Force of Attraction Zee world full story, plot summary casts teasers

Force of Attraction is a new series on Zeeworld slated to start May 29th, it tells the story of Shakti Sharma, a kind woman who aspires to be a doctor. After losing her parents, she lives with her uncle, aunt and cousin in Varanasi. Meanwhile Shiv Kashyap is a doctor, who has a hurting past and is unable to heal. The series follows Shiv and Shakti’s story, how they cross path and how Shakti becomes Shiv’s strength…

Force of Attraction Zee world casts

  • Arjun Bijlani as Dr. Shiv Kashyap: Gayatri and Raghunath’s son; Ajeet, Nandu, Keertan, Radha and Koyal’s cousin; Gauri’s widower; Shakti’s husband; Karthik’s father
  • Nikki Sharma as Shakti Kashyap (née Sharma): Sarala and Ramkishore’s daughter; Dharam and Rimjhim’s cousin; Shiv’s second wife; Karthik’s step-mother
  • Nimisha Vakharia as Manorama Sharma: Brijkishore’s wife; Dharam and Rimjhim’s mother
  • Phool Singh as Brijkishore Sharma: Manorama’s husband; Rimjhim and Dharam’s father
  • Chinmay Patwardhan as Ravi Singh
  • Megha Singh as Janvi Sharma
  • Parineeta Borthakur as Gargi Rameshwar Sharma / Mandira Kashyap: Rameshwar’s estranged wife; Radha’s mother; Koyal and Keertan’s mother through her illegitimate second marriage with Kamalnath
  • Sanjay Swaraj as Raghunath K ashyap: Bhagwati’s elder son; Padma and Kamalnath’s brother; Gayatri’s widower; Shiv’s father; Karthik’s grandfather
  • Seema Pandey as Gayatri Kashyap: Raghunath’s wife; Shiv’s mother; Karthik’s grandmother
  • Ashman Kumar as Ayush Singh
  • Sandeep Sachdev as Kamalnath Kashyap: Bhagwati’s younger son; Raghunath and Padma’s brother; Gargi / Mandira’s illegitimate second husband ; Keertan and Koyal’s father
  • Gaurav Wadhwa as Dr. Keertan Kashyap: Mandira and Kamalnath’s son; Rameshwar’s stepson; Koyal’s brother; Radha’s half-brother; Shiv and Nandu’s cousin; Rimjhim’s husband
  • Aditi Patwa as Koyal Kashyap: Mandira and Kamalnath’s daughter; Rameshwar’s step daughter; Keertan’s sister; Radha’s half-sister; Shiv and Nandu’s cousin; Dharam’s fiancée
  • Jhuma Mitra as Padma Kashyap: Bhagwati’s daughter; Raghunath and Kamalnath’s sister; Ajeet and Nandu’s mother ; Ketki’s mother in law
  • Vrushab Khadtale as Nandu Kashyap: Padma’s son; Ajeet’s brother; Shiv, Keertan and Koyal’s cousin
  • Meenakshi Verma as Bhagwati Kashyap: Raghunath, Padma and Kamalnath’s mother; Shiv, Ajeet, Nandu, Keertan and Koyal’s grandmother; Karthik’s


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