Twist of fate update Tuesday 13 February 2024

Twist of fate 13 February 2024: Mehika wakes up in the middle of the night exclaiming she cannot lose Ranbir as he is her life, she has loved him more then herself so cannot lose him, she thinks that Prachi would have to go away, she vows to go and tell Prachi to leave her Ranbir right now.

Akshay is sitting on the bed when her brother asks him to stay here but Akshay says he has to go and warn Prachi to not fall in the trap of Ranbir once again, Abhay says that he is a nice person so any girl would fall in love with him, Akshay hugs Abhay saying he cannot lose Prachi but his brother asks him to try and sleep, Akshay is a bit distressed so lies down but asks his brother to stay with him.

Mehika is standing outside the room while Prachi is sleeping while sitting beside Ranbir, netra tries to wake her up but the nurse requests her to not disturb the patient as he needs to rest, Mehika leaves but is furious , she just waits outside the room thinking she cannot let her love go away from her once more and be alone that too because of someone else, Netra vows to remove Prachi from between her and Ranbir, she thinks this can only happen by one way which is to kill Prachi, she vows to kill her tonight.

Mehika is walking when she sees that Khushi is sleeping in her room, Mehika gets furious thinking how she saw Prachi taking care of Ranbir and also sleeping by his side, Mehika looks around and then walks into the room of Khushi, she sits by her side on the bed saying Khushi is the reason because of which both Prachi and Ranbir are close, she exclaims now Khushi will be the reason that they both get separated and Prachi dies, Mehika thinks of a way then sees the knife placed on the shelf, she goes to pick it up exclaiming this is what is called destiny, mentioning Prachi would die with the same knife with which she tried to kill her Ranbir, netra thinks she has to call Prachi here for it work and so thinks of a plan, Mehika goes to Khushi mentioning she will help her and call Prachi here, Netra takes out her phone and after closing the light turns on her phone, she slowly creeps up to Khushi who is sleeping, Mehika in a weird voice starts calling her name so Khushi starts screaming calling her mother, Prachi suddenly wakes up realizing that Khushi is calling her so gets worried, Mehika keeps scaring Khushi who calls her mother for help, Prachi quickly runs towards the room of Khushi, Mehika comes of hiding from under the stairs and follows Prachi into the hall while she is trying to open the door of Khushi room, Prachi slowly starts walking behind Prachi, she tries to stab her but Prachi manages to protect herself, Prachi is running while Netra is following her with the knife in her hands, Prachi calls Ranbir for help while still running for her life, she stops at the pillar o take some breath as she is not able to run properly, Mehika comes in front of her while still wearing a mask, Prachi calls Ranbir once again who sits up in his bed, he fees his injury but tries to get up from his bed, he slowly reaches the window trying to see what is going on outside. Ranbir then walks out of his room.

Ranbir manages to stop Netra just as she is about to stab Prachi, he pulls her out of the hall. Prachi calls asking who is there but is not able to find anyone, she turns on the lights before going to push the door of the room open.

Mehika asks Akshay to leave her, he pulls his hand and gets hit with the knife, Netra asks what is he doing when he questions what is she trying to do, Netra explains Prachi is trying to take her life from him, Akshay warns Mehika to stay away from hs Prachi and blames that Ranbir is the one trying to steal his Prachi, he says that if Ranbir comes in between then he will kill him right now, Akshay tries to leave when Mehika also warns that she will not let anyone hurt Ranbir even if it is him, Akshay questions why does Mehika think that he is losing Prachi as it is not the case because he loves her a lot, Mehika asks Akshay to not do this since Prachi is still in love with Ranbir, Akshay is about to slap Mehika but Prachi stops him questioning why does he behave like this and raise his hand on anyone, Akshay says she does not know what Mehika was doing, but Prachi says he must apologize so Akshay apologizes to her however she asks him to apologize to Mehika, Ranbir comes asking Prachi is she is fine, he sees the blood in the arm of Akshay and asks how did he get injured, Prachi tells Ranbir to go and rest, he asks if anything has happened to her but she says he always comes to protect her, Ranbir says he will get hurt after seeing her cry, Prachi asks him to come as she knows the medicine that he must have, Ranbir gets hurt when Prachi helps him out of the room. Akshay and Mehika both get furious seeing them leave.

Prachi helps Ranbir into his room when Khushi comes to sit on his bed, Ranbir asks what happened to his little partner, Khushi asks Prachi why did she leave her once again after coming into the room, Khushi explains that Prachi was with her father all this time, Prachi says that it is not the case as she was in the kitchen, Ranbir says that he will sleep while hugging Khushi but she stops him saying it is all happening because of him that her mother has stopped loving her, Ranbir explains he has to tell her a secret and for that she must come sit on his lap, he says that Khushi is the strongest amongst them all so he tells Khushi that he gets scared sleeping alone in the room, Khushi explains that he fought with the criminals when Ranbir replies but he is scared, Khushi finally agrees to sleep with him tonight, she helps Ranbir lie down on the bed and even asks him to place his head on her hand, Ranbir says he has a request that she should hold his hand tightly as then he will not get scared, Khushi assures she is by his side but he must close his eyes and sleep, Khushi also starts yawning, while massaging the face of Ranbir she slowly falls asleep, Ranbir opens his eyes and turning to Prachi notices how she is emotional, Khushi hugs Ranbir even more tightly.

