Once there was a king update Sunday 6 February 2022

Once there was a King 6 February 2022: Gayatri tells Sartaj that she came here to know the truth, but he only has self-created stories. Gayatri comes to the hall and listens Pandit ji telling Raaj Mata about some prayer for Rana ji with her blood. Raaj Mata says she can do anything for Rana ji in the time of need. She cuts her hand and pours out some blood in the bowl.Rajeshwari tells the doctor that she doesn’t want any observation or treatment. The doctor goes away, Gayatri hears this. Rajeshwari watches her and wonders why Gayatri heard her and then didn’t take an action. Gayatri wonders if Sartaj was telling a lie? Should she believe Sartaj?

Bari Rani Maa tells Rajeshwari that Rajeshwari did a weak act. Rajeshwari says she wonders why Gayatri showed no reaction. Bari Rani Maa says she is also thinking about it, when Gayatri interferes in every matter of the palace, why she didn’t take any action about Rajeshwari and the doctor’s conversation.Gayatri passes Raaj Mata’s room, she thinks about finding the amulet in Raaj Mata’s room. Bari Rani Maa keeps a hand on Gayatri’s shoulder and asks why Gayatri is so worried. Bari Rani Maa says she has lost all the rights of an elder, but still she wants to know why Gayatri so worried is.

Gayatri says she is a bit tired after the function, she is going to rest. Bari Rani Maa should also go and take rest. Bari Rani Maa thinks there is something wrong for sure.Pandit ji asks Raaj Mata to bring something belonging to Rana ji that is given to him by his father. Raaj Mata goes to get it. There, Gayatri searched Raaj Mata’s wardrobe for the amulet and finds it. She opens it up and watches Sartaj’s name in it written with blood. She is shocked. Raaj Mata passes the corridor, she finds the guard and tells him to make preparations for the pooja. Gayatri hears her, she is shocked and leaves. Raaj Mata finds the wardrobe and drawers opened and wonders how they opened up.

She takes the amulet and thinks she herself wouldn’t have shut it tight. Gayatri was hidden behind the wall. She wonders why Raaj Mata has kept this amulet with Sartaj’s name so safely, she thinks Raaj Mata can tell about this truth or lie. She follows Raaj Mata when in the corridor, Rana ji stops her. He opens his hand to show her anklet and asks what her anklet had been doing in the jail. A guard had found it there. Gayatri was speechless. He asks why she is going against his decision. Gayatri says she feels Rajeshwari isn’t saying truth, she even denied getting examined by the doctor. Rana ji says when the injury is deep, it hurts a lot.

He asks why Gayatri is stubborn and wants to prove Rajeshwari wrong. Whom she mistrust, him or his justice. Gayatri thinks about Sartaj and his warning, then an amulet. Gayatri says she trusts him but what if he do unjust. Rana ji says to Gayatri what if injustice is done to a girl, he says he won’t get in the trap of Sartaj and won’t change his decision. He hands Gayatri’s anklet in her hand and leaves. Bari Rani Maa heard this conversation, she wonders why Gayatri wants to save Sartaj. If Gayatri knows about the truth, she thinks the game is getting interesting. She says she is where Gayatri is, now.The Pandit ji tells Raaj Mata to begin the pooja.

Gayatri comes there and asks them to stop. Raaj Mata stands up and asks what happened, why she got the pooja stopped. Pandit ji says it isn’t right to stop Pooja. Gayatri says the foundation of prayer is truth, when there isn’t truth and purity in prayer, it should be stopped. She picks the amulet and asks Raaj Mata to come along. In the hall along, Gayatri asks Raaj Mata to know the truth, is there any secret in the palace which she has still hidden. A secret that can ruin this throne, what is the secret then? Bari Rani maa heard this. Gayatri says she is her daughter in law and has no right to question her. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri to speak low, there is someone else as well.

Raaj Mata asks Gayatri who has said this all to her and misguided her? Gayatri says Sartaj did. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri if she met Sartaj? Gayatri nods. Raaj Mata says Sartaj was never true, she got into mud but didn’t get the flower as well. Gayatri says she isn’t considering him true, still watching this amulet she can’t deny everything he said. She had seen him in Raaj Mata’s room that day. Raaj Mata says she told her then what he had been doing. Gayatri says she can see her tensed for so many days, she has kept Avdesh in the palace inspite of not desiring it. Gayatri says she wants to know the truth as a daughter, else Rana ji will commit a suicide tomorrow. Bari Rani maa heard intently.

Gayaays alright, if Raaj Mata doesn’t want to tell her then Rana ji will ask her that why there is Sartaj’s name on his childhood amulet. Bari Rani Maa was curt in her room and breaks the glass. She says had Mansen (the guard) not come there, she would have… Rajeshwari comes there and says even then she couldn’t know the secret. Bari Rani maa holds the glass and deters Rajeshwari to kill her, saying she delayed talking to Sartaj and he dealt with Gayatri and not them.Raaj Mata says Gayatri wants to know the truth, but she should also know that not every truth is sweet, a few of them work as poison.

