Surrender in love update Friday 4 February 2022

Surrender in love 4 February 2022: toGhazala explains that she will not let some flower seller destroy her life even it means killing him, she is about to put a knife in him when Chahat stops her and lifts the mask, she is amazed to see that it is Misses Baig.Earlier Chahat was praying in the barn when she hears that someone is coming, she gets relieved when it is Neil, he asks what is she hiding, Chahat then revels that it is a tasbih and she was only praying the name of Allah as whenever she gets scared then she starts praying, Neil mentions that t is the same as a Rudraksh which his sister used to give to him whenever he got scared.Sunita asks Naveli that she should help as if someone revealed that ti was her who texted the message then she would be thrown out of the house, Naveli exclaims that she should not believe that Naveli would help her however she says that it would not mean anything as she cannot help her, Sunita exclaims that she only did everything to help her however Naveli mentions that she never asked for her help as she always ruins her plan.

Chahat exclaims that she doesnot know what she would do in the house, Neil exclaims that he has a task for her, he orders her to take some photos of him, when Neil poses Chahat realizes that she has burnt the pant when she was ironing his clothes so seeks his apology, he gest ashamed as he went to the market wearing the same pant, he then exclaims that he would go and change the pant before leaving while she should make a sketch of the hospital as it would be really helpful for him, she explains that she would send him a photo.

Neil is walking when Sunita asks him to eat some yogurt mixed with sugar as he is going to catch the culprit, Neil eats it and leaves, Sunita thinks that she would get to the hospital before Neil as then would have the opportunity to take the revenge, Neil gets to the hospital but is dizzy, he is not able to understand what is happening to his vision.Chahat calls Neil exclaiming that she has made the map of the hospital and also highlighted the passages that the boyfriend might use to get into the hospital so he should take care of them, Neil is really dizzy and not able to explain himself, he thinks that the elders are true saying that one should always have breakfast.

Chahat believes that Naveli’s boyfriend has some connection with the death of Saraswati, she hers gollu crying then calls Godambari and Sunita to go and check gollu, she wonders where Sunita might have gone then she heads into the servants quarters but is shocked when she doesnot find her even In the servant quarters, she hears a familiar smell so starts searching the room where she finds a cap of the perfume, she wonders how Sunita got a hold of it as she remembers that her father used to import the same itar for misses Baig, she wonders if Sunita is the enemy of both the families as she was the one who informed her that Naveli is running, Chahat tries calling Neil however he doesnot answer her call so she plans to go and inform him of the truth.

Chahat enters the room where Neil mentioned that the boyfriend would come, she sees that the preparations are in place so as soon as she hears that someone is coming, Chahat immediately hides.Misses Baig enters the room, she thinks that she would not let a decorator ruin her extensive plan so when she is about to kill him, Chahat stops her throwing her against the table, she inquires why is she trying to harm her family, she removes the mask to find that it is Misses Baig, Chahat is relieved to see that she is alive so asks about her father, Ghazala threatens saying that she has married the person who ruined their entire family, she doesnot care for them and is living a life of a queen because she has forgotten what they have gone through.Chahat tries to explain herself but Ghazala asks her to see the jewellery made of gold which she is wearing as it proves that she has no problem in life, Ghazala mentions that she saw how Chahat cares for Mant Viyas in his house while being the wife of Neil, Chahat inquires how she came to know of this, Ghazal revels that she is Sunita who has been working in the house. Chahat is left shocked after seeing it.

Ghazala mentions that she has been living in the same house, Chahat recognizes her as Sunita, Ghazala exclaims that she had to live with the name of Sunita so that she can regain their lost luxury, Ghazala explains that she had to live in a single room because of what had happened and to change their fortunes she had to come to the hospital so that they can get the money from the locker but she was caught by the son and son in law of Mant Viyas and in order to protect her identity she had to act as Sunita, Ghazala mentions that she cannot trust her as she is living with the enemy of their family and has even married the son of Mant Viyas, Chahat explains the entire situation of how she was forced to live with a mission to prove the innocence of her father, Chahat exclaims that she did not marry Neil and even when Viyas jee desired that they be married with the Hindu traditions, both of them had ensured that another couple took their place so that the family believed that both of them had been married.
Chahat exclaims that she is not married to Neil and he is not her husband, Ghazala cannot comprehend the truth.

