Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 23 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 23 March 2021: starts with Abir saying Kunal is here. Nanu asks Abir what happened. Abir jokes to explain Nanu. Nanu says this game is difficult, just tell me. Abir asks him to bless everyone as old people go. Nanu asks Parul to give the ring to Kunal. Parul smiles and goes to give the ring to Kunal. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays… Kunal makes Kuhu wear the ring. Everyone claps. Abir does shayari and sees Mishti. Abir and Mishti smile seeing each other. Varsha gives the ring to Kuhu. Kuhu makes Kunal wear the ring. Everyone claps. Kuhu says I trust you. Kunal says thank you. Abir says congratulations. Nanu says today in Kunal’s engagement, I have reaized that I m getting old, I don’t know how much I will live with you all. Abir says you always do drama. Nanu says I want to see
everyone happy, I want the sangeet to be so grand that I remember it in heaven, who will fulfill my last wish.

Sacred Relationship 22 March 2021

Abir says we will do this even if you don’t say. Nanu says I want Mishti and Abir to take responsibility of this Sangeet. He unites their hands. Everyone smiles. Meenakshi worries. Mishti sees the bangle and recalls Abir. She messages him that she is sorry. Abir calls her. She says video call and sits to answer. She says I should have not talked to Kunal that way. He says its okay, Kunal has to understand that you did this for family, I wish you were friends with Kunal. She asks is this your question. He says no, I will think and ask. She says Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage should happen now. Kunal and Kuhu have coffee. He says thanks for trusting me. She says I was very scared on seeing her, when that gold digger was coming to you and you pushed her, it was my life’s best moment, I m sure you aren’t cheating me. Meenakshi messages him and asks did you talk to her. Kuhu asks what happened. He says someone is threatening me, when you left, Shweta forcibly hugged me, someone is blackmailing me that person will leak the photos, that I m still involved with my ex. He shows the pics. Kuhu gets shocked. He says I swear, she forced herself on me, Abir was there, you can ask him. She says no one knows about Shweta, it will be a big problem, who is doing this. He says Mishti. She says impossible, she loves Rajshri and Vishwamber a lot, she won’t do anything such, she fought for our relation.

He says I knew you won’t believe me. He gets a call from Abir. Abir asks where are you, I was worried because of Shweta. Kunal puts call on speaker. Kunal says I m not upset because of Shweta. Abir asks are you upset because of Mishti, she loves Kuhu a lot, maybe she was scare seeing Shweta. Kunal says I will come home. He ends call and says Mishti scolded me. Kuhu says she wasn’t scared for us. Kunal says we have to make Abir believe us, Mishti is threatening me, I made her apologize to mom, she is taking revenge, how are we going to prove this, those emails… She says I can check and confirm the mails. He says no, she won’t send emails by her id. She asks what is it, you fought with Shweta for me. He says its risky job. She asks what is it.
Parul comes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi disconnects call. She takes medicines and asks are you happy now, Kunal got engaged. Parul nods and says I have seen your choices changing, how did you change for Kuhu, you don’t like her, how did you agree, have you really accepted this relation, I just want to say that I really like Kuhu, Kunal and Kuhu make a great pair but you don’t like them. Meenakshi asks her to be clear.

Parul says I felt that…you are trying to break this relation, don’t do this, let Kunal settle down. Meenakshi says you think I m Kunal’s enemy, I love Abir and not Kunal, you don’t forget that Kunal is my son, I can do anything for my son’s happiness. Parul says I know. Meenakshi says then don’t talk such things, shut the door when you leave. Parul goes. Shweta says that guy will need money first. money.
Meenakshi says you will get money to give him, ask him to do as I say. Kuhu says no way. Kunal says you love me right, you can do this. Shweta meets a guy. Kuhu sees Mishti sleeping and types a mail. She says I m feeling scared. Mishti asks Kuhu not to make noise. Rajshri comes and asks Mishti to wake up. Mishti says no, let me sleep. Rajshri asks what shall I tell Abir, he is waiting for you, he told that you have to go for sangeet preparations, fine if you want to sleep. Mishti says I will come in ten mins. Rajshri says what happened to her suddenly. Jasmeet asks Abir to eat more. Abir says no, I m not hungry. Jasmeet says you have become thin, have food, I have a good idea, sangeet should have bhaangra dance. Abir says I will tell Mishti. She says she won’t listen to me as I call her an outsider. Rajshri asks her not to trouble Abir. Vishwamber blesses Abir and asks him to make some great plan.

Abir sees Mishti coming and smiles. Vishwamber says I want everyone to smile. Abir says I want the same. Varsha says there is a package for you. Vishwamber checks. He reads the pics will reach newspapers tomorrow. They get shocked seeing Shweta and Kunal’s pics. He asks what’s all this, who is this girl, tell me. Abir says Kunal was going to get engaged to her last year. Vishwamber asks engagement? Rajshri says Kunal was wearing these clothes yesterday, who is this girl. Abir says I will tell you. Mishti says let Abir finish talking first. Jasmeet says someone is calling Kuhu a wife and other one a mistress. Vishwamber says we have to find out, I will call Shaurya. Abir calls and says someone is trying to defame my family, I need your contacts. Mishti says who is doing this.