Pandit ji says to Raaj Mata that the time for Pooja is going off, Raaj Mata says there is something more important. She brings Gayatri to her room. She asks Gayatri what was the name of God Krishna, Gayatri says Yashoda. Raaj Mata says he was born by Devki, then why people call Yashoda his mother. Gayatri says the mother who brings a child up is more important, she actually scolds a child when he does wrong and then cries herself, she covers the child with her motherhood’s shadow. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that in that case she is Rana ji’s mother, he is her son and she will always be his mother. She tells Gayatri that Rana ji wasn’t given birth from her womb. Gayatri looks at Raaj Mata in shock.

Sartaj wonders if Gayatri would have trusted her, what if Premvadha would have lied to her. He thinks he must get some way to stop his assassination.
Gayatri says to Raaj Mata that she kept it a secret till today, but there must be some reason. She says to Raaj Mata that she can share it with her. Raaj Mata says a lot of years ago, it was a dark night. She was about to give birth, she went to Kul Devi Mandar. Yashoda hurried the cart to a hall. The ladies there were happy to see Raaj Mata, the owner had said that this house defames the child. Yashoda offers him double the money, and says he would allow it happily. He had said that two children would be born today.

Raaj Mata says she had conceived after a long time. The maiden was busy with another child, Yashoda consoled Raaj Mata who cried in pain. Yashoda was shocked to see Raaj Mata faint. The maiden brought a son to the other lady. The lady gave the amulet along with the child saying he is Sartaj’s gift. The lady died.Yashoda brought the child to Raaj Mata and handed him to her. Raaj Mata watched her in shock, then cried. She said her dream to give an heir to Amirkot had died. She was still there when she heard a child cry. The maiden said the son he is going to kill is his own child. Sartaj said his heart and his eye is stoned, if he won’t kill this child he will eat him tomorrow for his money.

Sartaj pushed the maiden away and took the baby downstairs to kill him. He threw the child away. Raaj Mata caught the baby in her arms, Sartaj asks who she is and asks his son back? Raaj Mata asks his son? Wasn’t he about to kill his son? He must think his son died, from today he is her son and she can’t let his shadow on her child. Yashoda also came there calling her Maharani. Sartaj says the son of a Robber and a pr*stitute is playing in Raani’s lap. He laughs that he is a robber and needs his price. Raaj Mata asks his price. Sartaj says gold equal to the weight of this son. Raaj Mata game her jewelry to him.

Sartaj says he wished his son would have been a bit healthy. Yashoda had put her jewelry in the balance as well, and said this child is Amirkot’s Raajkumar from today. Sartaj laughed that his child’s balance is still heavy. Raaj Mata took off her bindi. Yashoda said this is a gift from her husband. Raaj Mata kept it in the balance. This time, the child rose up. Sartaj says this much gold is enough for this year, now they will meet next year. He tells them that they have bought an heir for Amirkot, she will pay for it each year and if he doesn’t get this price any year, all Amirkot will know about his blood. Raaj Mata smiled at the baby, and took him with her.

She tells Gayatri she could neither lose her child, nor the trust of Amirkot. She says only four people knew about this secret, she, Yashoda, Dilruba and Sartaj. Dilruba didn’t want a price, but only that the amulet be given to Rana ji. She says after Yashoda’s death, she couldn’t get him the money for once only and then Avdesh got to know about a secret there. He doesn’t know the secret though. She says Sartaj is paying for his sins. Sartaj wants to tell the truth to Rana ji. She says to Gayatri that she must also have realized that this truth can destroy anything, hugs Gayatri and cry.

Pandit ji was being angry about neglecting him. Rana ji comes there asking if Raaj Mata’s pooja has ended. Pandit ji says Gayatri took Raaj Mata away. Rana ji goes to call Raaj Mata.

Gayatri says to Raaj Mata that she was about to tell the truth to Rana ji when he asked her why she went to meet Sartaj. Raaj Mata joins her hands, she says that Rana ji is proud of his blood, he will be really hurt. And if the British and others know about the reality, there will be serious problem for the throne. Raaj Mata says if Rana ji knows about the truth… Rana ji enters the room and asks what they are both talking about so secretly, in the midst of Pooja. Gayatri says it is about mother and daughter, no one must share this. Rana ji asks Raaj Mata why she forgot Pooja for something.

Raaj Mata says she has forgotten about the pooja and leaves. Rana ji stops Gayatri and asks if she is hiding something? Gayatri says she won’t tell this to him, she is sorry. Rana ji asks not even if he insists. Gayatri says not even if he gives his life for it. Bari Rani Mata was curt at this sorry.

In the pooja, Pandit ji asks for the blood of Raaj Mata and then the sacrifice of something belonging to Rana ji’s father. She throws the amulet in the fire, then puts on the tillak on Gayatri and Rana ji’s forehead.

Bari Rani Maa puts in water in the fire tank and takes the amulet from it. She says no matter how much Raaj Mata struggles, she will put an eclipse over Rana ji’s life. She will go to Raaj Mata’s past at any cost. She opens the amulet but could only read Taj over it. Rajeshwari comes there, she says Bari Rani Maa isn’t a Rani now, and she never had motherhood but at least she must not pick rubbish.

Bari Rani Maa tells her this is the key to secret. She says she couldn’t hear everything between Gayatri and Raaj Mata but she knows this amulet has a deep rooted relation with the secret. Rajeshwari says only Sartaj can tell what it is.

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