The Good son update Wednesday 29 September 2021

The Good son 29 Sept 2021: Purva asking Vedant if he is ready. He asks her to concentrate on her acting and then says you are best at acting. He says good luck. She says same to you. They give way to each other. Sumiti asks Narendra if he wants car with AC or open car without AC.

Purva comes there and asks them to take car with roof opening and closing. She asks her to give safety pin. Sumiti goes to bring. Vedant calls Sanju and asks what Purva is doing in Sumiti Chachi’s room. Sanju says how do I know and says you have accepted her as Purva. Vedant says I was accept her as she knows everything about Purva. He says I fear that she is instigating Chachi. Sanju gets worried. Vedant goes. Sanju comes to spy on Sumiti and Purva. Purva asks Sumiti, did you ask Babu ji what he will give to you. Sumiti says they will get 10 crores share from the 40 crores profit. Purva says then Chacha don’t have to do the insurance job. Narendra tells that he is happy with his job. Sumiti says he will get happy when he gets good house etc.

Ramesh tells Dadi that they can’t do the partition of the property. Sumiti tells Dadi that she wants to make them meet Alankaar. Dadi says he might be having values as per his name. Alankar comes and says hi…He swirls Gomti and dance with her. Gomti says Ramesh is my brother and his sala. He pulls his cheeks irritating Ramesh. Dadi doesn’t like the guy and says he is very young. Gomti says she has decided to marry Alankaar, take her share of wealth and go to Denmark and marry there. Vedant comes there and greets Alan. He asks Gomti to take her share and get married in India, asks if she don’t want to show to the world that she got such a good guy. Alan says I love you and asks why to do drama? Gomti says it is needed and tells that when they get 10 crores property then they will get married in 3-4 crores. Vedant smiles.

Ramesh tells Sanju that nobody called for that girl and tells that Sumiti and Gomti are eager to get their shares. He says he will not give anything to anyone and tells that right now hospital is on Pankhudi’s name and she is handling it. Sanju says she is in our hands.

In the sky, Mahadev asks Parvati what she will do as her bhakt’s father is thinking to use Pankhudi for his gain. Parvati says she will do something without changing what is written. She says she will stay on the earth for Navratri 9 days.

Manjula tells Dadi that kalash is kept. Everyone is standing. Dadi asks Purva to do puja and says you are also married. Purva says I have sworn not to apply sindoor until Vedant accepts me as his wife and that’s why I can’t do this puja. Sumiti says you will not do puja. Manjula asks Goddess Durga to accept their puja and be with them for 9 days. She does the puja and gives aarti to everyone. Sanju tells Manjula that he is going out and asks Pankhudi to come. Dadi asks Vedant where is he going? Vedant says today is a very auspicious day so he thought to go to hospital. Dadi says it is good and asks what about Ramesh. Vedant says he will not say anything. Dadi blesses him and gives him Prasad. Purva comes there and says you forgot your wallet again. Vedant recalls Purva giving him wallet. Dadi prays to Goddess and asks her to bring happiness in Vedant’s life again.

Vedant comes to the hospital and thinks this time everything will be fine and asks Dada ji for his blessings. Usha ji and other staff member greet him. Ward boy says we got the job because of you. Sanju sees him and says he came, but brought his chamchas with him.

A man comes with some goons to Sanjeevani Sadan and shows Purva’s pic, says she is Riya who eloped from mental asylum in Banaras. Purva says she is Purva from Prayagraj. Manjula and Dadi asks them to leave her. The man says it seems all the house are mad. He pushes Manjula and takes Purva with him. Dadi calls Vedant and tells him that those men took Purva with her and said that she is Ria. She says they dragged her from here like butchers. Vedant is shocked and comes home. He asks Dadi if she called Police. Dadi says they can’t be her family members. Ramesh comes there with DSP Soham. Soham says he will enquire about the girl. Ramesh asks Soham to arrest Vedant and take him as the girl is taken by her family and the real Purva is dead.

