These streets update friday 24 September 2021


These streets 24 September 2021: Nevi mixes something into paro’s milk. Bua comes there. Nevi says you. SHe says why so shocked? You in kitchen? She says it is a special day. Shan is released. Everyone was so tensed. SO I decided I will take care of Shan always. Beauty is keeping an eye on them. Moushmi comes and takes the tea. Nevi says I will take the milk for Shan.

Asmita calls Ridoy. She says where are you? He says out. Se says I wanted to talk to you. It was a bit urgent. He says I liked that you called me. I am sorry for when I ose my mind but I really love you. Asmita hangs up. Asmita says I have to tell RIdoy everything.

Nevi gives paro milk. She says take this. Beauty comes and takes the glass. She says you wont drink it. Nevi says why. Neel says beauty have you lost your mind? Beauty says

this nevi is a devil too. She might be jealous of Paro’s child. She can harm the baby. Nevi says what are you saying. WHy would I do this. Beauty says don’t do this drama. Nevi says she is like a daughter to me. I am very excited for her.

Beauty says you want ridoy to be father before shan. So you did all this to kill Paro’s child. Asmita wonders what is going on. She wonders this could be true too.
Nevi says Paro do you trust me? They both fight. Beauty says if you are so right then drink this milk. Beauty says drink it. Nevi is crying. Nevi says why sould I prove myself? Beauty says asmita ask your MIL to drink it. Asmita says prove her wrong mama drink it please. Nevi says why would I drink it. NEvi says I wont.

. Asmita says pease drink it and show her that you didn’t do anything. Shan takes the glass and says enough. You can’t insult my mom like this. I trust her completely. I am going to drink it. Asmita says Shan breaks the glass in anger. He says I am fine. I didn’t die. Nevi hugs shan and says they were accusing me. Shan says never dare saying anything to my mom before. Paro says my child was in danger before too. Shan says my mama wasn’t responsible for it. If you want to live in this house don’t dare saying a word against mama. Asmita says to Paro don’t worry. I am with you. Asmita says so what? Anyone can be wrong even if that’s your mom. Shan says my mom can never do anything wrong.

Jamai says to Nevi after what beauty did if anything happens to paro they will doubt you. She says I will take care of my paro so much that they wont believe. That child will die tomorrow. This pooja is for Shan’s release.




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