Meet in Love January 2024 teasers

Meet in love January teasers 2024:

Monday 1st January 2024

Manjari gives Isha a piece of advice like Meet. Meet Ahlawat stops Masoom from slapping Manjari. Deep’s mother Barfi Devi visits the Ahlawats. She tells them that Isha and Deep’s marriage cannot happen.

Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Manjari tries to expose Barfi Devi’s lie but Meet Ahlawat reveals Manjari’s reality to her instead. Meet plans to send fake goons to Manjari but Manushi sends the real goons. Ragini worries about Barfi Devi’s demand for dowry.

Wednesday 3rd January 2024

At Manushi’s behest, Masoom puts a spycam on Manjari’s earring. An intoxicated Meet Ahlawat gets close to Manjari, who tells him that she is Meet. Manushi is happy to learn this through a spycam.

Thursday 4th January 2024

Manjari scares Masoom by pretending to be Meet, and Masoom confesses Manushi’s wrongdoings. Meet vows to continue her pretence until she gets her child. Later, she teaches everyone to dance. Manushi asks Manjari to bring Meet’s ornaments and give them to her.

Friday 5th January 2024

Rajvardhan decides to get Meet and Meet Ahlawat remarried. Popat motivates Meet to stay strong. Meet Ahlawat proposes to Manjari. Meet Ahlawat tries to convince Manjari to marry him. His words hurt Manjari, but Popat explains something to Manjari.

Saturday 6th January 2024

Meet Ahlawat’s decision shocks the family. Manushi calls Manjari home to talk about Meet Ahlawat’s marriage proposal. Meet observes the ‘Teej’ fast for Meet Ahlawat, who deliberately treats Manjari lovingly. Irked by his words, Meet tells him the truth.

Monday 8th January 2024

Manjari deliberately gets close to Meet Ahlawat, which foils Meet Ahlawat’s plan. Meet pretends to faint and breaks her fast at the hands of Meet Ahlawat. Later, Meet tells Manushi that Popat wants to adopt a child before getting her married.

Tuesday 9th January 2024

Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar follow Meet at Hooda House. Meet goes to Anubha’s room by distracting Manushi. Manushi asks Kunal to arrange for a child. Manjari convinces Ram and Ragini not to give dowry to Barfi Devi. Meet fails to talk to Meet Ahlawat about Isha’s engagement because of Ragini. She attends the event in disguise.

Wednesday 10th January 2024

Deep and Isha get engaged. Barfi Devi suggests getting Deep and Isha married on their engagement day. Ram, Ragini and Barfi Devi lock Manjari in a box. Ragini lies to everyone that Manjari has gone to the market.

Thursday 11th January 2024

Meet Ahlawat stops Isha and Deep’s marriage and refuses to give dowry. Ram urges him to not do so, but he does not agree. According to Barfi Devi’s condition, Ragini ousts Manjari from the house. Later, everyone is shocked when Barfi Devi asks them to give away their house to her.

Friday 12th January 2024

Meet Ahlawat and Manjari ask Deep to support Isha. He marries Isha against Barfi Devi’s will. The family bids Isha adieu. Manushi agrees to give Manjari the child for Popat, and Meet Ahlawat sees them together. Barfi Devi tells Rajvardhan that Manjari is Meet’s lookalike. The truth shatters Rajvardhan.

Saturday 13th January 2024

Isha accidentally hits Deep with a car. Meet Ahlawat rushes Deep to the hospital. The doctor advises Rajvardhan a heart transplant. Meet Ahlawat hides from Isha that she accidentally ran over Deep. Meet drives the ambulance to get to the hospital in time.

Monday 15th January 2024

The doctors fail to save Deep, but Meet saves Rajvardhan’s life. The family is happy to hear the truth from Meet. Meet is eager to meet her child, but Manushi has different plans for her. Meet blurts out to Barfi Devi that Isha had run over Deep.

