Jhanak Starlife Tuesday 4 June 2024

Jhanak 4 June 2024: The Episode starts with Jhanak asking the doctor to save Urvashi. She begs him. Anirudh asks her to calm down and be strong. Bharat tells everything to family. Kaushalya says don’t go to her village, everyone would be waiting there. Dadi says yes, she is right.

Bharat says I will talk to Tejas, he will handle her, if he doesn’t marry her, then Jhanak’s responsibility will be ours. Jhanak cries and asks Urvashi to get up. Anirudh gets a letter fallen there. He keeps it.

Dadi asks why did Urvashi commit suicide, maybe because whatever happened here. Bharat says nothing happened here, she died and troubled us, we won’t tell this to Anirudh. Kaushaly says case shouldn’t be filed. He says don’t worry, I know Tejas will handle everything. He calls Tejas. Bharat says I need your help. Tejas asks what happened.

Scene shifts to Kolkata, Arshi calls Anirudh. She says where are you, I feel tense, you know I talk to you before every event. The girl asks does he like any Kashmir girl. Arshi smiles and signs no. Jhanak says you should have trusted me once, why did you come here.

Police comes there. The man says Urvashi came from her brother’s house at night. The lady says don’t know what happened there. They complain about Bharat’s family. The man says we want justice, they have troubled Urvashi a lot. Inspector says calm down, let us investigate, culprit will be punished. He asks constable to check for suicide note. Tejas comes and asks what’s happening. Inspector says it’s a suicide case. Tejas says we have to do last rites by evening. Anirudh sees him and asks you here… Tejas says I m a social worker, I came to help, who are you. His man tells him. Tejas says you are Bharat’s would be son in law, what are you doing here. Anirudh says help. Tejas says you are a tourist here, have fun and go back. He warns Anirudh.

Anirudh says I won’t go anywhere leaving them alone. Tejas says come to help when they become your relatives, keep safe distance. Jhanak turns and sees Tejas. She asks Inspector to make Tejas leave her house. Tejas says she is in shock. Anirudh signs the inspector. Tejas says I want the body today, her soul should get peace. Inspector says sure. Tejas says don’t worry Jhanak, police will take you to govt home. Inspector says yes, she is an orphan now. Jhanak says I won’t go anywhere. She scolds Tejas.

Tejas says you are in sorrow. He asks the inspector to take the body. The ward boys take Urvashi’s body. Jhanak shouts and cries. Anirudh cries seeing her.

Tejas says I will come back soon, take care of Jhanak till then, does Bharat know you are here. Anirudh asks why should he know. Tejas says you said you are his relative. Anirudh says you said marriage didn’t happen yet. Tejas says I will take Jhanak to shelter home, I have to take care of her. He goes. Jhanak cries. Anirudh consoles her.

Tejas calls Bharat and says you didn’t say Anirudh is here to take care of Jhanak, I m marrying her tomorrow, come to do her kanyadaan, I have to do Urvashi’s last rites today. Bharat asks what is Anirudh doing there.

Tejas says I don’t know, keep them away. Bharat says if Jhanak knows about her marriage, then she will rebel. Tejas says I know how to calm down a rebellion, we will meet tomorrow. He leaves.

Arshi leaves a message for Anirudh. The villagers talk to Anirudh about Jhanak. The man says Tejas is a bad man, he does bad work, if he does something wrong with Jhanak, he has ruined many girls and killed some of them. The man says we have no courage and status to face Tejas, you can do something. The man says Tejas has come here for some motive. Anirudh says I understand, how shall I stop Tejas, I can drop her at Bharat’s place. The man says Urvashi committed suicide because of Bharat. The man asks can you take her to city with you. Anirudh says no, its not easy, how can I take her to Kolkata.

Arshi dances on Barson re megha….. Shrishti smiles seeing her. Urvashi’s last rites are done. Jhanak cries and recalls her words. Tejas says Urvashi had fixed Jhanak’s relation with me. Bharat says yes, she isn’t alive, I will do her kanyadaan. Tejas says yes, we are getting married tomorrow, I will take Jhanak along. Inspector says fine. Tejas invites him in marriage. Jhanak immerses the ashes in the river. Tejas comes. He says if no one takes a responsibility of a girl, then system has to come ahead, Jhanak will be taken care of at the govt home, she should be ready to come.

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