Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 13 February 2024

Strings of love 13 February 2024: Garry threatens to leave Brar mansion and cites reason as his wife Seerat’s greedy and unfaithful wife. Jasleen asks him not to go as Brars will apologize him if he wants to.

Garry says he can’t stay in this house until Angad is there and accuses Angad of having an affair with Seerat. Jasleen says he will be destroyed if he leaves this house. Garry says he was destroyed when his rights were snatched from him and walks away while Seerat holds his feet and pleads not to go.

Jasleen asks Angad and whole family to stop Garry, but they all stand silent. Sahiba tries to comfort Seerat. Seerat says Sahiba’s wish is fulfilled, she warned her not to marry Garry or else she will destroy herself, now she is destroyed. Jasleen asks her to stop her drama and says if she had stopped Garry and explained him with love. Seerat says she tried to explain him many times, but he was always verbally and physically abusive towards her. She describes how she always tried to hide her wounds from them citing various reason, etc.

Hansraj asks if Seerat will also leave the house behind her husband. Seerat breaks down more. Angad remembers his promise made to Seerat that she will not get any problem in Brar mansion until he is here and tells Seerat that she is part of their family and doesn’t have to leave this house. Akaal praises Angad’s thinking and says there is Angad who is well cultured and is worried for even other’s wife while Garry who was bought up in the same house is characterless, he is proud of Angad. Gurleen and Bebe also comfort Seerat and say she doesn’t have to leave Brar mansion for Garry’s mistakes.

Jasleen shouts that they are worried for Seerat but not their own daughter and a mother who is crying for her son. She blames Sahiba and Angad for Garry’s condition and says they would have let go of the issue and requested Garry to stay back. Angad asks her to not accuse them in her son’s blind love and reveals that Garry had sent Akaal to jail and even tried to kill Sahiba when she exposed him, he reached on time and stopped Garry. Family stands shocked hearing that and Jasleen stands frowning.

Akaal praises Angad again and says Angad proved that he will grow more superior than he thought. He then praises Sahiba that she proved that she is the best DIL of Brars and god made her and Angad’s jodi, etc. Jasleen walks to crying Seerat and tells her that they should accept the fact that Garry will not return, so they both should support each other from here and know what is happening here. Seerat reveals that she married Garry after Angad’s promise. Jasleen says she did right and says she knows what a lonely woman feels. Seerat says even Jasleen is alone. Jasleen says Seerat can’t compare herself with her as she is a Brar daughter and nobody would dare to eye on her, Seerat should use Angad’s promise in her favor and make sure his focus is constantly on her. She provokes her against Sahiba and says everyone know Sahiba is unfit to be Angad’s wife and Agad loves someone else/Seerat, etc.

Sahiba is busy on laptop when power and internet goes off. She opens door and notices rest of the house’s lights on. Angad walks in and asks what is she doing here if there is no power and internet here, is she conspiring against him. Sahiba jokes that she really is. Their cute nok jhok starts. She slips. He holds her and they both look into each other’s eyes.

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