Faltu Starlife update Tuesday 30 January 2024

Faltu 30 January 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu saying I have to go out, we will do this later. Tanu says media won’t come again, media isn’t free to come anytime. She insists. Faltu teaches cooking to Tanu. They both act sweet in front of the media. Tanu splashes the hot oil on Faltu’s hand and smiles.

She says I have to see, how you play with this burnt hand. Faltu screams in pain. Dadi worries. Faltu says its okay. Tanu says sorry, you got burnt because of me. Sid cares for Tanu. Faltu says its good that my hand didn’t get more burnt. Dadi scolds Tanu. Sid says calm down, she didn’t do this intentionally.

Ayaan comes and worries for Faltu. Kanika says you know such accidents happen in kitchen, thank God Tanu and Faltu are fine, I request you not to make this news. Ayaan scolds Faltu. He says Faltu will

not enter kitchen now. He takes Faltu with her. Tanu says Ayaan was never with me, he cares for Faltu a lot, I hate it. Ayaan cares for Faltu. She thinks I have to find some fights alone. Ayaan asks what do you want to do of the trial match.

She apologizes to him. They go for the practice. Ayaan trains her. She feels hurt in the burn wound. He cares for her. He says I have to go for an interview, I can’t see dad angry in this way. Sumitra signs the pandit. She says new bahu has to make bhog. Savita says Tanu will make it, I will teach her. Sumitra sees Faltu and taunts her. Dadi asks Faltu not to worry and take care of herself. Faltu says I will make the bhog, I will make everyone fine. Sumitra says she agreed. Savita says Ayaan said it in the morning… Faltu says I promise he won’t be angry. She thinks to fail their blind belief. Faltu meets the chawl guys and says I don’t have to change.

Sumitra says what shall I do that people become my slave. She goes out and sees a baba. Faltu is in disguise. She fools Sumitra. Sumitra says my bahu doesn’t pay me respect. Faltu asks her to eat the prasad. She gives her an apple and thinks to go. She asks Sumitra her matter. Sumitra shares her problems.

Faltu asks her to make her bahu do the puja. Tanu comes. Faltu puts the powder in her eyes and holds her head. Tanu shouts. Faltu says this girl is much clever.

Tanu asks who is he. Sumitra says he is baba. Faltu says you listen to me, this girl will ruin you and your son’s lives. Tanu says its blind belief, come with me. Sumitra gets blessings from Faltu and goes. Faltu gets relieved.

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