Strings of Love Starlife update Wednesday 5 June 2024

Strings of love 5 June 2024: Sahiba offers medicine to Angad. Hansraj says all is well that ends well, Angad is free from case and Sahiba returned home with her, will Sahiba stay in this house again. Prabjot asks Sahiba to reveal her decision. Sahiba says she is here for Angad and will leave once Angad gets well.

Angad thinks after so much happened, Sahiba is still stuck at one point. Manveer walks in and says everyone are happy with Angad’s return, they shouldn’t forget that Angad is weak after a gunshot injury and should rest. He asks Veer to take Angad to his room.

Sahiba tries to help Angad, but Angad stops her and leaves with Veer. Seerat grins seeing that. Manveer tells Sahiba that she doesn’t have worry about Angad as she is there for her son and asks her to leave the house. Sahiba says she will not leave until Angad gets well. Manveer asks who is she to Angad, Angad is shot by her mad lover because of her. She demands Sahiba to sign divorce papers and leave from there so that she can get Angad married to Seerat.

Inder gets angry on Manveer and tongue lashes her for cheap and filthy thinking and says Angad got into trouble because of her announcement and Sahiba saved Angad instead. Manveer says he doesn’t know what is good for Angad, Angad got into trouble because of Sahiba, Sahiba had already left Angad and is troublesome for Angad, Seerat brought peace in Angad’s life, so she wants Sahiba to divorce Angad and get him married to Seerat. Yashpal says it’s wrong to separate husband and wife. Manveer says Sahiba and Angad are never happy together and asks Hansraj can they be happy together. Hanraj says never. Manveer insists Sahiba to sign divorce papers and get out of Angad’s life. Sahib says like earlier said, let Angad sign the papers first and then she will sign them.

Veer shifts Angad to his room. Angad recalls Sahiba’s words that she will leave the house once Angad gets well. Manveer her best to mentally harass Sahiba and get her signatures on the papers. Sahiba says Angad informed her that he didn’t know about Manveer’s decision before her announcement, she will sign papers only after Angad confirms his decision; she has to take care of Angad at this time and is going to him. Seerat gets tensed thinking Sahiba will find out that Angad had proposed her thinking it’s Sahiba, so she should stop Sahiba. She stops Sahiba and yells at her to stop thinking Angad’s concern as love and get out of his love, Manveer has already made her and Angad’s wedding, will Sahiba leave now or wants to stay here as Angad’s second woman. Inder warns Seerat to leave Sahiba’s hand and let her go to Angad.

Manveer asks Seerat to leave Sahiba’s hand and let her sign the papers. Inder and Jaspal ask Sahiba not to sign the papers. Sahiba takes papers and recalls Angad proposing Seerat and rest of the events. She is about to sign papers when Seerat stops her and says she wants to capture these golden moments in her phone and goes to get her mobile. Hanraj taunts that it’s weird that a sister is forcing her sister to divorce her husband so that she can marry him. Manveer insists Sahiba to sign the papers.

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