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The Good son 27 September 2021:  The Prosecution Lawyer asking Judge to give the verdict and punish the guilty. Dadi prays to God and asks him to do some miracle and save Vedant. A girl is seen coming to the court running. Judge is about to tell the verdict and tells that Vedant is guilty of killing his wife.

The good son 24 September 2021

The girl comes there and asks Judge to stop, asks him to ask her, whose murder case is going on. Judge asks who are you? The girl tells that she is Mrs. Purva Vedant Tripathi. Everyone gets up shockingly. The girl tells that she is Vedant’s wife and Tripathi family. Everyone is shocked. Judge asks everyone to sit and asks the lawyers if she is Purva. Prosecution Lawyer says Purva is dead and her pic is in the file. Ramesh asks Vedant whom he brought to win the case. Vedant tells Judge that he don’t know this girl. The girl says I am your Purva. Vedant says I have done Purva’s last rites with my hands. The girl says she is Purva, his wife. Judge says only the persons related to case can speak here. The girl says who is more concerned than me. Judge shows her pic and says this was Purva Tripathi.

The girl says look at my face, I am Purva Tripathi. Judge asks lawyer to show her mirror. Lawyer shows her mirror and says she was Purva. The girl sees the pic and faints. Sumiti says gomti missed the entertainment. Sanju says my head is shaking up. Ramesh says this is what Vedant wanted. Manjula asks what is it? Dadi says this is Ram’s leela.

Mahadev talks to Parvati and asks she is tensed seeing her own doings. Parvati says you are not telling me what is going to happen now. He says your doings will not affect only your bhakt, but other people also. She asks do you think that I did this without thinking. Mahadev says he wants to see her miracle.

Lawyer says we shall not waste time and move on towards the verdict. Judge says verdict will be given after hearing her words. Lady constable sprinkles water on the girl’s face and she gains consciousness. Judge asks her to come to witness box and say. Lawyer asks about her name. The girl says Mrs. Purva Vedant Tripathi. He asks what is your full name? she says her name was Purva mishra before marriage and tells that she doesn’t know who has changed her face and clothes.

She says she gained consciousness in the backyard of nani’s house. She says she rushed home and met Gomti bua at home. She says Gomti bua said that Vedant is here so she came. Lawyer asks how she knows Gomti? The girl says Gomti is Vedant’s bua. Ramesh gets up and tells that Vedant is doing this drama to be saved from the punishment. Vedant says she is not my Purva. Judge asks her to leave and she is getting thrown out by the constable. The girl tells that she has the proofs. She comes to the witness box and tells that she knows one thing about him which only a wife can know and tells about the mole on his back. Vedant says I don’t know. Lawyer checks and says there is a mole on his back. Vedant says she is not my wife. She insists to talk to Vedant for 5 mins. Vedant refuses, but Judge gives her permission.

In the room, Vedant tells her that he didn’t forget Purva’s face. The girl tells him that when she was pregnant and want to have corn. You took a U turn and took me to have corn. She tells that once you caught me staring at you while you was combing your hairs. She says that day you don’t want to go to hospital and was romantic.

A fb is shown for the same. Vedant is about to go. The girl says whatever we see is not truth always. Vedant recalls the woman saying the same thing. The girl says we have loved and felt each other, just hear your heart. Constable comes and says time is over.

Judge asks Vedant, what do you think hearing her words? He says your statement is very important for this case. He asks if this girl is your wife Purva Tripathi. Gomti asks Sumiti what Vedant will say. Vedant looks at the girl and thinks of Purva, gets emotional. He recalls doing her last rites and gets teary eyes. Judge asks him to tell. Vedant says no, I don’t know this girl. Rahul smiles. Public prosecutor also smiles. Vedant says my Purva is dead, this is not my Purva, she can’t return.

Judge asking Vedant if she is his wife Purva Tripathi. Vedant says no, I don’t know this girl. He says my Purva is dead and cries. He says my Purva can’t come back. Ramesh smiles. Devi Parvati asks Mahadev why human don’t believe and doubt. Mahadev says doubt is good as the person reaches the right thing by confirming from his doubt. He says it is the best strength of human. Judge tells the girl that Vedant refused to believe her and asks her to leave from the court room. The girl says if I am not Purva then how do I know about everyone, not just Vedant.

