Surrender in love update Thursday 3 February 2022

Surrender in love 3 February 2022: Neil assures that they are not the couple as they both are married, he exclaims that she is his wife and they are married, the inspector asks him then why is there no Mangal Sutur and Kumkum on her head, they are standing when the inspector comes, he realizes that she is the same women who threatened to protest, Choubey jee doesnot believe him but the inspector say that he knows they both are Hindu brahman as Neil is the son of Viyas jee, then they leave, Chahat exclaims that he can see that even the police are scared of her, Neil asks her if they should go back to the house and they would have to use the washroom window as otherwise everything would be ruined, Chahat and Neil enter the room, they hear that Godambari is crying.

When they reach downstairs, jamuna exclaims that he cannot understand how they have ended the relationship as everything was fine when they finalizing the marriage, Neil is shocked to see that Viyas jee is trying to plead with GhauriShankar jee, Neil asks Jamuna what has happened he answers that they have ended the relation. Godambari starts cursing the person who has send the message as he tried to say that her daughter had a low character so si not suitable to become a member of their family, Baleq inquires who could have send the message and they should find the name of the person, Viyas jee responds that he has send the mobile number, jamuna dials the number so they are able to find the one responsible.

Neil doesnot believe Chahat who explains that everything that is happening is the plan of Naveli’s boyfriend as he would not want that she get married, Neil answers that she should stop believing that Naveli has a boyfriend as no one would believe it, Chahat says that she would talk with Viyas jee, she calls him exclaiming that there is something to talk about, she is standing when her mobile phone starts ringing and everyone is shocked to witness it, Godambari exclaims that she is the one who sent the message saying that Naveli is a characterless girl, Viyas jee questions her demanding that she tell him what problem does she have with Naveli.

Chahat tries to plead her innocence but Godambari orders her to stop talking, she pleads with Viyas jee to not believe her as she has been blaming her daughter for the past several days, Godamabari exclaims all that has happened in the house in the past days, Naveli also gets up mentioning that Chahat also said that she is in a relationship with someone, and the reason she is wearing her clothes s because she thought that Naveli was running with someone so she went to meet that person, Naveli demands that he just ask Chahat a single question and that is if she has found any proof of her relation with someone.Viyas jee exclaims that she did something really wrong as he has kept the reputation of his family intact but because of her the entire family would have to walk with shame, he mentions that he would not punish her because those who are the family are punished and she has proven that she doesnot belong to their family, Viyas jee says that he believed that she was a girl and that is why her believes might be different so he never pressurized her but she has proven that she is not worthy to be a part of their family, Viyas jee mentions that he has always thought that jamuna is his brother because he raised his children as their own so he would not let her destroy their relations, Chahat gets down on her kneels exclaiming that she only wants that Naveli doesnot meet her boyfriend as she is not the right person for her, she only wants that nothing wrong happens to their family.

Neil interrupts Chahat ordering that she get up, he mentions that Viyas jee might have disowned her but he would never forgive her and would punish her so that she is able to remember it her entire life, he pulls Chahat taking her outside the house, then exclaims that she is not fit to be a member of their family as she has proven that she doesnot care for his family, he exclaims that she is no longer welcome in their house, Chahat thinks who was able to send the messages using her mobile phone, as she would never do such a thing.

Neil exclaims that Chahat does not deserve to be a part of their family, he taking her hand throws her out of the house ,Chahat pleads with him however exclaims that she is no longer welcome in therh house so she can for wherever she wants, Chahat wonders how she would able to make Viyas jee believe that she is tnop the wirbng whoi was wrong as she cannot bear his anger with him, she starts crying, Bopho comes from behind, he asks what she is doing outside,. Neil comes asking him why did he call him, Bopho ask if they have been fighting, Neil inquires if he brought the belongings, Bopho questions that this is the sleeping bag, Neil says that it is for Chahat as she will sleep outside the house, he orders Bopho to go inside the house, Neil doesnot listen to the pleadx of Chahat.

Ghazala is in her room, she exclaims that Chahat was praised a lot in the house so she made sure that no one would even talk to her because they all now feel she has deceived them. She exclaims that the omnly really beautiful person I n the house is her and coupled with the scent of the perfume no one can match her beauty. Ghazala remembers how she was once dressed by others, she promises to regain her lost lifestyle as it is because of Chahat that she ahs lost everything sio now when Viyas jee refuses to accept her then she will take the income of the insurance and leave.

Bopho cannot believe that Neil has ordered Chahat to live outside the house as it is really cold, but she cannot bear it so he is leaving, Neil exclaims that he is doing this to help Chahat, Neil explains the entire sitauioopn, he mentions that while they were out her phone was in the room so he is sure that the messages were sent by her phone but not by her, Bopho gets relaxed knowing that she is really not against Chahat and cares for her as he himself mentioned that he was dreaming of Chahat, Bopho mentions that he is dreaming of Chahat because he has started to love Chahat.

