Strings of Love Starlife update Monday 3 June 2024

Strings of love 3 June 2024: Judge announces that with the evidence submitted by Yash, it proves that Sahiba’s allegations against Rumi are true. Yash stops Rumi’s lawyer and tells judge that he always thought that his son is innocent, but when he checked his laptop, he found Rumi’s plan to trap Sahiba.

He describes in detail how Rumi fell in Sahiba’s love, how he kidnapped Karthik named boy and got admission in Sahiba’s college, how he found an orphan girl who looked like Sahiba and replaced her with Sahiba after murdering her, etc., etc. Judge tells Yash that his testimony will prove Rumi as guilty and Angad as innocent. Yash says he knows. Judge asks police to verify Rumi’s laptop and pronounces Rumi as guilty and Angad as innocent.

Sahiba takes Angad out of the judge’s cabin. Family asks Angad if Yash gave evidence against him. Angad says Yash uncle gave evidence in his favor and proved him innocent. Family is shocked to hear that and praise Yash for supporting truth. Angad thanks Yash followed by Sahiba. Yash tells Sahiba that she can called him Yash uncle like Angad does. Akaal and Japjot thank Yash next for supporting truth Yash touches their feel and says he just supported truth and always expects their blessings. He then asks Angad what happened between him and Sahiba that Rumi got so confident of getting Sahiba and made a plan.

Sahiba recalls Manveer’s announcement and Angad’s love for Seerat and thinks though Angad loves Seerat, he risked his life to save her. Yash says he doesn’t want to interfere in their personal matter if they don’t want to open up and asks them together always.

Manveer thanks Yash next and says he made a mother indebted to him. Seerat says she knew Angad would be proven innocent. Inder thanks Yash next for supporting truth forgetting their family issues.

Yash says Angad used to wander around him calling him uncle when his and Jasleen’s divorce happened, he couldn’t get innocent boy Angad punished without his mistake. He continues to justify how he was confused whether to support Angad or not, but then his conscience convinced him to support truth. He leaves from there. Jasleen watches him going silently. Sahiba walks to her and says she can understand her state of mind. Jasleen as usual says he doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy and asks her to go and help Angad which she came here for.

Manveer tells Seerat that Sahiba is habituated to gain people’s sympathy. Seerat says Jasleen showed Sahiba her place and asks now that Angad is proven innocent and Sahiba is back in his life, is Manveer’s plan to get Angad married to Seerat canceled.

Manveer says the plan is still on and she will show Sahiba her place once she returns home. Jasleen walks to Yash. Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koyi Shikwa To Nahi.. song plays in the background. She tells him that she didn’t know he is in Ludhiana. He says he is staying in Ludhiana since some time but travels usually, he is launching a musical label of a local artist as his dream of becoming a local artist failed years ago.

Jaspal tells family that they shall return home and celebrate. Sahiba returns to Angad. Angad asks what did Jasleen say. Sahiba says Jasleen is heartbroken with her past with Yash and hopes she gets some peace in her life. She says their relationship has become like Jasleen and Yash without any trust.

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