This is fate November 2023 teasers

This is fate teasers November 2023: Arjun saves Kayva in an extraordinary way causing the family to wonder who he truly is. Prithvi continues his never ending ploy to destroy the Luthras.

This is fate full story 

Wednesday 1st November 2023
Dadi’s friend Surekha and her granddaughter Sona visit her. Prithvi teams up with Raja and his team. Arjun feels jealous to see Preeta with Rishabh. He gets drunk and tries to marry Preeta forcibly. Sherlyn meets Prithvi and Raja’s recruits, and later Kavya arrives there.

Thursday 2nd November 2023
Anjali sees Arjun dropping Rishabh and Preeta’s wedding anniversary cake. Taapsee Pannu’s visit gets everyone excited at the party. She asks Preeta to be careful as something will happen again and someone has returned.

Friday 3rd November 2023
Prithvi and Raja hold everyone captive. Arjun saves Preeta by hiding her from them and then Surekha arrives there as well. Preeta’s words melt Prithvi’s heart. Soon, Arjun attacks the goons, which helps the Luthras to hide..

Saturday 4th November 2023
Raja and Vishnu manage to escape, but Prithvi and Sherlyn get stuck. Preeta bandages Arjun’s wounds but he taunts her about hurting him. She is surprised to see Kavya playing cricket with Arjun.

Sunday 5th November 2023
During a discussion with a cop, Arjun blurts out that he had hired Vishnu to kill Rishabh. Later, Prithvi hides in someone’s car. Arjun visits Raja, Vishnu and Bunty in jail, and Prithvi eavesdrops on them. Preeta realises her feelings for Arjun but tries to accept her marriage to Rishabh.

Monday 6th November 2023
Prithvi threatens to expose Arjun’s and Raja’s relationship. His words anger Arjun to an extent that he slaps him. Prithvi decides to come up with a plan to force Arjun to team up with him against the Luthras..

Tuesday 7th November 2023
Prithvi gets a shocking update on his phone and tells Sherlyn about it. Mahesh offers to call Arjun to invite him for ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’. Prithvi and Sherlyn visit Snigdha’s house to blackmail Arjun and extract money from him to pay Shambhu.

Wednesday 8th November 2023
Arjun joins the Luthras’ ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ celebrations. Prithvi comes there to talk to Arjun and bumps into Kritika. Prithvi uses a disguise to avoid being caught by Kritika. He soon runs into Rakhi and Arjun, but Sherlyn saves him.

Thursday 9th November 2023
Meanwhile, a disguised Prithvi is eager to execute his ploy. However, Preeta gets restless to see Arjun with Rishabh. Kritika chases Prithvi after she sees him taking off his disguise. Arjun and Rishabh sign the partnership deed.

Friday 10th November 2023
Preeta and Rishabh are surprised to see Kavya and Arjun bonding well. Meanwhile, Kritika sees Prithvi and Sherlyn at the Luthra Mansion. Anjali stops Arjun from revealing the truth to Rishabh. Arjun tries to look for Kavya’s birth certificate after getting a hint from Daljeet that Kavya is his daughter.

Saturday 11th November 2023
Sherlyn attacks Kritika when she sees Prithvi professing his love to her. Meanwhile, Arjun again feels that Kavya is just like him. Arjun realises that Preeta still misses him. Prithvi tries to blackmail Arjun for money. Daljeet tells Arjun about Prithvi’s actions in the past. Prithvi begins to suspect Arjun when the latter slaps him for Preeta.

Sunday 12th November 2023
Rishabh tells Arjun that Kavya is stuck in a safe and only Karan knew the password. Arjun opens the safe and saves Kavya’s life. Rakhi and Mahesh start claiming that Arjun is their long-lost son, Karan. Kareena asks Arjun how he knew the password to Karan’s safe.

