The Good son update Monday 11 October 2021

The Good son 11 Oct 2021: Episode starts with Purva colliding with a guest and her dress starts tearing up. Vedant sees that and runs to Purva. He keeps his hand on her shoulder. Purva keeps her hand around his waist. She says let it be. Vedant asks her to be silent and tells that her dress stitching is opened. She is shocked. He takes her to room and asks her to stitch and come out. Purva says she don’t know how to stitch and asks him to stitch being a complete package. Vedant sits to stitch. Pankhudi knocks on the door. They say 1 min. After stitching the clothes, Vedant gets up to go. Purva thanks him.

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Vedant says I would have done the same with other girl too. Purva says why your hands were shaking? Vedant asks her not to be hopeful else she will feel pain. They come out of room. Pankhudi says you both are together. Purva tells that her dress stitching opened so Vedant stitched it. She says which chudail has done this. Pankhudi says you would have called me to stitch your dress. Purva says Vedant was with me and he knows surgery stitches and this stitching too. Vedant excuses himself.

Purva thanks her for haldi tamasha and now dress malfunction. They come to the hall. Dadi asks Vedant where he took Purva? Vedant says he was talking to his PA about something. Dadi asks Purva to dance. Sumiti and Sanju to dance. Purva and Pankhudi dance on the song ek laung main elaichi….She takes Vedant to dance. Pankhudi dances with Sanju and fumes Purva dancing around Vedant. Pankhudi hits her foot on Purva making her fall on Vedant. Vedant and Purva had a bad fall and the latter gets hurt. Pankhudi says sorry and taunts her. Purva says Vedant held me at the right time. Dadi asks Vedant to check her foot. Vedant checks her and asks her to rest. Dadi and Manjula asks Vedant to take her to room.

Vedant hesitantly lifts her. Purva holds Pankhudi’s hand and blinks her eye. Purva tells Vedant that she can hear his heart beat and says there is still time for love. He brings her to room and asks her to apply the medicine. He is about to go, but turns and looks at her as she is having difficulty to apply. He comes to her, takes ointment and applies to her foot. Purva says you would have sent someone to apply ointment. Vedant says party is going on downstairs and I am your…doctor. He asks her to rest. Purva smiles.

Alakshmi talks to Parvati and asks why Kaamdev is increasing love in Vedant’s heart for Purva. Devi Parvati says it is the natural love in his heart. Sanju tells Pankhudi that if wouldn’t have been a doctor then she would have been a dancer and tells that his friend told that he will viral their dance videos. Pankhudi shouts at him, throws his phone and asks him to go away. Sanju shouts Pankhu. Pankhudi cooks up a fake story and fools him.

Purva comes to Vedant’s room. He asks about her pain. Purva says she is fine and gives watch to him, which he kept in her room. He takes out kurta from the cupboard. Purva coughs and signs no. He takes out another. She coughs and signs no. he takes out the third kurta and finds her gone. He coughs. She peeps inside and signs good. He asks her to drink ginger kada for cough. She says you jokes well. He coughs and thinks her choice is good.

Pankhudi making baati and tells that Nani taught her this and said that they shall be connected with their religion. Vedant brings Purva there. Dadi asks her to sit. Purva sits. Dadi asks Purva to color the kalash and presents to God. She then gives kalash to Purva. Pankhudi says I am your would be bahu. Dadi says yes, but Purva is my bahu already. Vedant goes to hospital to do puja. Manjula asks Purva not to get upset. Sumiti asks both of them to make their kalash ready and says we will present the best kalash in the temple. Purva makes her kalash ready and keeps it on the plate. Pankhudi shows her kalash and says it is done. Purva says my kalash is kept for drying. Pankhudi realizes that her kalash colors are wet and gets upset. Dadi says today you both have learnt to have patience.

Vedant comes to the hospital and asks Nurse to make the arrangement of puja. Nurse/Receptionist tells that PA Madam has done it already and called the employees too. Vedant says ok. She says PA Madam is good. Vedant smiles and says yes.Later he comes home and does the puja with everyone. Pankhudi compromises with the kitchen door and gas cylinder and comes out. She tries to provoke Sumiti against Purva and asks her to ask Purva to make tea. Sumiti says if she will refuse me. Purva says I will do it later. Sumiti asks her to make tea now. Purva goes to kitchen.

Pankhudi locks the door from outside. Purva searches for the tea dust and gets gas smell. She is about to come out, but finds the door locked. She shouts calling Vedant. Mahadev and Parvati talk to each other. Mahadev pray that this Deepavali is auspicious to everyone. Parvati says much sound or noise is not needed to celebrate. He says yes. Parvati closes her eyes. Purva shouts calling Dadi and Vedant and feel suffocated. Vedant is burning crackers outside with his family members. Purva shouts for help and faints, while all the family members are outside the house. Purva asks Pankhudi if she saw Purva.

Pankhudi says you are doing a limit and asks if he thinks her as Purva. Vedant says nobody can take his Purva’s place and says I am thinking her as other girl whose name is Purva. Dadi coughs.Vedant says I will bring water. Pankhudi stops him and says she will bring. She goes inside, looks at the kitchen and thinks she became silent. Vedant comes there and asks for his phone. Pankhudi asks him to take water for Dadi and says she will search his phone and bring. He comes out and gives water to Dadi. Parvati comes there. Sumiti asks if your house is near. Parvati says she came to wish them happy diwali. Vedant and Dadi take her inside. Devi parvati asks about Purva. Pankhudi says she went to change her clothes. Parvati asks for water.

Vedant is about to take water from jug, but Parvati asks him to get matka water. He says it is in kitchen. Pankhudi says I will bring. Parvati asks if all the responsibility is yours to make others drink water and asks her to sit with her. Vedant goes to kitchen and finds the door locked.Sumiti comes and says fake Purva didn’t make tea until now. Vedant is shocked on finding gas smell coming out. Pankhudi gets tensed. Vedant breaks the door and gets inside. He finds her unconscious on the floor and takes her outside. He asks her to open her eyes and pumps her heart. He then gives her mouth to mouth resuscitation.

She opens her eyes and closes it again. He asks Sanju to take out the car, lifts her and takes her out. Dadi prays to Devimaa. Parvati says whatever is destined will happen. Vedant waits outside as Doctor checks her. Dadi, Pankhudi and others come there. Dr. nishant comes out and tells that carbon mono oxide has effected her heart badly and tells that she shall get fine soon.

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