These streets update Monday 7 February 2022

These streets 7 February 2022: Asmita says this marriage can’t happen. Mamo says it can. Nothing is bigger than love. Accept him. Akkiya says please, I really love him. Please accept him. Shekhawat says Sarpal will take care of Akira.

Shan says this is the only way I can live in this house. Asmita says Sarpal is actually.. Krishi puts her hand on her head. Asmita says they just met. Why being hasty? Shekhawat says Sarpal is a nice guy. He will take care of Akira. Krishi says in heart I know papa you have some good intention behind doing all this. Mamo says bring sweets. Shan says can I talk to Akira, please? Shan holds Akira’s hand. He says you’re so daring. You won my heart. Thank you.

Mamo video says to Shekhawat I am glad you accepted Sarpal. I am glad you care for her. Shekhawat says are you crazy? I don’t care about anyone. Are you crazy? She is a burden on me. I have to get her out of this house. Mamo says but.. Shekhawat says I am tired of pretending all this. Sweet sister. I don’t care about Akira and you stay in your limits. I am too busy making Asmita mine. That is my only focus.

Asmita says Akira is someone’s sister. How can you do this? Shan says why are you jealous? You’re already married. She fell in love with me. Asmita says you are Shan. She fell in love with Sarpal. Shan says I can live with her as Sarpal. Asmita says shut up. Krishi says papa did this for us. We are not safe here. Someone locked me in the closet. Shan papa saved me at the right time. Please listen to him.

Asmita says stop being on his side all the time. You shouldn’t have hidden this from me. Please go. Krishi says I am with you papa. She leaves. Asmita says I won’t tell anyone because of Krishi only. But go and tell Akira everything. Don’t play with someone’s emotions.

Shekhawat says I don’t care about anyone. Neither you, Akira or Nirvan. I only want Asmita. Mamo says what about the basement secret? Akira comes and says what are you discussing?

Shan says I will tell Akira everything but you have to trust me about Shekhawat. She says no. Shan says then I won’t do it either. What is your problem? Do you still love me? Asmita says I don’t. Shan says I know you love me. I will end this marriage. You’re stuck here because of me. I will get you both out of here. Give me one last chance. I will expose Shekhawat.

Asmita says you have to do everything before the engagement. If you can’t then leave the house. Shan says okay. There can only be one girl in Shan’s life. That’s you. I will take my wife and my daughter from here. He kisses her face. He says the countdown has begun. I have 48 hours. He leaves. Asmita says why are you doing all this Shan.

Scene 2
Akira says Sarpal said there will be his special friend. Mamo says Asmita you will welcome home. A man comes in with flowers in front of his face. Everyone welcomes him. Akira says Sarpal’s best friend is here. Asmita wonders who it is? He comes in. Asmita does his arti. It’s Shan. Asmita is shocked. Shekhawat is shocked as well. Shekhawat says how dare you. Mamo says who is he? Krishi says papa.. She runs and hugs him. Mamo is shocked. Krishi says I missed you papa. Shan says I missed you too. Shan says I am her father. Won’t you welcome her real father?Akira wonders how is he Sarpal’s friend.

Scene 1
Everyone is shocked to see Shan. He says I am Krishi’s real father, Shan Mazumdar. Shekhawat says Asmita, ask him to leave. He isn’t related to you or Krishi. Mamo says how dare he come here Asmita. Shan says who are you to stop a father from meeting his daughter? Mind your own business. Mamo says first in-laws and now your ex-husband? What is happening in this house? Shan touches her feet and says sorry I said that. It was a father who was distant from his daughter. Please give me your blessings. Mamo gives him blessings. Shan says thank you. Shan gives the bouquet to Akira and says congratulations. Sarpal is my best friend. I couldn’t say no to him. You’re so pretty a lot more than my ex-wife. Akira says bhabhi, he is our guests. Guests deserve a warm welcome.

Please. Shans says welcome me. Shekhawat says he can’t come here. Akira says he is Sarpal’s friend. Is this how you would treat my in-laws? Mamo says this is about Akira’s in-laws. Calm down Shekhawat. Akira says bhabhi please do his arti. Brother won’t mind. Asmita does Shan’s arti. She says in heart what is he planning. Akira says welcome. Shekhawat says you have to die now Shan.
Akira says sit, please. She asks servants to get him tea. Shan says where is Sarpal? Akira says let me call him. He’s in the room. The servants serve him breakfast.

Asmita says what are you planning? Please stop it. This is stupid. Akira says Sarpal isn’t in the room. Krishi says he went out to shop for you. Krishi says sorry it was a surprise. Shan says yet you told her? Akira says no worries I will act surprised. Shan says he takes a lot of time shopping. Akira says you can go and rest till them. You’re special to Sarpal so you’re special to us as well. We don’t care about the past. Shan smirks at Asmita. He goes to the guestroom. Asmita says why is he doing all this. Shekhawat hates him. I don’t know what will happen.

Krishi says you look good in papa’s get-up. Shan says just a few more days, we will all live together. Krishi says you have to win. Shan says you’re with me. How can I lose? Asmita says why are you doing this drama? Shan says I will expose Shekhawat in front of you. Asmita says how will you become Shan and Sarpal at the same time? Shan says I can do anything. For Krishi, I can die. Krishi hugs him. Asmita says you can’t break my marriage, you are trying to prove he’s a bad man? This is wrong. Shan holds her hand and says if you ever loved or trusted me in your life, please let me do what I want to. Akira comes in. Asmita shoves Shan.

Akira calls her friends. She says bhabhi I left my charger here. Shan says it must be in that drawer. Akira finds the charger and says how did you know? I gave it to Sarpal? Shan says I just guessed. Common sense. Akira says thanks. Asmita says let’s go Krishi. Shan says I have to accomplish my mission.

Scene 2
Shekhawat hits the punching bag in anger. Shan says what happened? You got so mad by my presence. Shekhawat says come in. Are you scared this could be your face? Shan says this isn’t even boxing. Men do boxing. Cowards hit punching bags. Shekhawat says let’s have a fight. We will know what can you do. Shan says let’s do it. He takes off his shirt. Shekhawat says why are you here? He tries to punch but misses. Shan says a friend’s wedding. Shekhawat says no. You’re here for something else. Shan punches him and says I am here to expose you and show your real face to everyone. Nandini told me everything while dying. Shekhawat laughs and says yes, I am Ravan. No one can defeat me. He punches Shan. Shan says I will expose you for sure. Asmita comes there.

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