Monday 13th November 2023
Rishabh sees a photo but promises Anjali to keep it a secret. Arjun decides to go to Kavya’s school after Prithvi follows Preeta there. Prithvi asks him if he likes Preeta when he warns Prithvi to keep away from Preeta. Arjun starts teasing Preeta in the library.

Tuesday 14th November 2023
Rishabh gets upset as Arjun does not come for the meeting. Srishti organises Rishabh’s business party. Preeta and Arjun visit a temple, but Rishabh arrives there. Srishti deliberately pretends to be upset, which worries Sameer. Sherlyn refuses to bail Prithvi out and an inmate starts recognising Prithvi.

Wednesday 15th November 2023
Rishabh accidentally arrives at Sherlyn’s house and she asks him to accept her again. Arjun shows Anjali a pendrive and explains his plan to destory Rishabh at the launch party. Rishabh blurts out to Srishti that Anjali loves Arjun. Raja and his recruits help Prithvi and his lawyer inmate escape from the police.

Thursday 16th November 2023
Prithvi returns home with Raja’s help to prepare for his next plan. Preeta refuses to talk to Arjun about Karan. Arjun calls Rishabh his enemy at the party. Later, Arjun daydreams about dancing with Preeta.

Friday 17th November 2023
Rishabh tells Arjun that Prithvi has fleed from the jail and takes a promise from Arjun. Later, Prithvi calls Arjun to Preeta’s room. Prithvi warns Arjun and demands money. Anjali hits Prithvi on the head and renders him unconscious. Arjun finds it hard to malign Rishabh after Rakhi says that Rishabh is safe with him.

Saturday 18th November 2023
Later, Arjun stops Rishabh from dancing with Preeta. Arjun feels jealous of Rishabh and Preeta when she tries to talk to Rishabh in personal. Prithvi tells Srishti and Sameer about Arjun’s intention to destroy Rishabh. Soon, Rishabh confronts Arjun and everyone questions Arjun’s actions.

Sunday 19th November 2023
Rishabh lashes out at Arjun when he accuses the former of killing Karan. Later, Sameer confronts Arjun, who accuses him of avoiding Karan. Prithvi comes in front of everyone and tells the Luthras that Arjun had conspired to kill Rishabh. Everyone is shocked after Vishnu and Raja’s revelation.

Monday 20th November 2023
The Luthras condemn Arjun for conspiring to kill Rishabh. Rishabh gets into a scuffle with him when he insists on talking to Preeta. Rakhi and Rishabh apologise to Preeta for overlooking her warning about Arjun. The next day, the Luthras go for Karwa Chauth shopping.

Tuesday 21st November 2023
Rishabh and Sameer take Preeta and Srishti for Karwa Chauth shopping. However, Arjun pays for Preeta’s saree while buying a saree for Anjali. Preeta plans to go to Jaipur with Rishabh as Rakhi does not allow them to stay away on Karwa Chauth.

Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Maa Sa, King Rajshiv’s wife, welcomes Rishabh and Preeta. The duo gets upset as Prince Shekhar asks Rishabh for a revised proposal after meeting Arjun. Mahesh cheers up an upset Kritika on Karwa Chauth. Arjun runs into Preeta and says something that gets her thinking. Arjun tries to convince Rishabh that he never wanted him dead.

Thursday 23rd November 2023
Rishabh prepares to celebrate ‘Karwa Chauth’ with Preeta. Preeta faints while performing ‘Karwa Chauth’ ritual with Rishabh. Arjun saves her and later, uses a disguise to feed her. Arjun tells Anjali about his excitement after feeding Preeta. Shekhar prefers to go ahead with Arjun’s deal, making him happier.

Friday 24th November 2023
The Luthras are shocked to learn about the terrorist attack. Arjun leaves an important deal and rushes to rescue Kavya. Meanwhile, Arjun and Preeta sneak into the school. Prithvi, Raja and Vishnu are shocked to see the kids escaping. Prithvi teams up with the terrorists to get Kavya abducted.

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