Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Tuesday 28 September 2021


Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Fawad asking Mariam why did she send that man, he has lost everything. She says I don’t know, I came to ask something imp, trust me. He asks really, do you need money, why did you do this. She says I need info about my dad. He says stop this emotional drama, tell me. He pushes her and goes. Mariam looks for him and asks where is my BF. The lady says he checked out and paid all the bills. Mariam thinks how shall I find him. The man says he was saying he has a flight to Bhopal tonight. Mariam recalls family. Madiha waits for Mariam and cries. Rang de….plays….

Meher asks Madiha to stop it. Madiha says she is going to come for sure. Mariam sees Biji sleeping. She hugs her. She thinks Biji won’t let me go, its big day for me, my dad is alive. She keeps the car keys and money. She thinks just Fawad can help me reach dad, I have to find dad, take care and have food on time. She leaves. Mariam prays at Dargah and thanks for showing her the way. Madiha makes a cake. Aijaz says she didn’t come yesterday, she will come today, its her birthday, she really likes this cake. Mariam lands in Bhopal. She recalls old days. Fawad is with a little girl. She asks him to make a good GF like her.

She shows Mariam. Fawad doesn’t see Mariam. He talks to Bhakti on call and vents anger. Bhakti says I know you miss me a lot, but I have much work. He says you have stolen my content and made your career, you are going to pay for your actions soon, I will sue you and drag you to court. He gets angry and drives rashly. He sees Bhakti’s media office. The little girl Aaliya says don’t create any trouble now. He asks her not to get down the car. He takes a hockey stuck and breaks Bhakti’s pic banners.

Mariam comes there and sees him. Bhakti signs him. Mariam asks Fawad to stop doing this, what if anything happens to his daughter, what kind of father is he. Fawad turns to scold her. He asks are you mad to come here. She says I have to ask something. He asks her to get lost. She refuses to leave. He says I m very arrogant, please leave. He drives off. She follows him and thinks I will find my dad, I just came here for him. Biji gets Mariam’s letter and gets shocked. She calls Mariam. She prays for Mariam and cries. Mariam comes to haveli and recalls past. Little Mariam holds her hand and smiles.

little Mariam taking Mariam inside haveli. Madiha turns and says Mariam. Mariam cries and recalls family moments. She thinks everything is the same, I used to run to my dad, and play with friends. Rifat and Choti taunt Madiha and tell her that Mariam is dead. Madiha says your children have cut ties with you, you are most unfortunate. Rifat gets angry and spits on her. Mariam meets her old friend, stone tortoise. She talks to him and asks did everyone miss me. She recalls everyone and cries.

Meher says we have prayed for Mariam so much, when will you understand this, she isn’t looking for you, Mariam and Mahira are no more, only one daughter is alive, she is standing in front of you, Mariam will never come here. She throws the halwa. It falls near Mariam’s feet. Madiha shouts Meher. They cry. Mariam sees them and cries. She falls down. Madiha comes to her. Meher asks are you here to meet someone, tell me.

Madiha says you are hurt. Aijaz comes and says Mariam… He hugs her. They cry. Aijaz says our happiness returned to us, where had you gone, leaving me, I always kept looking for you, I can see the waiting in your eyes, please don’t leave us now. Fawad comes and says she isn’t Mariam, but Manjeet. He gets angry on her and drags her away. They ask Fawad to stop. Fawad throws Mariam out. Meher says she isn’t Mariam, she was hurt, so she was crying. Madiha says she wanted to say something. Aijaz calls out Mariam.

Fawad warns Mariam and asks her not to follow him again. He says I know who sent you, I know your intentions, remember, its my way or my way, get lost. Mariam runs on the road and cries. Maula maula….plays….Madiha says I felt she is Mariam. Aijaz says even I felt the same, but Mariam didn’t come today. Madiha says she will come, I felt that girl is surrounded by many problems. She prays for Mariam. Mariam goes to Dargah to pray.



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