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The good son 24 September 2021: Vedant along with the murderers of Purva lift Purva’s dead body and take to the crematorium ground. Vedant cries. All the ladies also go there. He takes the water pot and takes rounds around the pyre and drops the pot. He imagines Purva’s smiling face. He recalls Purva telling him that they will be together now. He covers cloth on her face and gives fire to her body.

Everyone cries. Sad song plays…..Pankhudi recalls her words and shouts Purva di. Vedant recalls Purva making him wear medal and their moments…Soham asks Vedant to come. Vedant says I want to be here for sometime. Ramesh asks DSP, how can he leave him alone and says he aimed gun at us in the house. DSP Soham says anyone would have done the same thing what Vedant did in this situation and says he is leaving two constables here. Pankhudi cries hugging Manjula. Narendra asks Dadi to have strength and asks her to come. Dadi says I will not leave my Vedant alone in this time. Manjula says Vedant has more pain than us for losing Purva, we shall leave him alone.

Ramesh asks Rahul and Sanju to keep eye on Vedant and be there. Sanju says Papa is right, we shall be here. Vedant talks to the God and says you see everything from the sky, guilty and innocent and good and bad, asks if he was seeing tamasha when murderer killed her. He says he has only relation with Purva with all his heart and today she is also snatched from him. He says Dadi tells that you are here and tells that he don’t want to live now. Sanju and Rahul look at him.

Sanju says what he is saying? Vedant picks some wood logs kept there and says I don’t want to live this suffocated life. He keeps the wood logs to burn himself. Sanju gets worried. Rahul says he is going to become sati and says for the first time he will get to see this. Sanju says this is not right, I shall inform Papa. Rahul says let him die, we don’t have to plan anything in future. Sanju looks at Vedant. Vedant burns the wood logs kept at the bottom and sits on it.

The fire is about to catch him. Sanju calls Ramesh and says good news, you will be happy. He says Vedant burnt himself on the pyre. Rahul laughs. Ramesh says last thorn is also gone. Sanju says we will leave now and says constables might come here. Manjula hears him and asks what is that thorn? Ramesh says Sanju called and said that thorn pierced on Sanju’s foot and asks her to ask Sanju. Vedant cries badly.

Dadi is sitting in the inhouse temple and tells that they will not light the diya for 4 days. She asks God to relieve Vedant’s pain. Manjula says don’t know how Vedant will live without Purva. Dadi says I used to say that mera vedant haina, but God snatched his only relation and asks him to protect Vedant. Vedant cries and says if our end is written in this way, then I am ending my life given by you.

Vedant is seated on the pyre and tells God that he is ending his meaningless life, if his and Purva’s end is written in this way. Constables are sitting outside the crematorium ground and don’t see him.

In above the sky, Parvati is shown who comes to Mahadev and tells that this is injustice with shravan kumar like Vedant who stood like a banyan tree sheltering everyone. Mahadev says this is destiny and was decided. Paravati says but people will lost trust on God now. Mahadev smiles. Parvati says what kind of injustice is this? Mahadev says God never lets injustice happen with good people and asks did you see properly what happened? The sky gets cloudy and rain starts. Vedant opens his eyes and is angry. Mahadev asks Parvati why she is not happy? Parvati says this

life is meaningless without happiness. She asks him to do something. Mahadev says I am busy and have much work. Parvati says I am not interfering in your work and asks him to help Vedant. She says she can’t see wrong happening with Vedant and will do something. She says if her son Ganesh would have been here then she would have taken his help. Vedant tries to make the wood pyre again. Goddess Parvati asks what is he doing with wet wood logs.

He says he is making arrangements for his funeral. She asks him to live. Vedant says what shall I do now. Parvati says may be the justice time came and that’s why the pyre is burnt even after you burnt it. He asks how do you know. She says you want justice. Vedant says whatever I do, I will get hurt and my Purva will not be back. Parvati asks him not stop and says destination is not far. Vedant asks what you are doing here and turns towards her. She finds her vanishing and gets surprised.

Sanju tells Soham that Vedant committed suicide on the pyre. Rahul says we have seen with our eyes. Soham says but Vedant. Ramesh says he was so wise, but don’t know what had happened to him, first he killed his wife and then committed suicide. Soham says Vedant is alive and surrendered himself. Ramesh is shocked to see him alive in the lock up. He acts and says thank god, my Vedant is fine. He comes out and slaps Sanju and Rahul for giving wrong news. Sanju says but he will be jailed. Rahul says he will be hanged for the murder.

Mahadev comes to Parvati and shows the fruits which their bhakts have given. Parvati tells that Vedant has said right that even if the justice happens then also he will be hurt. She asks him to make Purva alive again. He says he can’t goes against destiny. She insists him to make his life happy and asks him to give karmaphal to Vedant as he took blessings of people all his life. Mahadev says we will think how his karmaphal changes his destiny, but first you have food. She says I will not have food until you make his life fine. He says I will see what to do so that destiny doesn’t change and Vedant’s life gets better.

Constable informs Vedant that someone came to meet him. Pankhudi comes there and tells that she knows that he is innocent and tells that she was the one who planned everything. Vedant says then you must have known that who has killed Purva. Pankhudi says Rahul and says police thinks that he can’t kill her as he loves her. Vedant says then can I kill her? Soham comes and gives postmortem report to him. He says she died at 8:10 pm.

