These Streets update Monday 11 October 2021

These Streets 11 Oct 2021: SHan shows the certificate to everyone. He says policce will arrest you all. Ravindra says enough. Ridoy is about to punch shan. Shan holds his hand and says act like a young one.ASmita says enough.

Shan says why are you doing all this? Asmita says I want to marry him. Shan says I know that’s not your heart. Asmita holds Ridoy’s hand. She says I will complete this wedding. She says we are married. We don’t need to do more rituals. We are married. she takes Ridoy upstairs. Shan sits there.

Bua dresses Shan’s wound. Shan says I will win her back. Don’t worry. Neel says it wont be easy. Shan says I have to win her back. I will do anything for her.ASmita washes her facce. Shan cleans her face. He asys I wont ever leave you. He changes his clothes. Asmita says what are you doing. He says we are married. Shan pulls her closer. SHan says I will make you mine. I promise.

Asmita shoves Shan’s hand and leaves. shan says you will realize our love soon. I know you can’t stay away from me. You are my wife I will win you back. I could never harm my mom.Ridoy says to Nevi thank you for getting me married to Asmita as I wanted. Nevi says I am scared. Shan might create a new drama like he did at the wedding. I don’t want to see you hurt. I don’t know what to do. Asmita loves shan. Ridoy says she did not anyone. Nevi says I am a mother, just worried for you.

He says I won’t let anyone come closet to her. She is only mine. I have to get ready for my reception. He leaves. Nevi says reception my foot.Ridoy and Asmita get dressed for the reception. They come downstairs holding hands. Lights go off. Ridoy goes to check. Shan holds Asmita’s hand. Asmita says leave my hand. He says I am your husband why should I? She says you can’t do this. Lights turn on. Shan leaves. Ridoy says is everything okay? She says yes. Asmita walks in holding Ridoy’s hand. sHan sits and drinks in a corner.

Asmita and Ridoy cut cake and make each other eat it. Nevi says why is Shan so calm what is he planning. Ravindra says to neel keep an eye on Shan. Shan says I have a special announcement to make for my brother and most beautiful girl Asmita. I wanna take you all back to my childhood. He plays his childhood photos on the screen. He says this is my friend. She got to knew what’s in my heart before anyone. We played Radha and Kishan. She says Shantanu and Puchki. Moushmi says looks like Shan and ASmita’s reception. Ravindra throws it away and says are you in senses. Asmita is Ridoy’s wife stop this drama. Shan says this isn’t drama. She is my wife.

Ravindra slaps him. He says enough. Ravindra asks all guests to leave. Asmita says to Shan what do you think of yourself. I am Ridoy’s wife. He says you are my friend. My love. She says stay in your limits and never try crossing them. Shan laughs.Paro says to Shan why did you do this. You shouldn’t annoy asmita like this. Ridoy comes in and says I want to talk. Shan says I dont’ want to talk to you. Ridoy says I wont forgive you for this drama. Shan says stealing my wife would? Ridoy says she is my wife and never dare saying anything about her.

Asmitasays to chanda’s photo why does my heart ache? Shan has to pay for your death. Nevi says to RIdoy you have to open your eyes.Shan comes to room. Asmita is asleep.

Shan says tonight is our night. Asmita says stay away from me. He says you ar emy wife. Asmita shoves him and says come touch me now. What else can a man do. She throws her dupatta and says come touch me falsly. He slaps her and makes her wear the dupatta. He says don’t ever say that again. No one can touch you with permission. He leves. Asmita cries.

Ridoy is asleep. Nevi says I brought her back so I can kick her out of this house. She doesn’t deserve to be your wife. She has to pay for all this.Bua comes to Shan. She says what is wrong between you and Asmita. Why are you doing all this? He says I wont let my wife go. she married Ridoy in anger. SHe can’t marry him because I am her husband. Bua says yes but why is she doing this? Shan says because she is angry. Bua says it wont be easy. Shan says I know but I will do it. He says she has a misunderstanding. Love win in the end. Bua says I hope you win. Asmita is making kheer in kitchen.

Moushmi says I love kheer. Ridoy says you will love everything she makes. For her first dish, I will kiss her in front of everyone. Moushmi says do it in room. He says nothing wrong with PDA. So everyone knows how much we love each other.

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