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Jodha Akbar 25 October 2021: Jalal says to Birbal that find out if other villages have same people like Jagdev, i dont want my people to suffer, he ask Soldiers to take Jagdev away, they take him, all says sorry to Jalal that they didnt know he was king, Kaushalia says sorry to Ruks for ordering her, Ruks says no i wont forgive you, i will take you to Agra and then you have to eat food prepared by me, this is your punishment, all smiles.

Jodha Akbar 24 October 2021

Sharif says to his men that things are going out of hand, he injures one man and ask him to go to Jalal now he will listen to you.
One man comes to Jalal and says Sharif’s men has attacked us, i have caught their one man, Jalal ask all to be in tents, he leaves to find out the matter with Birbal.
Jalal, Birbal and Fazal comes in jungle, they dont find anyone,

Birbal says maybe that man was lying, Fazal says why would he lie? Jalal says only that man can answer us. Jidha says to one Ruks that now problems are solved, people are happy with him, Sharif sends his man to Jodha, man comes to Jodha and says i have pain in belly, Jodha starts treating him while Ruks leaves from there, Sharif comes there and holds Jodha’s hand, Jodha ask who are you? Sharif shows his face, Mehtab is shocked to find him, she recalls how he wanted to kill her in childhood, Sharif says to Jodha that now my wish to get you will be fulfilled, Mehtab holds Sharif’s feet to leave Jodha, Sharif attacks her with knife on neck and pushes her away, Mehtab falls on ground being injured, he starts taking Jodha awa from there. Birbal and Jalal comeback to find Mehtab lying unconscious, he says who dared to do this with her, Birbal ask to take her for treatment.

Scene 2
Jalal brings Mehtab to clinic, Ruks ask how did this happen? Jalal ask where is Jodha? Ruks says she was with Mehtab, Jalal ask his soldiers to find Jodha, Ruks says mabe she stopped to treat some injured person, doctor is treating Mehtab, Jalal leaves to find Jodha.

Sharif brings Jodha to some isolated place, he says i cant see you in pain, he ask his man to open her hands, man removes rope from her hands, Jodha slaps Sharif hard, Sharif says i like this about you, you are stubborn and wild, he takes her inside.
Jalal is finding Jodha, he says where she must be, Birbal says only Mehtab can tell us about Jodha, Jalal ask his soldiers to find every nook and corner of Jungle. one man pushes Jodha, Sharif slaps him and says this is the way you behave with Mughal queen? she is my heart’s queen and will soon become mine.

Birbal says to Jalal that its seems to be plan of Sharif, Jalal ask t present the man who informed us about Sharif’s man tied in jungle, Birbal says he is not here, Jalal ask them to find him, only he can tell us about Sharif, he says why did i leave them here, Ruks says its not your fault, you didnt know about attack, pray that Mehtab becomes conscious then she can tell us about Jodha, Jalal says who can be behind all this.

Scene 3
Jodha says to Sharif that you have crossed all the limits, you have kidnapped me now Jalal will not leave you and you attacked your daughter? you have lost all humanity, Sharif is shocked, she says who behave like this with his daughter, Sharif says if i knew she was Mehtab then i would have treated her more badly, she must have gone to God by now, what would have she done by living, she was deaf and dump, i wanted to kill her before too and now my work is done, Jodha says how can you think like this about your own blood, sharif says we have to compromise to get people like, Joedha says Jalal wont leave you, sharif says Jalal will come to me crying and pleading as i have his most precious thing with me, he leaves.

Jalal recalls how Jodha said that he is with her to protect her and nobody can separate them, Jalal says i will find you at any cost. Otherside Jodha is crying too recalling her hug to Jalal, In Ankhoon mein plays. Ruks comes to Jalal and ask him to not worry, Jodha is ver strong women, she must be fine. Jalal says no i cant stay quite, Fazal comes there and says we wont be able to find Jodha, Birbal says we are not able to find who is our enemy, Fazal says maybe Mirza has done this, Jalal says no he cant stoop so low and if has has doen this then i will forget that he is my brother, he goes to check Mehtab.

Mehtab becomes conscious, Jalal ask Mehtab who did this with her? she tries to tell Jalal, Jalal calls doctor to check Mehtab, he ask her to tell who did this with her? she is not able to tell him, she then points to baby, Ruks says she is talking about Sharif, Jalal ask Mehtab did Sharif do this with you? Mehtab becomes unconscious again, Jalal says i knew it that Sharif and Mirza have become partners, now i will not leave Mirza.

Scene 4
Mirza says to his soldier that we are ready to do war with Mughal forces, he says Mughal saltanat was in problem and Jalal was not in Agra too then how did they manage to bring force to war field, who is leading them? soldier says Prince Salim, Mirza says very good, i thought that i will have fight with Jalal but no problem, i will end Salim now.

Salim says to his soldiers that we are fighting for Mughals, Jalal is helping people, we have to fight and win, we have to send message to people that we are here to protect them, Salim thanks Bhagwan das for helping them, Das says it was my duty, he says now we will keep an eye on Mirza’s force, we will be prepared to attack them anytime.

Anar comes to pray in Dargah, she prays for her father’s soul, she recalls how Zil asked her to pray for Salim too, she pays to protect Mughal Sultanat, to help them in war.

Maan’s soldier tells him that Salim is leading the war, Maan ask why not jalal? Man says we got to know that Jalal is living like common man in some village, man says Sharif’s forces are not with Mirza, Maan says they are partners but why Sharif is not with Mirza, find out soon where is Sharif, there must be some reason for his disappearance.

