The Evil Eye Update Sunday 21 March 2021


The Evil Eye 21 March 2021: Karan brings Piya and Adi to a place. Piya says why are we here? Karan says so we are not under sky directly. Piya says I dont remember anything. Karan says you slept, you are here to help me right? we cant wait for Ansh, we have to do pooja before sun goes down.Nishant comes to Ansh’s house and sees everyone of stone. He says I am sure Mohana is helping Karan, they are together in this scheme, I have to find Ansh. He sees witch tree around them and says I have to do something.

Piya tells Karan that they can start ritual. She tries to go behind him but sees peacock feather in her saree pallu. She stands beside Karan infront of caskets.Nishant makes a potion and says I dont have much time. He throws potion at family. They become alive again. Avi says Nishant? Vedsheree recalls Mohana’s words that Adi and Piya wont be safe now, you all stay here. She says Piya and Adi are in danger.Karan recalls Nishant’s words that he can use sand on person to get his wife and son back. He says can we start? Piya says Ansh promised you to help you and I will fulfill his promise. Karan thinks I am sorry Ansh, I didnt want to do this but I am a father too.

Nishant says to family that is there anything of Karan here? Chitali shows Karan’s locket which has Mansi and Krish’s photo, who is their family. Nishant says this will help me in stopping him.Piya and Adi stands infront of caskets. Karan takes out gold sand and is about to throw at them but trees cover Adi and Piya.Nishant is making start on table. He says this star will create fire around Karan then Adi and Piya will be safe. Vedsheree stops star from burning, all look on.Dilruba says I have to act like Sanam as then Saanvi wont spare me. She sees imli outside window and says I need this. She runs from there.

Vedsheree says to Nishant that Karan is my son too. Nishant says he is selfish, he doesnt love you, he just want his family back. Vedsheree says time and situation made him bitter but he is good, stop Mohana and not him, she is behind all this. Nishant says he can make Piya and Adi of stone, we have to stop him. Shekhar says we dont want Adi and Piya in danger too, we just want them all safe includ ing Karan, he is son of my brother. Chitali says Karan fooled us, he should be punished. Avi says Piya and Adi are in danger.


Naman comes to room and sees Sanam missing from bed. Dilruba is flying air. Naman turns and sees a bat there. He says get lost. He looks around for Sanam.
Dilruba is eating imli from outside. Naman is looking in room for Sanam and says where is she? Dilruba comes there as Sanam. Naman says you went out?Saanvi tells Guru Maa that Sanam is a chudail, I saw marks on floor, I am sure she is a chudail. Guru Maa says then we have to be careful, she loves jewelry.As soon as Karan try to use golden powder, tree leaves cover aditya and piya.. Ansh reach while remembering how Nishant ask to save them and listen leaves sound.. Piya uses her powers and remove tree and leaves.. Karan blow golden powder which free his wife and child and turning piya and aditya stone..

Nishant try to find solution to save Piya aditya and ansh stating that karan is more dangerous as he has patal ketki in his blood… It turn family members in tension, when vedshree tell will shall stop Mohona from going to meet Karan, as they both have joined hands..Ansh question karan about his decieve, when Karan say his innocent family was put into trouble even… Ansh ask to free Piya and aditya!! Karan deny saying he only rectified Divya mistake and parents mistake give result to children only..They both fight where mostly Ansh loses..Saavi infrom Guru Maa that Sanam is dilruba, which make guru maa doubt but Naman shout at her saying he is sorry to stay near your house, just get lost.. He tell Guru maa that Saavi fell in love with me, but I love Sanam, that why she is cooking story.. Dilruba listen all things..

Guru maa later walk in Naman room where dilruba is watching her,.. Guru Maa take jewellary and thing if sanam is chudail, she will react.. Dilruba come as sanam and snatch jewellary stating guru maa is blind and aged person and smile in her dilruba voice…Guru Maa tell Saavi that she is right.. Saavi tell but why can’t Naman believe us?? Guru maa say he is stupid.. Naman and Dilruba return from shopping and both are happy, when Guru Maa say that when Chudail is happy, she dance and get tired and sleep, best time to capture her..Naman and Dilruba get ready for going out, when they see party at home.. Saavi say sorry to them and welcome them in surprise party… Dilruba see gifts and jewellary and get happy..

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