His Mistress Child November teasers 2023


Wednesday 1st November 2023
Geandpa makes an announcement and later asks Yashoda to stay away from Mahua. Krishna gives Yashoda flowers, making her emotional. Babuji tells Yashoda that he will cut the water connection if she does not pay the money. Yashoda and Krishna work as labourers.

Thursday 2nd November 2023
Babuji asks Yashoda to choose between electricity, water and ration and asks Arvind to publish news about Yashoda. After the news is published in a newspaper, Ashok’s enemy Randhir Sharma lies to Yashoda to call her to meet him.

Friday 3rd November 2023
Kamini tells Krishna that she will soon oust him and Yashoda from the house. Yashoda refuses to take Randhir’s help. Krishna fights for Yashoda’s rightful money. Thereafter, Krishna meets with an accident. The doctor says that Krishna will have to be operated. Babuji comes to the hospital and Malti asks him to pay for the operation.

Saturday 4th November 2023
Arvind sends money to Yashoda, who accepts Babuji’s condition. Randhir comes to the hospital in time to stop Yashoda from signing Babuji’s agreement and pays for Krishna’s operation. Kamini and Mahua set Yashoda, Aastha and Nupur’s belongings on fire and Krishna vows to avenge this.

Sunday 5th November 2023
Babuji and Malti oppose Yashoda’s decision to work at Randhir’s house. Babuji forbids Yashoda’s daughters from sitting under the light of their courtyard during a power outage.

Monday 6th November 2023
Yashoda decides to rent Ashok’s chamber. Krishna teaches Kamini a lesson for her actions. Babuji comes home and reveals that he has sold Ashok’s chamber.

Tuesday 7th November 2023
Babuji takes Ashok’s office papers from Yashoda. Krishna seeks Manoj’s help, but Gayatri stops Manoj from going to Yashoda’s house. Aastha, Nupur and Krishna ask Yashoda to file a case against Babuji, who later signs the office deal. Randhir offers to help Yashoda, but she refuses to accept it.

Wednesday 8th November 2023
Malti asks Randhir to defend Yashoda’s case. Yashoda shows the court order to Babuji, and Randhir reveals what is written in it. Ashok goes to a house for alms and the woman living there advises him to return home.

Thursday 9th November 2023
Alok asks Ashok a question. Randhir gives Yashoda advance money. Kamini overhears Mahua and executes the plan against her and Yashoda. The police tell the family that Mahua leaks exam papers for money. Arvind lashes out at Yashoda and Krishna.

Friday 10th November 2023
Mahua shouts at Yashoda and strangles Krishna. Kamini takes advantage of this. Upset due to an incident, Babuji insists Yashoda on quitting the job offered by Randhir. Krishna stops Babuji in the house.

Saturday 11th November 2023
Kamini and her husband execute their cruel plan of giving Mahua contraceptive pills and blaming it on Yashoda. The doctor tells Mahua’s family about her child’s death. Babuji blames Krishna and Yashoda for all the family’s miseries. Babuji tries to forcibly oust Yashoda from the house. Yashoda decides to leave the house with her kids when he threatens her with suicide.

Sunday 12th November 2023
Yashoda feels shattered to see Aastha and Nupur eating on the streets. Krishna is unable to bear to see Yashoda’s state and tells Babuji that he will leave if he calls her back. Kamini sets Yashoda’s tent and belongings on fire. Mahua loses her sanity. Krishna leaves Yashoda, but returns.

Monday 13th November 2023
Randhir scolds Yashoda and arranges a house for her to stay. Yashoda and the kids clean the house. Randhir’s reality and his intentions are revealed. Kamini tells Babuji that Malti has gone to meet Yashoda and instigates him and Arvind. A man taunts Babuji because of this. Malti and Babuji get into a verbal spat.

Tuesday 14th November 2023
Randhir executes the plan to malign Yashoda. Babuji receives a court notice regarding the partition of Ashok’s property. Arvind lashes out at Yashoda. Yashoda accepts the alms to arrange money for a fan. Later, Yashoda feels hurt by Aastha’s words.

