The Evil Eye Update Monday 22 March 2021

The Evil Eye 22 March 2021: Ansh beats Karan. Karak uses his wings to fly in air. Flashback recalls how Mohana had feather, its because Karan has wings. He lifts Ansh in air and throws him on floor. Karan says I will make you stone like Piya and Adi. Ansh gets up and punches him hard. He says you will make Piya and Adi fine right now, he grabs him and says make them fine. Mohana comes there and grabs Ansh using her braid. She smirks.

Vedsheree sees Mohana’s hair. She puts it in her hair. Vedsheree says Ansh cant fight them alone so I will stop Mohana. She cuts her wrist. Mohana lifts Ansh in air and smirks at Karan. Mohana’s wrist cuts because of Vedsheree. Vedsheree keep cutting herself. Family ask her to stop it. Vedsheree says I cant do anything for my son. Mohana thinks Vedsheree is doing this so I will do it too. She cuts her hand too. Vedsheree gets cut too. Vedsheree says Mohana is becoming weak. Mohana grabs Piya’s and Adi’s stone and throw them away.

Nishant asks family about Karan, Chitali says he said he will do pooja under sky and before sun down. Nishant says you have Karan’s necklace? Vedsheree says yes. Mohana says to Karan that Piya and Adi had to leave. Ansh runs from there behind them. Karan sees his wife Mansi and Munna alive. He runs to them and hugs them. Karan says I love you. Mohana takes Munna and hugs him. Karan says I told you I will bring you back. Mansi smirks and grabs his feathers, he screams in pain.Nishant lights diyas and says we will know where Karan is using this. He uses his necklace around water, fire, sand and air. His necklace light up at fire.

Mansi takes witch avatar and says to Karan that I married you because of your fathers. Mohana says I sent Mansi to you so she can get feathers for you but Piya’s mother made her of stone. Karan says it means Piya was right, you both are witches and fooled me, I cheated my family. Mohana says I told your family that you died at time of birth, you were disabled so I threw you in river to die but you got saved and had feathers so I sent Mansi to you, Mansi says I married you so I could get your wings. Mohana asks Karan to give his wings. He says no but faints.

Sanam sits in a ritual and eats sweets. Band comes there. Naman starts dancing with them. Dilruba thinks she wants me to dance like a chudail but I wont. Saanvi asks Naman to make your wife dance too. He asks Sanam to dance and show them you are great. Dilruba looks away. Naman says she is shy. Saanvi takes bag and starts leaving. Naman goes behind her.Mohana asks Karan to give his wings to her, he says no and faints. She is about to take his wings but Vedsheree and family comes there and points arrow at her. Mohana says you are all late and cant stop me. She tells Mansi to deal with them first. Nishant throws patal liquid at her but Mohana moves away from him. Mohana and Mansi grab family and tie them using their braids.

Ansh comes to gold statue of Piya and Adi. He sees waterfall nearby.Mohana says to family that I should have you killed you all way before. Vedsheree says you didnt even leave your sons, dont you dare touch them. Mohana says you all have to die now. She ties them more. Vedsheree screams that my son will come.. my son.. Karan wakes up and looks on. Ansh comes there with Piya and Adi too. Ansh asks Mohana to leave them and says I forgave you everytime but now justice will happen. He comes infront of Mohana. Mohana leaves family and starts attacking Mohana. Mansi asks Karan if he is hurt? Karan says even my mother cheated me so I dont expect anything from you. Mansi says your eyes tell me that you love me so you wont kill me, give me your wings. Nishant throws arrow at Mansi and grabs her using his rope. Karan smiles.

Ansh grabs Mohana’s braid and says you are fighting a davansh, I cant kill you because of my upbringing. Karan says I can kill her because I have pain and reason too. He creates wound on his hand, patal liquid falls out. He uses it to tie Mohana to a tree. Chitali says what about Adi and Piya? Ansh says we will find a way. Karan says there is no need. Saanvi is making a liquid. Naman comes there and asks what she is upto? Saanvi says chudali lives here. Naman says thank you for arranging this party but if you cant see my happiness then leave.

Karan says to family that I am sorry, I did wrong with you all, I am not a good son like Ansh. Vedsheree says atleast we found you, we will live together now. Karan says to Ansh that I did so bad with you. Ansh says it was not your mistake, Mohana provoked you, you are not going anywhere, you will live with us as a family. Karan says I have to go now. Ansh hugs him and says you are not going anywhere. Shekhar says you are part of our family.

Karan says my family is this.. he looks at Mansi and says she is mother of my kid, I love her so I cant let her go away. He throws gold sand at himself, Mansi and his kid. They all become of stone. Piya and Adi become alive again. Vedsheree and everyone hug them. Ansh sadly looks at Karan.

Naman comes to party and says Maa? Guru Maa dresses up and starts dancing on owa owa.. tumse pyar and laughs like a chudail. Naman is stunned to see her and says she became chudail? He runs to Saanvi.Nishant brings Karan’s and his family’s statue to his casket room. He locks them in caskets and says they are safe now. Ansh says we have to find a way to bring Karan and Krish back, he says he is always with me. Nishant says Mohana is powerful so patal liquid cant stop her for much time. Ansh says she doesnt have a place in my house anymore.Naman brings Saanvi to party and says to Guru Maa that you are a chudail. Guru Maa slaps him and says I am your mother. Naman says you are my Amma but who was dancing like a chudail?

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