Broken hearts starlife: Full story, plot Summary, casts, teasers

Broken hearts starlife follows Ahana, a young girl determined to live above her mother’s selfishness and bad intentions and find true love…

Broken hearts starlife Full story.

Ahana Raichand (Smriti Kalra), a young woman, was always loved by her father. Her mother, Laila Raichand (Niki Aneja Walia), is a sly, ambitious, greedy woman who cheated on her husband.

Ahana’s father dies of shock taking his wife’s betrayal too hard. Ahana witnesses their argument hereby developing an intense hatred for her mother. Ahana, frustrated at her life at home after her father’s death, finds solace in Anant Mathur (Sanjay Kapoor), a widowed friend of her father.

Meanwhile Saloni Raichand (Cheshtha Bhagat), Ahana’s elder sister, is about to be married to her sweetheart, Tarun Gupta (Puneet Sharma).

Tarun’s father, Mahendra Gupta (Indraneel Bhattacharya), is not keen on letting them get married since he is aware of Laila’s gold-digging tendencies. He wants Saloni to sign a prenup. When Laila finds out she is infuriated and wants to cancel the wedding. The plot twist comes in the form of Saloni’s pregnancy. Laila agrees to the wedding on the condition that Tarun provides 3 crore rupees to her.

Tarun and Saloni get married. Meanwhile, Laila sets her eyes on marrying Anant as he is a rich businessman in order to pay off her debts and increase her social status. But Anant proposes to Ahana and they decide to get married. Rehaan Khanna (Aashim Gulati), son of Anant’s friend, convinces Roshni, Anant’s daughter, to give her blessings.

Anant goes to Laila to ask for Ahana’s hand in marriage to him. Laila is furious. She agrees to the marriage and puts forward a condition to Anant. As the story continues Ahana and Anant face many obstacles in their marriage due to the age difference, society, rivalry and family.

Rehaan begins to fall for Ahana, while simultaneously learning that she married Anant just to defy and insult her mother for revenge. As she loves Anant who is like a father-figure to him, he doesn’t want to see him cheated and tells Anant that Ahana didn’t actually love him, not realizing that Ahana truly loves Anant and revenge against her mother was a bonus. On revealing her supposed intentions, it is not taken up well by Anant at first, which leads Rehaan to leave the house. Later being asked for answers, Ahana reveals the initial reason behind the marriage before Anant that shatters him. Misunderstandings brew up. Soon after, Ahana gets pregnant. Elated, she tries to reveal this to Anant. In a series of misunderstandings and the growing distance between them, she is forced to take up the decision of aborting her unborn child.

Laila is left broke by Mahendra, she has an accident. Rehaan realizes his mistakes. After knowing the abortion bit, Anand again hates Ahana. Rehaan asks for Ahana’s forgiveness. She forgives him soon after and is taken care of by him. He supports her through the hard times and they go for a Goa trip. Rehaan and Ahana grow closer during the trip. Meanwhile, Anant realizes his mistake and wants to give a second chance to their marriage.

Broken hearts starlife Full casts.

  • Sanjay Kapoor as Anant Mathur – Ahana’s husband and her father’s friend. He loves Ahana but misunderstandings ruin their relationship.
  • Smriti Kalra as Ahana Raichand/Ahana Anant Mathur – Laila Raichand’s younger daughter and Anant’s second wife.
  • Aashim Gulati as Rehaan Khanna – son of Anant’s friend. He is Saloni’s ex-boyfriend and loves Ahana.
  • Niki Aneja Walia as Laila Raichand – Saloni and Ahana’s mother. She is a greedy woman who cheats her husband and earlier wanted to marry Anant for money.
  • Chestha Bhagat as Saloni Raichand/Saloni Tarun Gupta – Laila Raichand’s older daughter and Tarun’s wife. She loved Rehaan earlier.
  • Puneet Sharma as Tarun Gupta – Saloni’s husband.
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya as Mr. Mahendra Gupta – Tarun’s father and Laila Raichand’s business rival.
  • Beena Banerjee as Reema Mathur – Anant’s older sister
  • Anandita Pagnis as Roshni Mathur – Anant’s daughter. She hates Ahana and creates trouble between Anant and Ahana.
  • Krrish Wawa as Aarav Mathur – Anant’s son.
  • Bidisha Ghosh Sharma as Yamini – sister of Anant’s first wife. She loves Anant secretly.
  • Naveen Pandita as Karan – Driver at Anant’s house. He was orphaned at the age of six so when Anant found him, he brought him home and raised him along with Roshni. He is in love with Roshni and would go to any length to keep her happy.
  • Geet Sharma as Kavita – Servant at Anant’s house and Hiralal and Uma’s daughter. She loves Karan and is a greedy girl who hates Roshni.
  • Swati Tarar as Nisrin – Most notorious Employee of the house.


  1. The way you guys finish the show is not good, we didn’t watch the end. You people do not have any policy. The way you guys end the broken heart is not it at all

  2. I was looking forward to watch Broken hearts you guys just stopped it now the old series of Geet is showing again, please put Broken hearts back on, thank you


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