Tuesday 16th January 2024

After discovering the truth, Kunal tries to throw Meet’s child off a building. Meet saves her child and even saves Manushi, who is in trouble. Barfi Devi puts a condition in front of Meet Ahlawat to marry his daughter. Popat tells Meet that her son is no more. Meet is shocked as Meet Ahlawat comes home after marrying Barfi Devi’s daughter.

Wednesday 17th January 2024

Babita slaps Meet Ahlawat when everyone learns that he has married Barfi Devi’s daughter. He calls Meet his son’s murderer. Meet Ahlawat gives Meet the divorce papers at Barfi Devi’s behest. However, Meet tears the paper.

Thursday 18th January 2024

Unaware of Deep’s death, Isha comes home. Meet Ahlawat takes Neelu to his room. Meet Ahlawat emails Isha on Deep’s behalf and Meet comes there. A pujari takes care of Meet’s child.

Friday 19th January 2024

Masoom comes home and is surprised to see the rituals. Meet Ahlawat slaps her for conspiring with Manushi. Masoom apologises for her actions but nobody forgives her. Meet Ahlawat ousts her from the house.

Saturday 20th January 2024

Meet Ahlawat sends Barfi Devi and Neelam for shopping. Meanwhile, he tries to get close to Meet. Meet Ahlawat tries to force himself on Meet, who slaps him for it. Masoom asks Hoshiyar for help. Meet bandages his wounds. Later, Meet asks Dadi to let Masoom and Hoshiyar stay in their house. Meet Ahlawat’s investors visit him.

Monday 22nd January 2024

Meet Ahlawat is forced to introduce Meet as his wife in front of his clients. Heartbroken by this, Neelam tries to commit suicide. Meet cleverly locks herself with Meet Ahlawat in a room, and they reminisce their sweet moments from the past.

Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Meet gives Meet Ahlawat the divorce papers after signing them. Unlike Meet Ahlawat, Barfi Devi celebrates this. Meet talks to everyone and prepares to leave. Rajvardhan slaps Meet Ahlawat after seeing the divorce papers. He tries to throw Meet Ahlawat out, but Barfi Devi intervenes.

Wednesday 24th January 2024

Rajvardhan appoints Meet as the chairperson of his business and his decision splits the family into two. Masoom requests Meet Ahlawat to get her a job. Meet comes to the office and Rajvardhan introduces her as the new CEO.

Thursday 25th January 2024

Meet sends medicine for Babita. In the office, Masoom executes a ploy to humiliate Meet in front of the investors. Meet Ahlawat gives Meet money to pay back the investors. Meet arrives at the court for the divorce hearing, where Meet Ahlawat fights a few goons for her.

Friday 26th January 2024

Meet Ahlawat and Meet tell Hoshiyar that they have been asked to live six months together. Barfi Devi’s recruits get in Meet and Rajvardhan’s way and create obstacles in their pilgrimage. Meet uses her skills to help Rajvardhan. Meet Ahlawat questions Meet about repaying the investors.

Saturday 27th January 2024

Rajvardhan gives an important lesson to Meet. Meet asks the investors to choose between money or company. She later fears that the investors might learn the truth. Meet persuades the investors to stay with the company. She is shocked as the money goes missing.

Monday 29th January 2024

Meet installs Lord Ganesha’s idol with Meet Ahlawat, and they perform the ‘arti’ together. Meet wonders why Barfi Devi was at the office. Meet and Meet Ahlawat come for puja wearing the same colour clothes, which saddens Neelam.

Tuesday 30th January 2024

Neelam tries to instigate Meet Ahlawat against Meet. Meet plays a game with the family to find the thief. Neelam locks Meet in a room to prevent her from telling the truth to everyone. But Meet opens the door and confronts Neelam for stealing the money. During Ganpati immersion, Meet Ahlawat gets stuck in a swamp.

Wednesday 31st January 2024

Meet saves him by risking her life and later tells him that Neelam had stolen the money. Neelam gives Meet Ahlawat the bag of money. Meet Ahlawat tells Rajvardhan in front of everyone that he had stolen it.


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