Jodha prays to God to save Mehtab and send Jalal here soon, Sharif brings food for her and says i have brought it with love, eat it, he says i will make you eat with my own hands, Jodha angrily looks at him, sharif says i dont like ego, he forcefully makes her eat, Jodha spits food on him, Man brings letter for Sharif, Sharif reads the letter of Mirza that i did partnership with you to attack Jalal but you have done cheap thing by kidnapping Jodha, i will not tolerate it, i will be your enemy now if you dont leave Jodha, Sharif thinks how to tell him that war cant be win by emotions, he leaves. Jodha prays Jalal come soon.

Jalal is finding Jodha in jungle, forces are finding her too. Sharif reads Mirza’s letter and says he is a fool, when he will understand that we cant win wars with emotions, i kidnapped Jodha to bring jalal on his knees and Mirza is showing affection to his family, he ask soldier to bring paper and pen.

Jalal says i will tear apart Sharif if anything happens to Jodha, announcer announce that if anyone has seen Jodha or Sharif then he can inform Saltanat, he will be rewarded, Jalal shouts that if anyone gives place to Sharif in his house then he will be given death sentence.

Sharif writes letter for Jalal and says Mirza maybe leave my partnership but i will use Jodha against Jalal, i have offered Jalal Jodha back but he will not find Jodha here and also i will take over saltanat and will take revenge from Baskhi for insulting me.

Anar is going back to Agra, she finds 2 men talking that Sharif ash asked us to send letter to Jalal but i am afraid if Jalal kills us, other man says that Sharif changed the plan and kidnapped Jodha, he thinks that by doing this Jalal will free him but he has in big problem, one man says i am going back to Sharif, Anar listens all this and follows the man.

Jalal is finding Jodha everywhere, Fazal says t Birbal that Jalal has gone crazy for Jodha, he will get ill this way, Jalal comes back and birbal what you think how can we find Jodha here, Birbal says i am sorry i dont have answer for this question, this jungle is very big we cant find them here, you eat something first, Jalal says how can you even think that i will eat without finding Jodha, till i dont get my Jodha back, till i dont punish Sharif, i will not sit quite.

Scene 2
Jodha is tied at isolated place, Sharif comes there, he says neither your Kahna nor your husband will come here to save you, iam your God here, Jodha says that when Human’s end comes near, he speak ill about God, you end is near Sharif, Sharif is drunk and tries to come closer to Jodha, Jodha pushes him away, he falls on ground, Jodha says now you know my strength, when Jalal comes here he wil not leave you,

Sharif says you are thinking that my love is my weakness, now i will show you my strength, he grabs her face and ccomes closer to her, he says i can do anything with you but i will not because i want you to come to me with your consent, till when you will keep saying no, become my wife and i will make you my queen, Jodha says Jalal will not leave you, Sharif says its Jalal whose end is near, first i will make you mine infront of him and then i will send him from this world, Jodha is shocked.

Anar follows Sharif’s men and comes to some place. Haidar says to his man that if Salim loses war then Jalal will get angry on him and if he wins the war then i will fill his ears against Jalal that Jalal didnt come to help him, either way its our benefit, Shama comes there, Haidar says to man that dont worry she must have not listened anything.

Scene 3
Anar reaches the place where Jodha is in abduction, Sharif leaves the place after ordering his men to keep an eye on Jodha, his soldiers goes to drink wine, Anar stealthily enters the place and frees Jodha, Jodha ask you here? Anar says i was returning from Dargah and got to know about your kidnapping, Jodha says good, we should leave, Sharif comes back and scolds his soldiers that why they are drinking wine,

Jodha ask Anar that her ties will not open fast and Sharif will come n, you leave from here otherwise Sharif will kill you, you go and inform Jalal about me being here, Anar says hwo can i leave you here? Jodha says its my order to leave from here and inform Jalal about this place. Anar runs away from there, Sharif sees her silhouette and is confused who it can be, he ask soldier did he see anyone going from here, soldier says no, he comes to Jodha and finds cloth from Jodha’s mouth on floor, he says she was a fool that before running away she didnt even put back cloth on your mouth,

he ask who was she? i know she will go to Jalal and he will come here and this is what i want, you have done my work, Jodha thinks Anar doesnt even know that Sharif has seen her, Sharif says to his men that make security of here tight, Jalal will bring Bakshi here, kill Jalal and Baksh both here, he will come here to take Jodha but he will find neither me nor Jodha here but will be killed by my soldiers, he says i am shifting from here, Jodha thinks to do something, she says to Sharif that i am hungry, Sharif says my Jodha has asked something from me for first time, he brings food for her and says i will make you eat, Jodha says no i will eat myself, he opens her cuffs and ask her to eat, he leaves from there,

Jodha writes a clue for Jalal on rock with help of stone about where she will be shifted, she puts her earring near rock, she prays that jalal understand my clue.

Scene 4
Mirza and Salim’s forces come face to face in war field, Mirza ask Salim to show his strength to him, start the attack, Salim says you will know our strength when war starts, Mirza says i will start this war and will end it too, he ask his soldiers to attack, Salim orders his soldiers to attack too, the war starts, Mirza kills mughal soldiers, Salim, Murad, Daniyal, Bahgwan das all are fighting.

Fazal says we have got the letter of Sharif, jalal ask to read, Fazal reads the letter of Sharif in which it is written that if you need Jodha sound and safe then you have to give him Bakshi Bano take your wife from me and give my wife back to me, and you know if you disagree with me then what i will do with Jodha, Jalal says how can he blackmail King of India, Jalal says i dont accept this offer, Ruks ask what about Jodha then? she is in danger, Jalal says he cant dare to hurt Jodha, he is calling Bakshi to hurt her but i wont allow him,

Jalal says i will bring Jodha back with deadbody of Sharif, he ask Birbal is address written in letter? Birbal says no but he has asked if we accept offer or not, Jalal says now i will go to Sharif and will finish him.

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