had the proof but no one was ready to believe her, the wedding only ended because Akshay refused, he cannot let anything like this happen so would not help her, she shouts at him ordering him to stop, Sameer wakes her up asking what the matter is as he is standing right beside her, she asks if he left but he says he was with her, she explains they have to use some other means to get what they like.

Rishab and Karan reaching the room see that their parents are said, they both try to cheer them up asking them to be a part of the wedding as it is a moment of joy and if they do not accept then how would they have fun, Mahesh exclaims he doesnot feel like it, they can call them when it time to give the blessings, Rishab explains he is still young, Kritika entering the room asks if they will also not come for her.

Sameer asks what she is talking about the idioms as he is not understanding, Shristhi replies that she was trying to take out ghee, but it came out when she twisted her finger, Sameer asks where is it hurting, Shristhi replies in her stomach so asks him to take her to the hospital where Sherlin went for her check-up, he agrees, she thinks that she would question Dr Roshni so then Sameer would find the truth.

Kritika explains that since childhood everyone used to say Rakhi seemed more like her mother even when Karina lived with them, she used to care for her all the time, Mahesh is her uncle but he has always been their as a father so she wants his father to be present in each and every ritual,

Prithvi’s mother opening the door enters and waking towards the bed takes something with her, Mahira exclaims she belonged to Prithvi yesterday and is even with him today so would also be with him tomorrow which she will reveal to the entire family, she is about to walk outside when Prithvi’s mother hits him in the head with a vase, Sherlin exclaims she has finally accepted her, his mother replies that she knew about the secret a long time ago and orders her to leave otherwise will call the security,

Mahira request her to listen to the recording, Karina is adamant to call the security but Mahira insists she should listen to the recording for the sake of her daughter as he sees getting her married to Prithvi, Karina agrees listening to the request of Mahira.

The Pandit jee asks the bride and groom to start the circles because in the first four circles the groom would stay ahead and in the last circles the bride will lead, they stand when Mahira coming from behind ask them to stop the wedding, everyone is shocked when Rishab asks why did she come back because she must leave otherwise he would call the security, Mahira exclaims she will leave but first needs to reveal the truth about Sherlin and Prithvi, Karan asks why is she doing this, Preeta allows them to at least what she is trying to say about a member of their family. Mahira exclaims they are playing a very big game and Karina has her mobile in which Sherlin is accepting her relation and even his mother knows about the truth which she has accepted, she pleads them to listen to the recording, Preeta asks Karina to hand her the mobile as they can hear what it has to say.

Shristhi reaches the office of Dr Roshni who asks what she is doing here, Shristhi tries to explain she has come here because she before in formed them about the truth regarding Shelrin and Prithvi, but he is now getting married to Kritika she must help them, Dr Roshni says she doesnot want to be part of such an incident and needs to attend her patients, she walks inside her cabin.

Shristhi follows her then requests the patient to leave, Dr Roshni asks what is she doing, Shristhi requests to help them and come with her as it is the matter to save the life of an innocent person, Dr Roshni replies she already gave her the proof so if her family is not believing her then why would they believe anything she has to say, Shristhi explains she will not have any guilt even if she fails but what will she do if something happens to her as it is not the matter of just one girl but all the women. Dr Roshni agrees asking what she has to do.

The entire family is listening to the audio, after Mahira exclaims she will not leave Sherlin and Prithvi, it ends Mahira asks why Preeta stopped but she says she did not do anything and it ended, Mahira exclaims there is still some audio. Sherlin is laughing, Mahira exclaims she talked after it, Sherlin recalls when the aunti entered she ended the audio, Mahira starts blaming Sherlin saying that she would have stopped it, Sherlin asks why Rishab is not saying anything to Mahira, Rishab calls the police asking them to come to the Luthra Mansion.

Mahira going to Kritika exclaims she needs to understand as Prithvi is just using her and even the child was not of Rishab, Kritika slaps her explaining she has done a lot, Karina asks Sherlin to go and throw Mahira out of the house.

Shristhi comes saying that Dr Roshni has agreed to reveal the truth, she comes and is tensed, Shristhi assures her there is nothing to worry about as they would always be with them.

The wedding is progressing, Preeta thinks she really wished that Mahira be able to reveal the true face as she also tried but failed however she wants them to know the truth, the Pandit asks the bride to now come in the front.

Shristhi calls Janki asking if the wedding has happened, she starts scolding her saying she has become pregnant and she is now worried of her marriage, Shristhi asks what she is saying, Sameer clarifies it was just a misunderstanding and she is not pregnant, she ends the call, Shristhi hits Sameer asking why he said she was pregnant.

In the house the wedding is progressing, the pandit asks Prithvi to fill the Mang, he takes the Sindoor and is about to fulfil the ritual, Preeta stops him saying he cannot do it, they all ask if she is saying because they have to wait for someone but replies she is saying because of the blames which Mahira placed on Sherlin and Prithvi, they have to stop it and find out the truth as it is something really big, Shristhi also enters with Dr Roshni saying that she ordered her to not do anything but she could not let the truth remain hidden, Karina scolds Preeta asking what is she doing now,

Preeta replies she is only saying they should find the truth about what has happened, Shristhi asks Dr Roshni to reveal what she to say.

Dr Roshni says that she knew Prithvi and Shelrin since their collage days and they were always together, Sherlin blames that she was sent by Mahira who is trying to blame them, she signals and Roshni thinks he has kidnapped her child, Sherlin says that ever since she got married to Rishab everyone has been trying to kick her out of the house, she will not clarify, Dr Roshni apologizes to Shelrin saying she is right and Mahira paid her so she will not live with the false, she is sorry because she knew Shristhi and Preeta were trying to end the marriage because they both love Kritika, Shristhi rushes after Dr Roshni, she asks what did she just say, Dr Roshni says that she doesn’t know the danger which they have been saved from.

Preeta thinks she doesnot know what is in her kundali and what will happen in the future, Sarla; coming from behind explains that it will always be filled with blessings because she has suffered a lot and now their would be only happiness which will be joined with a new relation, she prays that now the relation always has something new for them so they should not worry and work towards their new life, Karan also comes, Sarla gives Preeta’s hand to karan.

Prithvi finally applies the Sindoor in the Mang of Kritika, Sarla exclaims that she will now have to face a lot of new challenges but they must always accept them and work towards their new life.

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