Bopho devises a plan mentioning that Neil should close his eyes and inform him who is the first person he sees, Neil sees Chahat in his dream but refuses to say that it is washer, Bopho starts forcing him, Neil is not able to understand why he is constantly seeing Chahat In his dreams. Neil once again sees Chahat dressed in a motorcycle attire, Bopho is sure that Neil saw Chahat however Neil exclaims that it was his favourite Singhorien, Bopho leaves while Neil si wondering what has happened with him.Naveli calls out to Sunita asking her where she is, Naveli hugs her saying that she was the one to send the message and that is why she would not have to marry that person, Subnita exclaims that she was always thinking if she was doing the right thing, Naveli mentions that she has really helped her and so they both would see what justification Chahat would give to the family.

Chahat starts shivering in the cold and is not able to sleep, both Naveli and Sunita exclaim that they should let her shiver, she exclaims that it is not the satisfaction which she desires so now they must shower some water, Sunita stops her showing that she should see that there is snow fall happening, Neil is not able to calm down wondering what would happen to Chahat as she might get sick, Naveli seeing neil goes to exclaim that she is being punished by the god,
Neil wonders what he can do as Naveli is standing beside Chahat, Neil takes some frames, he goes to Chahaht exclaiming that he brought them so that he would place some photos of Naveli’s marriage but now there is no point so he starts breaking them, Naveli exclaims that she ahs never seen Neil so angry, Suntia thinks that she is happy to see Chahat in such pain, Neil exclaims that he will light the frames just as she has lit their family’s dreams on fire. He lights the fire then goes to sit on the bed, he feels pity for her as she might feel some strength, he exclaims that he cannot do anymore for her t the money, Neil stands in the snow seeing Chahat sleeping, he puts some more wood on the fire so that it ignites.

Neil sits with Chahat and keeping his head on her head prevents snow from falling, he remembers how they met the first time and on the bus, their fights were always on petty things which seems childish now , Neil pulls back his hand when the snow stops, he leaves Chahat sleeping and realizes how she cared for him when he was drunk so now he should always be careful for her health.Neil gets on the terrace asking why her mother is thanking her because she has helped him in a lot of matters so now it is his duty to help her, he thinks of setting the time at six in the morning as Chahat gets up for prayer, he exclaims that he would protect Chahat from his family.In the morning Chahat exclaims that she would not leave the side of the truth as she is sure that Allah would by her side, she seeks forgiveness from Allah as she was not able to wake up in the morning then starts praying.

Neil is sleeping when the alram rings but he is still sleeping, Viyas jee also starts performing the pooja in the morning when in front of him Chahat is praying, her mother wakes Neil who exclaims if she is not able to sleep, Neil seeing the time gets worried as Chahat would have prayed, he is shocked to see that both Viyas jee and Chahat are performing their prayers in front of each other’s.Viyas jee is stopped by the pigeons who signal him to provide them with food, he exclaims that he knows they get angry after seeing him, he goes to bring the food while Chahat is praying just behind the cloth. One of the pigeons goes behind the cloth, Viyas jee questions why is he going there so he himself is about to check what is happening behind the cloth but is stopped by Neil who covers the clothes hanging, Viyas jee questions what is Neil doing, he answers that Chahat used to dry the clothes but now that she cannot come in the house it is up to him, Viyas jee asks where Chahat is, Neil mentions that he does not care about her and he should also not worry for her because what she has done cannot be forgiven.Viyas jee leaves after giving the food to the pigeons.

Neil calls Chahat inside when she is seeing them from the window, Chahat thinks that she knew that Neil would not live without forgiving her, she is about to walk inside the house when he stops her exclaiming that he has only called her so that she can take her belongings as she is not allowed to be in the house, she should take the bag and leave as he has filled it with all the belongings so she can cook the food herself, Chahat takes the bag outside.

Neil starts pouring the Ganga jal on the doorstep where Chahat was standing as he explains that he has started to purify it because Chahat stepped on it, Chahat takes the bag in the barn, she thinks that no one has even tried to listen to her but she did not think that Neil would do this as they were now friends, Sunita comes mentioning that she has brought some food, Chahat is shocked to see that it is sour food which was left over the previous day, Chahat seeing that she can make the food thinks that she would eat it no matter the taste , she starts preparing the stove but is not able cook it, Neil stands in the corner, she yells at him to leave but when she opens the utensils there is food in it, he apologizes mentioning that he had to act as if he was angry with her so that he can find the truth, Chahat hugs him mentioning that he should ever do anything like this again as he is the only one in this world who knows the entire truth.
They both are hugging each other tightly when Neil remembers how they both used to fight un the past, Chahat finally gets back while they both are really nervous, Neil exclaims that he did this on purpose so that everyone believes that she sent the message, Neil mentions that after yesterdays incident he is sure that the boyfriend would be hiding so that is why he performed this act so that he can catch the real culprit.

Baleq mentions that he has contacted Shankar who has promised to not say anything relating to message to anyone, Godambari mentions that if the accidently say anything then everyone In the village would know about her. Neil’s mobile phone rings so he asks Naveli to answer it, when he talks Bopho acts as an inspector exclaiming that someone saw that Chahat mobile was being stolen so he should come to the city hospital to verify the situation.Naveli mentions that then this means they have wrongly accused Chahat as someone else sent the message, Jamuna exclaim that this means they have wrongly accused and she is innocent, he orders Neil to immediately bring Chahat into house, Neil refuses mentioning that he would bring her when he is aware of the entire truth.

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