He says case is solved. Soham handcuffs Vedant. Dadi says you have shown the pic in which he is in a shop at the time of murder. Vedant tells Dadi that nothing wrong will happen. Ramesh smirks and says case is solved. Vedant gets down from the Police case and his hand cuff is opened by the constable. He thanks Soham. Soham asks do you think you are doing right. Vedant nods his head and walks on.

with DCP Soham dropping Vedant on the way while his constable frees Vedant’s hands. Vedant thanks Soham. Soham asks if your plan will work? Vedant says I am hopeful. He comes somewhere, where the goon who had kidnapped Purva greets him. Vedant asks if anyone have any doubt. The goon/man says you are my God, I can’t do any mistake in your work. Vedant asks where is she? Purva is sitting there and having corn. He thinks of Purva enjoying eating it. She offers him. He nods no.

Gomti says it is good that Vedant told about his decision and says we shall call lawyer. Dadi says there will be no partition of property until he comes back. Ramesh thinks this is the right time for my plan. Vedant tells Purva that everything will be happened as planned. Purva asks what will be babu ji’s reaction. Vedant says he will try to get everything on his name.

She says you said that jeevan rekha is the big property. Vedant says Ramesh will meet Pankhudi who has the POA. Ramesh goes to Pankhudi and tells that fake Purva is sent to the mental asylum and Vedant is arrested again. Sanju says we will get married. Ramesh says you will rule after getting POA. Pankhudi says she can’t think of marriage now after Purva’s death. Ramesh says you are coming to hospital as it is your work, think marriage also as work. Sanju asks her to think about having hospital on her name after marriage. Pankhudi says I will think and tell you. Ramesh says ok.

Dadi keeps mata ki chowki at home for Vedant. The prayers begin at home. Pankhudi also sits for the mata ki chowki. Vedant and Purva are walking on the road. She says my Vedant used to be a gentleman and says last time you took off your coat and gave to me, but today you didn’t see. He takes off his coat and gives to her. She wears it. Vedant says I was right, my Purva had written everything in diary which you got. She asks him to check her pulse. He holds her hand and then says your talks are like her, but you are not Purva.

She asks if he got Pankhudi’s message. Vedant says I don’t think that Pankhudi will do our work. Purva says she is my sister and will do. Vedant says she is not your sister, but of Purva and had hurt her a lot and changes color like a squirrel. Purva says Pankhudi did that as she was hurt and asks him to trust devimaa.

Devi Parvati comes to Sanjeevani Sadan. Manjula greets her and says I didn’t recognize you. Devi Parvati says Vedant asked me to come. Manjula asks her to sit. Parvati ji sits beside Pankhudi while the latter is engrossed in thoughts. Parvati ji says face is the mirror of heart. We take good and bad decision in life. She says if you do good thing then you feel good and if you do bad then what? Pankhudi says bad. Parvati asks why, as the decision is yours. Pankhudi says but it is not good for others. Parvati ji asks her to do everything good and believes on devotion. Pankhudi folds her hands and then towards the idol. She goes. Parvati ji smiles.

Pankhudi comes to Ramesh and Sanju and tells that she is ready to marry the latter. Sanju says I understood seeing your message. Pankhudi says but I have a condition and says I will marry you only when my di’s murderer is arrested. Sanju says then we will be caught too. Ramesh says if Rahul is arrested then he will open his mouth that we had killed her baby.

Pankhudi says I really don’t care and tells that Vedant knows about it and Purva is dead. Sanju tries to make her change her decision. Pankhudi says she wants Rahul to get punished for killing Purva brutally. Ramesh says if we don’t agree then? Pankhudi says then marriage will not happen. Ramesh says ok. Pankhudi agrees and goes. Ramesh tells Sanju that something is wrong with Pankhudi as she didn’t want Vedant to punished.

Pankhudi comes to room and calls Vedant. She tells Vedant that Ramesh agreed when she threatened not to marry Sanju. She says he will get Rahul punished. Vedant says you know that Rahul killed my Purva. Purva says I had only told you. Vedant says we want to come home. Pankhudi says you are in jail for them and that girl is in her house. Purva says that girl is your sister and says mazaak hain kya. Pankhudi gets emotional and says purva di. Vedant says we will talk about it later and tells Pankhudi that they will come home at 12 and stay in storeroom. Pankhudi says ok.

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