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This is fate season 2 June teasers 2020 Zee world

This is fate June teasers 2020: In order to save his brother from being imprisoned for Ritwik’s murder Karan agrees to get married to...

Zee World: This is Fate Teasers May 2019

  This May 2019 on This is Fate, Karan gets ready to marry Monisha while Preeta is jealous and can’t hide it anymore, what will she...

Zee World: This is Fate Teasers February – March 2019

  Privthi will do anything to keep his secret hidden, including murder ... Who will be his next victim? March teasers for This is fate Friday...

Zee World: This is Fate Teasers – January 2019

  There is a cricket match at the Luthra house and Rishab cannot take his eyes off Preeta. Sarla is arrested over food poisoning of...

Zee World: This is Fate Teasers – December 2018

  Find the first teasers for Zee world's New series This is Fate starting on the 12th. Read December teasers, highlights and updates here... Read...