The Good son update Tuesday 12 October 2021

The Good son 12 Oct 2021: Episode starts with Vedant telling God not to punish Purva after his Purva died. He says I don’t know why she makes me believe of Purva’s existence, but she knows everything about my Purva. He asks God not to snatch her from him. Dadi comes to him and tells that Purva is out of danger now. He comes to purva and asks how is she? Purva smiles. He holds her and then says sorry. Pankhudi gets jealous and goes. Alakshmi tells Devi Parvati, you went there and save your bhakt. Parvati asks you wanted to kill Purva. Alakshmi says yes and tells that Pankhudi will go to any extent to fulfill her wish. Vedant and Purva come back home.

florist makes the flowers fall on the mistakenly. Dadi says you did right. She asks her to do a rasam which is done by jija. Later Purva touches the coconut mistakenly. Dadi says it is good as both sister and her husband do this rasam.Pankhudi thinks Vedant shall get angry on Purva, but Vedant takes coconut from her hand smilingly.Vedant comes to Purva. Purva is wearing the ring. He helps her to wear and asks if she is fine. Later Purva comes to Pankhudi and says Sanju loves you a lot and asks her to give much love to him. Pankhudi asks do you think that I will marry Sanju and asks her to go out and hear something.

They call Sanju, but his phone is in the hall. Sumiti says Sanju vanished, Purva is shocked.Devi parvati tells Alakshmi why she is punishing Sanju. Alakshmi says whatever she did is because of me. Sumiti tells that Sanju eloped. Ramesh says he loves Pankhudi and wanted to marry her. Sumiti says her groom eloped. Pankhudi acts to cry. A guest lady comes and hears them. Ramesh asks her to go to guest house. She says she came at right time. Pankhudi tells that she shall die and drinks phenyl. Vedant snatches bottle from her hand. Ramesh says she shall vomit. Pankhudi acts to faint. Vedant says I will bring Sanju. Later Pankhudi asks why did you save me? Vedant says I will bring Sanju.

Pankhudi asks him to go and bring Sanju, says she can bear this insulted life even more. She signs Prurva that she is acting and acts to cries hugging Manjula.Parvati tells Mahadev that Pankhudi is playing with Vedant’s mind again. Narayan says what is written in the destiny will happen. Parvati asks what the destiny will have? Narayan says he will be stuck between love for Purva and responsibility for family. Ramesh, Narendra and Vedant try to find out about him. Manjula cries. Pankhudi is in her room and thinks just 4 hours are left. She says Sanju didn’t know what happened with him. She comes to his bachelor party at home and mixes some drugs in the drink and gives to him.

All his friend leave from home. Sanju faints. Fb ends. Pankhudi feels pity on Sanju and says she has to give next dose to Sanju, else he will start talking about marriage. She takes him out from under the bed to give him injection. Manjula tells Dadi that her son left his would be wife. Vedant says he will bring him.Pankhudi feeling pity on Sanaju and tells that he doesn’t know that what had happened with him. She takes him out of bed and puts some drop in his mouth and pushes him under the bed. Purva comes there and asks where is Sanju? Pankhudi says he must have realized that I don’t love him and that’s why he left.

Purva says I know this is done by you and asks what do you want? Pankhudi says whatever happened with Purva is repeated. She asks her to tell how Purva and Vedant got married. Purva says Rahul left me and Nani threatened to commit suicide and that’s why Vedant married me. Pankhudi says Vedant will do the same thing, as my groom left me. She says Vedant is Raja beta and will marry me to save family respect. Purva says I will tell Vedant everything. Pankhudi asks do you think that he will believe you? Purva says yes, as he likes me. Pankhudi asks her to go and convince Vedant to marry me else I will kill Sanju. Purva comes to Vedant and thinks to tell him.

Vedant says Soham got an info about a guy. Purva thinks may be that guy is Sanju. Pankhudi hypnotizes Sanju with the sammohan ras and takes him out of room while making him wear Saree. Sumiti asks who is she? Pankhudi says her chachi. Sumiti greets her. Pankhudi takes Sanju to hospital and makes him lie in the big trunk. She gives him injection and thinks this medicine is good, first it is used on fraud and then on this Sanju. She locks the trunk and goes. Vedant comes back home and tells Purva that the guy was not Sanju. Purva is about to tell him about Sanju, when Manjula shouts and calls Purva.

Pankhudi tries to stab herself and then emotionally blackmails Vedant asking who will marry an abandoned girl. She asks what? Are you feeling pity on me. He says I am doing my duty and compensating for my brother’s wrong doings, I am saving my family’s prestige. He asks Manjula to get her ready. Pankhudi signs Purva. Purva is shocked.Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that Pankhudi is trying to marry Vedant. Mahadev says Pankhudi loves Vedant. Devi Parvati says Pankhudi’s love is not love as love can’t be selfish. She asks what is in Purva’s destiny.

Mahadev doesn’t tell her. Ramesh comes there and asks Dadi what we will tell the guests if they ask us about Sanju. Dadi says Vedant agreed to marry Pankhudi. Ramesh tells that Vedant’s eyes was on Pankhudi. Purva comes to Vedant and says she wanted to tell him something. Vedant says he knows that Pankhudi got Sanju kidnapped and he agreed to marry her so that she don’t harm him. Purva is shocked. Vedant says here, two people are guilty, one is Pankhudi and other is me. He says you tried to alert me about Pankhudi, but I never believed you. He says he is worried for Sanju and he is his brother, although he don’t regard me as his brother. He says Sanju is his jaan and he has to marry Pankhudi for him. Ramesh hears them. Manjula makes Pankhudi ready and feels bad for Sanju’s doings.

Pankhudi says I didn’t know that he will do this. Purva comes there and sends Manjula to get ready. She asks Pankhudi about Sanju. Pankhudi says she will tell about him after her marriage with Vedant. She says he is alive and taking breath. Purva comes to Vedant and tells him everything. Vedant says he must be in the hospital. Purva says she will go and check. Vedant asks her to come fast, says if she comes late then he has to marry Pankhudi which he don’t want. Purva starts walking and stops, asks him to let her go, I am doing this for myself as I can’t bear to see your marriage happening with someone . She turns and finds her dupatta stuck. Vedant frees it.


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