These streets update Tuesday 8 February 2022

These streets 8 February 2022:  Asmita says I want to tell you all something. It’s very important. I am very happy that Akira married a man she really loves. I don’t care is he is my ex-husband. Shan is dazed. Asmita says I hope you two live together. Another news, the happier one. I am pregnant. Shekhawat is going to be a dad. Shan is shocked. Everyone claps.

Shekhawat smiles. He says thank you for giving me the best prize of my life. He hugs her. Shan is dazed. Shan says why is she lying? Akira hugs Shan. Shan says I have to talk to Asmita.

Shekhawat says today is a double happy day. Akira got married and Asmita is pregnant. I would like to dance with Asmita to celebrate it. Shekhawat dances with Asmita. They dance on Aye dil hai mushkil. Shan dances with Akira. He is puzzled. Asmita rolls and dances with Shan. He says what is going on here? Asmita says this is true. Shan says stop lying. Why are you lying? Shan says are you out of your mind? We had to expose Shekhawat. Meher says like you can move forward in life, I can too. You rejected Krishi and broke my heart. So I decided to move on. Now you will know how it fools. What I said was only a drama. She dances with Shekhawat.

Krishi says what is happening, papa? Why is a mama with Shekhawat uncle? Did you two fight? I don’t like it when you fight with her. Have you done a mistake? Please say sorry to her. Shan says there’s nothing like that. I don’t know why is she doing that? There must be some reason. Everything would be fine. I don’t like it when you cry. Shan looks at Shekhawat. Nevi asks Shan you said there’s some plan? What is all this? SHan says there’s something wrong. Is Asmita under pressure? Nevi says I am getting bad vibes. We all have to get out of here. Shan says I won’t let anything happen to anyone.

Scene 2
Shekhawat pulls Mamo’s hair and says don’t dare telling anyone truth. Mamo says SHan is a lot better than you. I was your caretaker. I brought you up like a son. Mamo says you can silence me but the truth comes out. Shekhawat says I won’t let that happen.

Shan pulls Asmita aside and says is there a problem? Please tell me what happened? Asmita says I am pregnant. I have moved on. Shekhawat comes there. Asmita runs to him. Shan says I will find out the truth. Shan says what are you doing Asmita? We are safe. Please don’t be scared. Shekhawat says why would I scare anyone? Asmita found out you were never there for her. I was. So she gave herself to me. And she is pregnant. She has moved on. She couldn’t hide it for long.

Right, Asmita? She nods. Shekhawat says you should go and rest Asmita. Shan says are you out of your mind? You don’t have to be under any pressure? Akira says what happened? Shan says see this disgusting man’s reality. He kidnapped a woman and now is blackmailing Asmita when we were going to expose him. Asmita says what are you saying? Stop lying. What are these false stories? Asmita says stop this drama, please. Akira loves you. Think about her at least. Please don’t hurt her feelings. Akira says is that all true? Yes or no? You only got engaged to me for this drama? Shan says yes. Akira is shocked. Akira runs to her room and locks herself. Mamo says Akira please open the door. Shan says I will kill you if anything happens to her. Asmita says Shan I have moved on in life. Marry AKira please and move on.

Scene 1
Asmita said to Shan I have moved on. Think about mama, Moni and Krishi. For our love, please marry her. Shan comes inside Akira’s room. She says I will slit my wrist. Shan says please listen. Mamo says please listen to us. Shan says listen, he takes the knife from her. Akira shoves him. She burns a paper, the entire room burns. Shan pulls her out. He says are you mad? Shan takes her out. Akira says I don’t want to live. Mamo hugs her. Akira faints. Asmita says this is what you did to my SIL. Please marry her and go away from my life. Shan wonders what is wrong with her.

Krishi cries and says I want mama papa both. Please, papa, do something. She cries. She says God please do some magic. Unite my parents. Shan says Asmita could never say that. Why can’t I see what’s happening? She asked me to marry Akira? I have to find out what’s going on.

Asmita comes to the basement. The other girl is roped there. Asmita walks in. She wipes her face and bruise. She cries and says I am sorry. To get myself freedom, I had to lock you here. Real Asmita is roped there. Asmita recalls she saw the other girl. She ran but Shekhawat stopped her. He said I should have known you’re with Shan. Asmita said you are disgusting. I shouldn’t have trusted you. Shan was right about you. Asmita shouts Shan.. Shekhawat gripped her and shoved her in the wall. Asmita’s head was bleeding. She fainted. Shekhawat said to the other woman you can get freedom. Do as I ask. He released her and tied Asmita. She dressed like Asmita. Shekhawat tied real Asmita there.

She says my name is Devika. Fate plays a weird game. I was locked here, now you are here. I am bound. Please forgive me I have no other option. Shekhawat says yes, you have no option. He says you were fooling me with Shan? You will not get your answers. This time is to ruin your lover Shan. He gives Devika an injection. Asmita is dazed. She gives that injection to Asmita.

Shan knocks on Asmita’s door. Shekhawat says don’t disturb us. Shan says I want to talk to Asmita. Devika comes there and says you here? Any problem? Don’t you have any manners? The husband and wife need privacy. Shan says I am not here for a lecture. You forgot everything. Your daughter. Krishi. She can’t sleep without you. Stop your drama. She is suffering. Go to make her sleep. Shan says Asmita, go and make Krishi sleep first. Devika leaves with Shan. Shekhawat says in heart I hope Devika doesn’t create a problem.

Shekhawat says to Devika what is wrong? Is Shekhawat blackmailing you? Tell me what’s happening. Krishi comes and says mama, please come and make me sleep. She leaves. Shan says I have to find out what’s happening.

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