These Streets update Tuesday 12 October 2021

These Streets 12 Oct 2021: Asmita comes. Everyone throws us the kheer. He says it’s salty. Shan mixed salt in it. Shan says what happened. How will you kiss now? It’s so bad. He leaves. Asmita says in heart I know you did all this.

Paro says to Shan why are you doing all this? He says I am doing this for my life. We can’t live with wrong people all our lives. We have this small life and have right to live it. Go for your love too. Spend your life with him. He leaves. Paro cries and says I am lucky like you. Beauty will kill him.Asmita says to Shan you did this to my kheer? He says don’t blame it on me. He says you look cute in anger. Shan holds her hand and pulls her close. ASmita leaves.
Asmita and Ridoy do ring finding ritual. Beauty comes in.

Asmita and Ridoy try finding the ring. Shan says I think they dont’ love each other. They can’t find the ring. THat’s what happens in incomplete marriageds. rIdoy throws the bow in anger. Shan picks the ring. Ridoy holds Asmita’s hand and says no one can part us. Asmita says you are right.Beauty comes. moushmi says what are you doing here. She says I was saying you went to sona gachi and got a girl in this house. What was problem with Beauty? I am bride too. Accept me.

Ravindra says you will never be part of this house. You can never be welcomed here. Nevi says I will welcome here. I will do her greh parvesh. Beauty smiles. Ravindra says are you in your senses? She says yes I am. If you think I am part of this house you have to keep my respect and let me do this. Trust me I know why am I doing this. Neel says she would never be my wife. Beauty says I am your wife anyway. Ravindra says get out of here. Nevi says i will kill myself if you don’t let beauty in this house. She picks poison. Ridoy says mama what are you doing. Ravindra says do what you want. He leaves in anger. Beauty says I am written in your fate. Asmita wonders what drama is this.

beauty says to asmita someone from your family is here. ASmita says if you do anything to my family I wont let you go. beauty says I know what you’re here for. ASmita says I am not like you. My eyes are on you. Beauty says if you come in my way I wont let you live. Shan says to beauty don’t dare coming between me and asmita. She says you are Paro’s husband. Shan says no legally

Asmita gives Ridoy medicine. He holds her hand and says you are all I need. Asmita says I have to go. Asmita goes to rest room. She says in heart what will I do in this house. How will I be Ridoy’s wife. Ridooy waits for her.

Neel asks Nevi why you did this? She says for my husband. Only beauty knows where Aru is.Moushmi says to Asmita you look good today. Asmita says for my husband. She says you should go on honeymoon soon. Asmita says we will go soon. Shan looks at asmita, He tries making her wear locket. Asnita says I belong to Ridoy only. He says sayig it wont make you married to him. Asmita leaves in anger.

Bua comes to Asmita. She says you are doing this pooja as Ridoy’s wife. She says as DIL of this house. Nev says she is Ridoy’s wife. No one will come between her and Ridoy. Asmita leaves. Nevi says I will make Ridoy hate you.The poojja starts. Ridoy looks at asmita. Nevi says she is doing this pooja for you. He says I want her in all lives. Nevi sends Asmita and Shan both in one room. She comes downstairs and says go to your room and get ready. ASmita is taking shower. Nevi asks shan that door is locked. he tried opening it and falls on Asmita. Asmita says what are you doing ere. Leave. Ridoy comes. He says to Shan come out with me. Ridoy says when you understand she is my wife.

He is about to hit him. Nei comes. Ridoy breaks things in anger. He says he tried going close to my wife. Shan says I was just fixing the door. Asmita comes. Moushmi says who is Asmita with. Shan says she is my wife only. Beauty says how disgusting is that. Asmita can file harassment case on Shan. Ridoy says Asmita would you do that?Ridoy says will you file harassment case? Asmita says yes. Everyone is dazed. Nevi says what is happening in this house.

SHan said it was an accident. We have to go to pooja. Ridoy says but.. Nevi says enough. You should learn to control your anger. She leaves.Ridoy says ma saved you or I could send you to jail. Nevi says guests are coming. Go from here everyone. Shan says asmita.. Asmita leaves.Beauty says to Nevi why you saved Shan? Nevi says you can never understand me. She leaves. Beauty says what is this woman upto.

Nevi says paro why aren’t you doing this pooja for sha. Paro says I can’t. eauty says he is your husband. Shan says we aren’t married and we dont’ love each other. Nothing can bring us close enough to do this pooja. Beauty says so who is your wife? Who is Ridoy’s wife too. Nevi says Beauty what are you saying. Ravindra says Sahn come with me. Ravndra says enough. You married with consent. Enough of all this. Paro is your wife better accept that or you are out of this family. shan says true relation is only when ou are not bound by words. ASmita is my wfie and nothing can change that truth. No one can be in my life.

Ravindra says then leave this house. Shan says I wont. You brought me here. I became what you wanted me to be, I will stay here till I want to.Asmita does pooja and does all the rituals. Holi starts outside. Shan throws colors towards Asmita. Ridoy sees it. everyone is dazed. Ridoy shouts Shan. He takes out gun and says how dare you do this to my wife. He puts gun on SHan.

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