Blue venom girl update 4 February 2022


Blue venom girl 4 February 2022: Kalpana taking Apu to temple. Apu asks why did she bring her here. Kalpana asks if she wants to know why she turns blue, why Vikram and Malay and rabbit got poisoned with her scratch, why plant burnt with her blood. Apu nods yes. Kalpana says she has poison running in her veins instead of blood and it is more poisonous than 100 snakes. Apu asks what is she telling. Kalpana says she is a vishkanya. Apu is shocked. Kalpana says she is not weak or ill, she is vishkanya. It is time to tell her truth and all secrets.

She dorns tulsi-neem beed necklace in Apu’s neck and takes her to a cliff and says this place is kurukshetra for her. She reminisces her elder sister didi bhai and brother-in-law and her marriage with Harshvardhan and she and her sister getting pergnant and going on picnic. She says Harsh cheated on her and had already a wife and son. He said his family may not accept her. Someone clicks Harsh and sister’s pic thinking she is Kalpana and shows it to Nandita. Nandita gives supari to kill Kalpana. Killer speeds his car towards didi bhai. Harsh sees that,runs and rescues didi bhai and they both gets injured severely. Harsh’s wife comes to meet him at hospital. She continues that brother-in-law somehow got her and didi bhai out of hospital somehow. Apu asks how it is related to her being vishkanya. Kalpana says a big connection.

Kalpana takes Apu to store room and then into cupboard’s secret room. Apu sees room curously and then sees paralyzed Didi Bhai on wheelchair. Kalpana says didi bhai that Apu has come to meet her. Apu asks if she is her didi? She says yes, her didi and Apu’s mother. She is her maasi/aunt and didi bhai Nilanjana is her real mother. Apu emotionally touches didi bhai and calls her maa. Kalpana keeps didi bhai’s hand on Apu’s head and asks her to bless. Kalpana says they are from vishkanya’s clan and vishkanya are not born but are made. In old days, raja and maharaja used to feed poison to girls to make them vishkanyas. Vishkanyas are not needed later and are ransacked. Vishkanyas give birth to only girls and their first borns are vishkanyas, like her naani is vishkanya and her mother is.

Naani thought didi bhai’s poison is finished, so she got didi bhai married to Apu’s father Binoy, but after accident even he died due to didi bhai’s poison. Apu asks where is her husband Harsh.Kalpana takes Apu back to hospital and shows Harsh and his first wife Nandita and saysbecause of Nandita’s mistake, Didi bhai is paralyzed and her father died. Malay is Harsh’s son. She has to take revenge from Harsh and Nandita by poisoning Malay.Kalpana showing her husband Harshvardhan to Apu and his first wife Nandita. She says Malay is Harshvardhan and Nandita’s son. She wants her to trap Malay in her love and their unity will destroy Mital family to take her mother’s revenge. She should not let Malay know about her truth and hiding secrets is Vishkanya’s best quality. Apu is shattered to hearing the truth and runs from there. Kalpana runs behind her.


Malay wakes up and Nandita asks Abhi to call doc. Malay asks where is Apu. Apu runs on road and stops near a car reminiscing Kalpana’s words. Malay asks Nandita where is Apu, he wants to meet her. Apu continues running on road and comes in front of a car. Car owners yells if she wants to die and leaves. Kalpana continues running behind Apu.Malay tries to get up and says he wants to meet Apu right now. Doc with peon holds him and sends everyone out. Nandita thinks her son’s condition is because of Apu and she has to pay for it.Apu runs home and locks herself in a room and reminsices Kalpana’s words. Kalpana comes and knocks door. Kumkum starts yelling that Kalpana and Apu have done black magic on Malay. Rasik says Malay is fine now, why should they worry. Kumkum says he always takes Kalpana’s side and asks him to get Kalpana and Apu arrested via his police friend. Doc shouts from room. They all get in an sees Malay missing. Doc says Malay escaped via window. Nandita sees Malay running and says he knows how to control Malay and teach Kalpana and her daughter a lesson.

Kalpana continues knocking door. Apu opens door. Kalpana tells Apu again that she has to trap Malay in her love and destroy Mittal family. Apu sees Malay standing behind and says Malay.. Malay comes near her, kneels down and says he loves her.Kalpana hides and gets happy that her plan is working. Apu gets emotional and tears roll own her cheeks. She says she does not love him and asks him to go from there. He says he knows she lost her and it is seen in her eyes.

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