Vedant says I was in the market at that time and tells that he was in the shop at that time. Pankhudi says she will go and get the proofs. Vedant says I don’t need anyone’s help. Soham asks her to take Pankhudi’s help. Pankhudi goes. Soham says if she is lying then. Vedant tells that today Purva’s sister have come and he is sure to find the proofs, tells that a lady helped him with courageous words. Mahadev asks Parvati if she is happy now. He says justice will happen. Pankhudi comes to the house. Sanju comes there and asks her to marry him in court. Pankhudi gets angry and slaps him. She asks if he really loves her then come with him to search proofs against the murderer. Sanju gets tensed. She says I know that Dr. Vedant is innocent. She says if you can’t help me then don’t talk nonsense.

He says Pankhu. She says she made dangerous plan, but her sister’s murder was not included in it. She says she will catch the murderer and if she comes to know that he and Ramesh are involved then…She goes. Sanju comes to Ramesh and gets slapped by him. Ramesh asks why didn’t you stop her? Sanju says she had already slapped me. Ramesh says if she gets any proofs then vedant will be saved and we will be jailed.

Manjula comes to meet Vedant and says Soham told him about that lady. She asks him not to let the mashaal set off. She says do you know why I call Ramesh as Sanju’s Papa. Vedant says I know your helplessness. Manjula says She is proud to be called as his mother. She says you will return Sanjeevani Sadan very soon. Vedant says returning without Purva, my family will be incomplete.

Manjula telling Vedant that very soon he will return to Sanjeevani Sadan. He says my family will be incomplete without Purva. Pankhudi comes to the shop and asks if he came to your shop 2 days back and shows Vedant’s pic. Shop keeper says his time is wasting. She asks for CCTV footage and gives him money. She sees the CCTV footage and takes it. Ramesh tells Sanju that Pankhudi might reach them through Rahul and says he will ask him to go out of city.

Sanju says then Pankhudi will doubt on us. Ramesh attacks Sanju with a knife and cuts his wrist. He then calls Pankhudi and asks if she had any fight with Sanju that he cut his nerve. Pankhudi asks what? She comes there. Ramesh asks her if they have any fight. Gomti comes there and asks why Sanju cut his nerve. Pankhudi tells

that Sanju was eager to marry so they had a fight. She says she has proofs that Vedant is innocent. Ramesh takes her to room. Sanju acts to cry and tells her that this is his proof of love. Pankhudi asks what is this childishness. While she bandages his hand, Ramesh steals the pendrive proof from her purse. Devi Parvati tells Shiv ji that again proof is getting stolen and says I will help my bhakt.

Shivji says you can, but you can’t use your divine powers on the earth. She goes to the Police station in a cotton saree.
A lady constable scolds her and asks her to have shame to steal in this age. Devi Parvati sees Vedant writing Purva’s name on the ground and says it is good that you didn’t give your life that day hearing my words, and heard your heart talks. He says human’s trust shows him a miracle which he never thought of and asks him to trust as whatever actually happens don’t really exist.

Vedant stands up. The lady constable asks her to come to talk to the Inspector and tells that she was caught stealing the mobile phone. Devi Parvati tells that she is innocent and asks them to check the purse. Inspector asks constable to arrest her. Parvati says Mahadev tied her hands by giving her such condition. Mahadev comes there as the commoner and tells that he found his phone and the lady didn’t steal his phone. Lady constable asks why did you run then? She says fear. Inspector asks them to go. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look at Vedant and leave.

Ramesh asks everyone to come to court. Dadi says I will pray for Vedant. Ramesh asks will you pray for the murderer in Babu ji’s temple. Manjula says my son is not a thief and it will be proved in the first hearing itself. Sanju asks Ramesh if the proof is cleared. Mahadev asks Parvati if she is relieved that her bhakt is content after meeting you. She asks him what is going to happen? He says he can’t give answers to him. Vedant is brought to Soham.

Pankhudi gives pendrive to Vedant and says it is the shop CCTV footage where you was buying marriage stuff. Vedant thanks her and then thanks Soham for keeping his case hearing in private court and saving his family respect.

In the court room, Ramesh’s lawyer tells that Pankhudi reached the house and saw Vedant may be trying to hang Purva. He says Vedant was jealous and killed her. Vedant’s lawyer tells that he wants to show the CCTV footage, but the pendrive was not working. Pankhudi says it was working since yesterday, I checked it. Devi Parvati asks Mahadev to do something. Mahadev says some miracle is going to happen. Ramesh’s lawyer tells that there was no proof that he was not in Purva’s house. Sanju appreciates Ramesh. Manjula tells Dadi what happened suddenly. Dadi says my grand son is innocent. Mahadev tells Parvati that seems like she is going to do something for her bhakt. A girl is seen walking to Sanjeevani Sadan and rings the bell. Gomti asks who is she? The girl asks where is Vedant? Gomti says he is in court for the hearing as he killed his wife Purva. The girl gets shocked and runs out. The prosecution lawyer asks Judge to punish Vedant for his crimes.

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