Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 4 June 2024

Strings of love 4 June 2024: Jasleen walks to Yash. Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koyi Shikwa To Nahi.. song plays in the background. She tells him that she didn’t know he is in Ludhiana. He says he is staying in Ludhiana since some time but travels usually, he is launching a musical label of a local artist as his dream of becoming a local artist failed years ago.

Sahiba tells Angad that people don’t say just like that that once there is a crack between relationship, it’s difficult to reunite; she feels same seeing Jasleen and Yash’s relationship. Angad says just like a crack in our relationship. Sahiba says there are many cracks in our relationship; relationships break as they don’t want to handle it, just like he created cracks between them. Angad asks like?

Yash tells Jasleen that she hasn’t changed in years. Jasleen says he has changed though and has become a rich man. Yash says time’s specialty is it changes, even his time changed. She says she loved him, but couldn’t live in poverty as she was a rich family’s daughter and hence had to leave him. Yash asks about Garry and Kiara. Jasleen says Kiara studies in London and Garry is no more. Yash is shocked and gets emotional hearing that. He hopes if he can help her in some ways. Jasleen holds his hand and says he can’t as a whole world’s wealth can’t bring back Garry. Seerat spies on them and thinks what is Jasleen talking to her ex-husband.

Angad asks Sahiba if she means Manveer’s announcement about his and Seerat’s wedding, he really didn’t know about it. Veer walks to them and asks them to wait there till he brings their car. Family joins next, and Japjot says they will take Angad to Gurudwara first. Sahiba says even she wants to take Angad to gurudwara. Angad says Sahiba will return home with them after visiting gurudwara and he will not let her say anything. Sahiba agrees. Manveer tells Seerat that they need to reach home before Sahiba reaches to welcome her, with a grin.

Akaal and Japjot return home and see Jasleen sad. They ask if she is sad seeing Yash returning like this. Jasleen blames them for her unhappy life and reminds Akaal that he had rejected Yash’s request to lend him 10 lakh rs to open a music studio. She says if he had helped Yash then, her marital life would have been normal, she wouldn’t have been bitter like this, wouldn’t have stayed in her parent’s house, and her children would have been with her. Akaal warns her not to blame him for her mistakes, she chose luxurious life over her husband and left him, she would have stayed with him if she had truly loved him and helped him succeed in life.

He says even he started his business from a scratch and grew it with his hard work, Japjot always supported him and never left him when he was poor. Jasleen blames Japjot for not supporting her next and continues to play a victim card. Akaal thinks if he did wrong by not supporting Yash then and broke his daughter’s marriage.

Veer helps Angad sit in a living room with family. Inder describes how much Simran was worried for them and would be very happy in the morning when she learns that they are back. Hansraj asks Sahiba if she will stay back or will leave the house.

Sahiba says she is here for Angad and will leave once he gets well. Angad thinks she is still stuck at the same point. Manveer walks in and says Angad is still weak after a bearing a bullet shot and should rest and asks Veer to drop Angad to his room. Sahiba tries to help Angad. Angad stops her and takes Veer’s help instead.

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