My desire update Tuesday 4 June 2024

My desire 4 June 2024: Mahima asks Kashvi if Pradyuman dies, then what will happen with Arjun, he will be called as murder and he can get punished and will get life imprisonment, and you are responsible for this. Kashvi says if have hidden the truth, then Police would have thought that Arjun is wrong and fled.

She says she trusts the law and justice system and tells that his wife is with him, and will make sure that Arjun will not be punished for the crime, which he has not done. She says she will make Arjun have food. Arjun says Mahima has already served the food. Kashvi gets upset and goes.

The lawyer tells that Arjun’s case is on the fast track court and says you both know what to say in court. Mahima tells that she will give statement that Pradyuman was provoking Arjun to beat him and then the fight happened and Pradyuman fell down and got hurt. Kashvi says she didn’t see Pradyuman provoking Arjun, by the time she reached inside, he had already fell down. Nitya gets upset and argues with her. Kashvi says she didn’t see. Lawyer says if you say this, then we will lose the case. Kashvi says she can’t lie and her lie gets caught. Jagdish asks her to lie and says your values can’t ruin my son’s life.

He says you knows how is Arjun, and says if you say that you don’t know his intention or that Pradyuman provoked them then Arjun will go to jail. He says I don’t care what you saw. She says you will say that Pradyuman provoked Arjun. Kashvi says this is not truth. Nitya asks why she don’t believe Mahima and says why your ego is hurt. Jagdish asks Kashvi, if she trusts Arjun. Kashvi says she trusts him more than herself. Jagdish asks then why you can’t give the statement. Nitya says you have given statement against me before, and says now you are not standing with Arjun. Kashvi refuses to tell that she saw him provoking Arjun. She says let Mahima say this as she is there. Lawyer says your statement matters. Kashvi says I can’t lie. Nitya tells lawyer that they can’t depend on her statement. Lawyer says ok, but try to make her understand.

Later they all pray to God and go from there. Dadi tells Kashvi that she has taught her to always say truth, and asks her to save Arjun and says if your relation break with him then you will curse your truth. She asks her to save Arjun like Savitri saved Satyavan. Kashvi prays to God to help her in this agnipariksha and give them strength.

Nitya asks lawyer if he is prepared. Lawyer says everything depends on Kashvi’s statement. Arjun is brought to the court.

Nitya hugs him and cries. Arjun says what to say? Nitya says we will take you home. Mahima says we want him back home, and Kashvi shall think the same. She tells that Arjun will be punished due to Kashvi’s statement. Arjun asks Mahima not to say anything to Kashvi and says he trusts her fully, and she will not do this with him. Kashvi says I can’t think of this and will always with me. She says I will say whatever I have seen. Nitya asks her not to play with the words and says your words are going against Arjun, and shall say what is in Arjun’s favor. Arjun says Kashvi will say what her heart says. He thinks today even he wants to say, if she loves him and if she can change her rules for him. Kashvi thinks I love you so much, but my inner soul doesn’t let me lie.

Pradyuman’s wife lawyer tells that all the proof and witness are on their side and asks her to control her emotions. The case hearing begins. Pradyuman’s lawyer tells that Arjun Bajwa had attacked my client Pradyuman Thapar, and today the latter is battling for his life. He requests Judge to give life imprisonment to Arjun as he tried to kill him due to hatred and anger. Arjun’s lawyer says it is not proved that Arjun is responsible and says it was an accident and not planned conspiracy. He says Pradyuman provoked my client to beat him, and accidentally he was pushed and got hurt. Pradyuman’s lawyer calls Mahesh Shrivastav. Mahesh tells that they had went to give stay order to Arjun as the land was of Pradyuman, and then Arjun got angry and attack him. He gives the video as proof. The lawyer says he wants to show the clip to the court. He shows him video and says his anger and hatred are clear. He says just as he got the chance, he tried to kill him and he has motive to do this, as he knows that until he is alive, his biogas project will not start. Arjun’s lawyer tells that he has proof that Arjun is not wrong and had solid reason to be angry. He tells Mahesh that Pradyuman bought the land on which Arjun wanted to do the biogas project, and says Pradyuman bought it and proved to the officials that he is a farmer. Arjun is shocked.

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