Bopho wakes up Neil who is not able to remember what is happening, Bopho makes him sit u[p asking what has happened, Neil mentions that he left the house but was not able to reach, Bopho mentions that he got into an accident, Neil exclaims that he has to reach the hospital otherwise the person would get away from their trap, Bopho says that he would ride the motor cycle as Neil si in no condition, however the motorcycle doesnot start so Neil calls the cab.Chahat pleads with Ghazala to let her meet her father but Ghazala mentions that has waited for so long so should have some patience, Chahat inquires why is she saying this because ever since she was separated from her father the only desire she had was to meet him, Ghazala says that she is living in the house of non-Muslims so would be following their traditions because she has to follow them while living in their house and she has even started to love Neil.

Neil gets angry, Bopho comes asking what has happened so he should start counting backward from ten, Neil asks what he meant so Bopho mentions that Chahat told him that if Neil gets angry, he should counting backwards from ten.
Chahat refutes the statement saying that she knows Neil actions were not justified but it was because he had lost his sister so was not using his mind, she has become his friend but doesnot love him, and the pain causes severe actions, Ghazala stops her explaining that she only listened to her stupid words because of Mr Baig but can now reveal her hatred without any fear.Godambari mentions that Neil has not called so this means that he has not been able to prove that the message came from Chahat’s phone but even then someone else had sent the message using her mobile, she thinks that Sunita sent the message, She asks Naveli why she is wearing the kurta backwords, Naveli shouts at her saying that she should not be angry with her as if everyone comes to know who sent the message then what would become of her, Godambari asks what relation does she have with it, Naveli mentions that Sunita sent the message so knows that there is someone else in her life but has no idea it is Baleq so she sent the message to Gauri Shankar. Godambari gets mad saying that she found only their maid to befriend.

Ghazala explains that she hates her and it is because she always tried to ruin her reputation in front of Dr Baig, when some of the neighbours praised her for the beauty because she is jealous of her, Ghazala explains that Dr Baig is like half dead and sometimes has no clue what is happening with him and sometimes even wets his bed, Chahat says that she has to work in others people’s house to feed him, Chahat mentions that she said that she loves her father so how can he be a burden on her, Ghazala explains that she would stop working and then they both will see how long Mr Baig survives.Chahat holds her hand saying that she would do anything to meet her father, Ghazala says that she has to earn the meeting with Mr Baig, Chahat inquires what she would have to do. Ghazala says that she hs to ruin the entire family of Mant Viyas in order to meet her father, Chahat starts weeping about what she has been asked to do.

Viyas jee calls Jamuna however he doesnot respond, then is startled when Viyas jee again calls him explaining that he did not know what is wrong with him, Viyas jee calls him mentioning that he should remain hopeful, Jamuna exclaims that he cannot even think what would happen as if everyone comes to know then who would marry his daughter, Viyas jee says that the answer lies in his own heart so he should not worry.Ghazala asks Chahat why is it taking so long for her to decide and has she started to love the family, Chahat pleads with Ghazala to stop as she cannot plot against Mant Viyas as he has kept her like his own daughter, Ghazala says that if she is like a hostage then why is it taking so long for her to decide, Viyas jee says that it is really difficult to decide amongst what is wrong and right.

Ghazala explains that she has to choose amongst her real father and the one who pretends to be her father, in order to make sure that Dr Baig receives the treatment then she should make sure that she kills Viyas jee, Ghazala says that she should decide however Chahat pleads for the health of Viyas jee as he is like her father, Ghazala answers that Neil has destroyed the life of her father so she should now destroy Mant Viyas, Neil is adamant to catch the real culprit behind everything, Ghazala threatens that she would be responsible for what happens to her father if Neil comes to know of the truth, Ghazala leaves but as she gets out, Neil sees her standing on the front of the door.

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