Wednesday 15th November 2023
Kamini tries to instigate Babuji against Arvind. At Krishna’s behest, Yashoda pacifies Aastha and convinces her to have food. Aastha leaves the house, which saddens Yashoda. Gayatri tells Malti a lie about Yashoda and Randhir.

Thursday 16th November 2023
Randhir decides to get rid of Krishna to get his ploy executed successfully. Yashoda tries to pacify Aastha. After listening to Babuji, Yashoda comes to confront Gayatri and finds Randhir there. Malti speaks in Yashoda’s favour after Babuji comes home. Yashoda quits the job offered by Randhir.

Friday 17th November 2023
Aastha and Nupur fight with each other. Randhir invites Yashoda and her children to his party. At the party, he talks about his and Yashoda’s relationship. Arvind beats Krishna and ties him to a chair. The next morning, Randhir gets exposed in front of Yashoda.

Saturday 18th November 2023
The neighbours create a ruckus and Yashoda tells them and her family the truth. Randhir comes there and tells a new lie. Malti asks Babuji to bring Yashoda and the kids home. Yashoda’s rented house gets snatched away. Krishna tells Malti that they have become homeless once again.

Sunday 19th November 2023
Malti apprises Babuji of this. Krishna finds a house to stay. Arvind does not agree to bring Yashoda back to the house. The wrestler helps Yashoda get back her rented house. Babuji slaps Arvind for trying to oust Yashoda from the house. Later, Yashoda goes to Randhir’s office to find the evidence.

Monday 20th November 2023
Yashoda meets Manoj outside the court and seeks his help. Malti stops Gayatri from ruining Yashoda’s work. Babuji stops Arvind from misbehaving with Krishna. Malti tells Yashoda that Gayatri is involved with Randhir. Arvind argues with Babuji.

Tuesday 21st November 2023
Yashoda overhears Gayatri and Randhir. She takes up a cleaning job at people’s houses for money. Randhir again tries to make a spectacle of Yashoda, but Krishna arrives there.

Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Yashoda looks after Gayatri. With Babuji’s permission, Malti takes the belongings to Yashoda’s house. Randhir plans to destabilise Yashoda’s mental state. Malti is hurt by Arvind’s behaviour. Randhir teams up with Gayatri, and Manoj arrives.

Thursday 23rd November 2023
Manoj and Randhir get into a fight. Krishna shows Yashoda’s state to Aastha on a video call. Yashoda puts a condition on Aastha to tie a Rakhi. Malati scolds Aastha for her actions. Later, everyone celebrates Raksha Bandhan. Gayatri tries to give Yashoda the medicine given by Randhir, but just then, Manoj intervenes.

Friday 24th November 2023
Gayatri repents her mistake. Aastha tells Yashoda that she will never accept Krishna as her brother. Yashoda gets Supriya’s number with Manoj’s help. Randhir foils her plan and tells Supriya about his ploy.

Saturday 25th November 2023
Arvind stops Babuji from paying Aastha’s fees. Yashoda takes Randhir to the locality and asks Supriya to tell everyone the truth. Supriya’s testimony proves Yashoda innocent in front of society. The police arrest Randhir and he threatens Yashoda that he will take revenge.

Sunday 26th November 2023
Yashoda refuses to go back home with Babuji. Arvind fights with Babuji, which makes Kamini happy. At school, Nupur pays respects to Krishna on Teachers’ Day. Arvind decides to adopt Sonu, and Kamini feels happy.

Monday 27th November 2023
Aastha lands in a trouble. Krishna and Shamshera save Aastha from goons. Instead of thanking Krishna, Aastha blames him. Malti asks Kamini to leave the house. However, Arvind opposes this and asks Babuji to leave the house.

Tuesday 28th November 2023
Krishna challenges Arvind to prove Yashoda innocent. Aastha tears Krishna’s result when he stands first in school. Randhir is released on bail and Manoj gives him a court notice. Krishna starts a corn shop.

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