Kuhu saying this girl is Shweta, she calls herself Shwet. Vishwamber asks Kunal about Shweta. Shaurya says police has called a hacker, I shall go and find out. Vishwamber stops Abir and asks why didn’t you tell us. Meenakshi and Nanu come. Kunal says its my mistake, it was my decision to hide this, I didn’t want Shweta to win, she won again. Meenakshi says no, the newspapers shouldn’t print it. Vishwamber says we don’t care for it, we care for Kuhu’s happiness. Meenakshi says Kuhu knew it, Kunal told her, we thought Kuhu has told you. Mishti says I told Kunal that we should inform everyone. Varsha asks why didn’t you say. Abir says I spoke to big newspapers, they won’t publish, but any small magazine may publish it. Meenakshi says we can’t stay idle.
Vishwamber says who can do such a cheap thing, who could have clicked these pics and sent to us.

She says you invited the guests, you think well, who could benefit from this. Shaurya gets the hacker and says he will tell me. The guy says someone had sent me the mail, he asked me to send pics to everyone, I can identify the sender. Kunal asks who can do this except Shweta. Meenakshi says maybe some business rival. The man says its Mishti’s email id. Kuhu says its your email id. Mishti says I know. Kunal says you scolded me a lot, are you taking revenge. Meenakshi says I need an answer from Mishti. Mishti says if I have to answer today, I will also get an answer, do you think that I can do this. Vishwamber and Rajshri sign no. Kunal says but email is sent by your id. Varsha says you always lie, you kept lying and made Kuhu and Kunal lie. Mishti says if you accepted I m wrong, what will you do by hearing my answer. Abir asks did you send the email, I want to know, you had to answer my question. Mishti says no, I didn’t send any emails, this is my family, my sister is going to get married, I m that girl whose parents abandoned her, none knows the importance of family better than I do, I can never think of hurting this family.Abir says it means she didn’t do it.

Meenakshi says we aren’t accusing her, this guy has told this. Vishwamber says you are right, we didn’t accuse her, but none said that Mishti can’t do this, outsiders can just hurt us but it hurts when family doesn’t trust. Abir says we should find out who did this, you have to make this news from going on, tell us who actually did this, mail was sent from Mishti’s account, who is trying to trap her, why would someone want us to fight, is that Mrs. Parekh, this family is Kunal’s would be inlaws, I don’t accept my family’s insult. Mishti smiles. Abir says Mishti, I promise you, I will find that person. Kuhu worries. Abir says you all don’t worry. Mishti hugs Rajshri.

Nanu says we all know Mishti can’t do this. Meenakshi asks him to sit in the car. She sees Kuhu behind. She asks Kunal does he love Shweta. He asks why are you asking this. She says if you want to marry Shweta, I won’t stop you. He says I think you are upset, go home, I will talk to you at home. She says I m with you if you change your decision in marriage mandap. He nods. She leaves. He turns and sees Kuhu. She asks why didn’t you answer her. He thinks did mum do this deliberately. Varsha says I know you don’t want to break this marriage but it was break because of you, forget your ego. Mishti says I was never egoistic, it was just self respect, I lost that too, I lied to everyone for this alliance, Kunal’s family doesn’t know me, you are my family. Varsha says you should support us, can’t you support us as we support you always. Rajshri says we couldn’t support her today, if Kuhu was blamed today, would we sit quiet, Mishti was left alone despite having a family, I m sorry. Mishti cries and hugs her. She says family doesn’t apologize, I will find the person who did this and I will come to Varsha first, its my promise.

Kunal says you said you trust me, it was a lie. Kuhu says your mom asked you if you want to marry Shweta. He says my mom was against our relation, Mishti interrupted her, so she felt that Shweta is better than this alliance. She asks do you love Shweta. He says no, I don’t love her, you can’t trust me. She says I trusted you, I have sent those mails and pic from Mishti’s email on your saying, your mom is threatening me, I will tell my mum that this is happening because Mishti likes Abir. Kunal says calm down and hugs her. Mishti hits on the hacker guy’s head. She says get up, you have hacked my email, tell me. Abir stops her and says people are watching. Mishti says I will send your pic to media. The guy says I didn’t hack anything. Abir says you have to tell us the truth, who came to you. The guy says no one, I just got an email. Mishti says he is lying. Abir says stop Mishti, can I see that email. Abir checks and says how can this happen when Mishti didn’t send the email. The guy says maybe someone has madam’s password. Abir asks who has your password. Mishti says no one. Kunal says don’t get hyper.

Kuhu asks how, our marriage is in ten days, can’t we keep Mishti and Abir’s matter aside, I promise I won’t support Mishti, stop this unnecessary battle against Mishti. He says no, if mom comes to know this…. this can’t happen, when Abir is with Mishti, he doesn’t know what he says, Mishti would have trapped him if this drama didn’t happen, you are going to become my life partner, will you help me. Kuhu says I will always help you. Meenakshi recalls Abir’s words. Kunal comes and says you took Shweta’s name, Kuhu was going to tell her mom. She asks how will we save Abir. He says don’t worry because of Mishti. She gets emotional. Kunal says calm down, I will tell Kuhu… She says Kuhu is of no use, we have to save Abir. He gets a call and says meeting at this time, okay. She says go and attend the meeting. He goes. She cries.



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