These Streets update Wednesday 29 September 2021


These Streets 29 Sept 2021: A car hits Asmita. Adtya comes out of the car. He picks her and they rush to the hospital. Asmita is taken for treatment. Ravindra brings Shan there as well Their hands touch on stretchers. Ravndra sees Asmita. He cuts Mazumdar from Asmita’s name. He says she isn’t our family member. She is dirty. Aditya says mind your language. Ravindra says if she is treated here my son wont be treated here. Doctor says we are here to save lives no matter where people are from. Aditya says better keep quite or I will arrest you.

Paro comes to Shan and says take this milk. I know you are hurt. What happened shouldn’t have. Two lovers shouldn’t be separated. Asmita is a very nice girl. she promised me she will take care of my child. Beauty will kill us three now. shan says no one will harm your child. You can stay in that child. You can stay with me but not as mine. I wont let anyone harm your child. Paro says thank you so much. I hope God unites you and Asmita. Thank you.

Baba says you should have told everyone. I will speak to shan. He can’t harm my daughter. Asmita says you wont say anything to him. I don’t want to beg him. Baba says why do you have to suffer so much. Asmita says why do I have to go through all this every time.Shan comes home. Someone plays video of him throwing asmita out of the house. Ridoy comes. He says why did you do this. Nevi comes too. Ridoy shouts and says who gave you right to behave like this to my wife? Who are you? Nevi says please listen.

He says I want an answer. He is about to it Shan. shan says why did you stop? Hit me. If you think I did wrong hit me. Ridoy says you know how much I love asmita. Why did you kick her out of this house. He breaks things in anger. He picks a glass. He say I will kill myself. Shan takes the glass from him. San says never say thhis again. Nevi says Shan did right. She doesn’t deserve to be in this house. SHe always lied and fooled ys. Ridoy says I should have done anything who is he. Ravindra says that girl can’t be in this house. Ridoy says that girl is my wife. I don’t care where is from.

Why didn’t you kick shan out then? He is from Sona gachi too. Why did you give him all the right? Ravindra says he is son of your father. Ridoy laughs. He says are you serious? You brought an illegitimate child here? And we all accepted him. Like you don’t care where shan is from, I don’t care where Asmita is from. Your mom still lives there Shan. You have insulted your ownself and your mom too. Why don’t you kick your own self out too then? Anyways, I don’t care what anyone thinks. i will bring her back and I will see who stops.

Shan says stop. Ridoy says don’t touch me with the hand you insulted asmita from or I will forget you are my brother.Ridoy leaves the house. Beauty calls his man and says he shouldn’t come back home alive. Ridoy is in taxi. He comes to Asmita’s place. He comes in. Asmita is fainted on the bed. He says no.. Nothing can happen to you. When he sees the face it is someone else. Ridoy gets that girl up. The girl says I was with asmita. Some thugs came. They hit me and I fainted. I think they took Asmita.

Aditya tells Asmita he sent that girl to Asmita’s house so she can tell all that to ridoy.Shan comes to a temple and take a cue. He starts hitting himself. He says I deserve all the pain I gave you. Puchki says I feel like Shan is in trouble. But why should I care? I will stay true to my mission. Baba says I am always with you. Asmita says why doesn’t he come back to me. She is in tears. Baba hugs her.

Ridoy tries calling asmita. He sits down crying. He says where do I find you.
Beauty hits her men. She says you couldn’t kidnap a girl. Mohit says true love has all the power. Beauty says these are filmy things. I will kill Puchki once I find her.Ridoy finds a complaint of missing for asmita. Inspector says calm down. Aditya calls the office and says ask him to leave. The office says you will misbehave with police? They arrest Ridoy.

Shan comes to Bua. Bua says I don’t want to see your face. He says I.. She says there shouldn’t be any explanation. Where was your shame? She has favored you so much. You would have been in jail. Neel says I know nevi asked you to do all this. Bua says she is a true step mom. She is doing all this to ruin your life. Do what you want to do.. But I don’t want to see your face until Asmita comes back to this house. She leaves.

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