She says Dadi keeps badam halwa bhog for Krishna Bhagwan. She says Sumiti Chachi is found of collecting Silver coins, Gomti Bua reads matrimonial advertisements in Rohini Magazine and Maa taught me stitching when I was pregnant. Everyone is shocked to know that she knows about them.

The prosecution lawyer tells that Vedant has taught her really well about everyone. The girl says he might have taught about others, but what about my sister Pankhu. She makes Pankhudi remember a childhood incident when she closed the door and Pankhudi’s fingers were hurt so she promised to do her homework for a week. Pankhudi gets up shockingly.

The girl asks if she still remembers. Pankhudi says yes and tells that this is Purva di and my secret and nobody knows about this. Judge says ok, we will believe for sometime that you are Purva and asks who tried to kill you. The girl says Vedant was with me that day and we were together. We were taking about starting our life afresh. A fb is shown. Vedant recalls her conversation with Purva. The girl says that Vedant went out saying he will be back, when I was about to closed the door, someone came and argued with me. Then he attacked me. Judge asks whom? The girl says Rahul. Everyone turns and looks at Rahul. Rahul is shocked.

Prosecution lawyer tells that the murderer is staying here and waiting to get caught by fake Purva. The girl tells that Rahul tried to kill her by suffocating her neck with her pallu and tells that when she gained consciousness, she found out in the garden near to Nani’s house. Everyone is shocked. She tells that her face and voice are changed, but she is Purva. Judge tells that he is giving sometime to her so that she can prove her truth in the court.

Defense lawyer asks Judge to give bail to Vedant. Prosecution lawyer tells that he shall not be let free as even if she is Purva then someone died in that house. DSP Soham shows the pic to Judge in which Vedant is seen buying something in the market shop. Judge tells that innocent shall not be punished even if 100 criminals are freed. He asks Police to investigate the case and accepts Vedant’s bail.

He tells that the next case hearing will be after 6 weeks and asks Police to investigate the case. Soham requests the Judge to let Vedant and the girl stay in Sanjeevani Sadan. Ramesh gets up shockingly. Judge accepts and asks head of the Sanjeevani Sadan to take care. Dadi nods her head.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that this is happening what they thought. Mahadev says still 6 weeks are remaining. She says we can show him the way, but he has to walk on the destination. She asks what destination he will take?

Ramesh asks Dadi not to agree to Judge’s decision and says he is not God. Dadi says she will let her stay here and want to give her a chance. Ramesh says once someone is dead, can’t return and asks her to make Manjula understand. Manjula says she wants to welcome this girl as she saved her son Vedant, even if she is not Purva.

Ramesh asks how dare you? Dadi says she is the bahu of the house and has the right. She says you don’t have the mind, else you wouldn’t have talked to your wife like that. She does Vedant and the girl’s aarti. Vedant goes to his room. Gomti asks the girl by what name, they shall call her. The girl says Purva. Sumiti says purva was someone else. The girl says truth will be out very soon and then you will call me purva.

Vedant talks to Purva’s pic and says he has done her last rites and can still feel the warmth of fire. The girl comes there and says it is wrong to mourn for the alive person. She says I know that you love her a lot and tells that she also loves him and tells that she is Purva. Vedant says I am not a fool and has mind. She says you are thinking by heart only and holds his hand. She asks him to close his eyes once and asks himself if she is his Purva or not. Vedant closes his eyes and thinks of Purva and him. He opens his eyes and leaves the girl’s hand. He says I can’t stay with you in this room and goes out. The girl thinks how to prove the truth, how?

Vedant goes out and sits down on the bench. Suddenly an apple falls down. Devi Parvati comes there in disguise and asks him to handover apple to her. Vedant picks the apple and looks at her. She says you got released from jail and asks why did you come here. She asks him to go home and see the truth. Vedant thinks and looks at there, to ask how she knows and finds her gone. He thinks how she knows about it?

The girl looks at her face and appearance and thinks how to prove myself. Whose face is this? A masked man comes there and says I want to know who are you and what is your reality? He holds her neck while she struggles to free herself. Vedant comes home while the masked man has kept his hand on her mouth. Vedant looks at the window from downstairs and doesn’t hear anything.

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