Akshay is walking when his brother comes asking where did he go and wat happened to his hand, Akshay replies he feels like he is getting trapped in a swamp and not able to do anything, his brother asks him to relax but Akshay says he does not know what is happening with him, and tells that Mehika has gotten completely mental informing that the truth of Mehika would come in front of Ranbir very soon because he escaped from jail and even brought back Khushi to their house.

Akshay is worried saying that Mehika would do everything, Akshay;s brother suggests that they should send Mehika to the foreign place, Akshay informs that Mehika was about to kill Prachi, the brother panics questioning why did Akshay not tell anyone in the family regarding the truth because if Mehika gets these attacks then she can do anything. Akshay stops Abhay pushing him against the bed, Akshay explains there is still one percent chance that Ranbir and Mehika can get married but it will end if Abhay tells anyone the truth, he forces Abhay to leave the room. Akshay gets a call from the criminal who demands that Akshay should help him get free but Akshay warns him to not dare threaten him, the criminal threatens to tell Ranbir and Prachi the truth, Akshay after ending the call he will see what happens in their life in the future.

Prachi asks Ranbir how did he get to know how to handle the children so well, Ranbir says that children are not so difficult and they just have to be a bit more careful, Ranbir asks Prachi to pay a bit more attention to Khushi, she says she pays attention to her but Ranbir replies she is lying as she has her complete attention on him, Ranbir explains that he came to the room because he saw a dream that Prachi was being attacked with a knife, Prachi asks if he saw a dream or the truth, Prachi reveals the moment when she heard the cry of Khushi so went to her room but it was locked from the outside and she felt as if someone tried to hit her with a knife but when she turned on the lights there was no one there, Ranbir decides to go out and check it but Prachi asks him to stay here and rest, he is shocked to find out when Khushi is hugging him, Prachi says she will take Khushi away but he must rest, he asks Prachi to take care of herself and Khushi.

Ranbir sitting in the room wonders who would try to harm Prachi and get benefit from it, he realizes the blood he saw in the hand of Akshay, however refutes the thought thinking that Akshay can kill anyone for Prachi, he then wonders if it is Mehika, he thinks he has to find out who is trying to harm Prachi.

Mehika while panicking enters the room of her bua and she even lies down on her blood, Bua wakes u asking Mehika what has happened, she explains that she needs to get Ranbir but this cannot happen because of her brother Akshay, Bua does not understand it when Mehika explains that Akshay is not letting Prachi leave and if she stays here then would be in front of Ranbir who will remember whatever happened between them in the past so would not be able to move on in his life, Mehika restlessly rests her head on the lap of her Bua who promises to do whatever she can to get her married to Ranbir, she is really worried.

In the morning everyone is having the breakfast, Akshay and Ranbir come face to face when Ranbir says he knows very well that Akshay was the person who replies he also knows he was not the person, Mr Tandon comes between them both explaining they must not forget how they all are a single family and as they say that there can be some disagreements, he asks them both to come and have breakfast. Prachi comes to Ranbir asking if he is not in any sort of pain so asks him to come for breakfast.

Pallavi enters the main door along with Dadi, she goes to hug Ranbir and they even ask why is Mehika still standing in the corner, Mehika goes to take the blessings of Pallavi, they all ask her to come and have breakfast with them all. Khsuhi runs to hug Pallavi, she asks how is Khushi and enjoys a lot to scare her Badi mumma, Khsuhi even goes to hug Dida, she explains she is really glad that khsuhi has come back. Pallavi asks Khushi to come with them and she even asks Ranbir to come, Mehika stops Pallavi explaining she knows they all are furious with her family, Pallavi says they should not talk about what happened because her family blamed them for such a big thing that her own father tried to kidnap his own daughter, Prachi coming refuses it but Pallavi explains Khushi is also a part of their family, she says she can even talk with them on legal terms, pallavi explains they even have the right to love her, Manpreet mentions Pallavi can surely come to meet Khushi at any time she desires and even take Khsuhi, it would be good that Khsuhi gets the love of both the families. Akshay asks if she has any sense to understand what she is saying, Ranbir angrily walks to Akshay asking if he himself knows what he is saying, asking if this is the way to talk with his mother, he warns that he will show Akshay what he would do if he misbehaves next time, Akshay replies he knows that she is his mother so he knows how to talk to her, Ranbir threatens him. Prachi stops them both explaining khsuhi is standing here and they would not talk in such a manner.

Dida explains ever since Ranbir told them that they found Khushi so she longed to meet her and more then her Pallavi insisted on meeting her, Pallavi says that she was worried if Khushi got hurt or injured, khsuhi says that papa got hurt hearing which Ranbir tries to stop her, Pallavi questions him when he replies the bullet just scratched his arm, Pallavi questions why does he not tell her anything. Dadi sas they should at least ask Khushi what she desires, pallavi questions what can she ask Khushi, she asks if Khushi wants to go with her to her house saying she would talk to her alone, Mr Tandon says that Manpreet just now told her they do not have any problem if she comes to visit Khushi or takes her to her own house. Akshay says he has a problem in it and explains since he is the first legal guardian of Khushi, he kneels to her telling Khsuhi that her good father does not want her to go away from her. Pallavi leaves with khsuhi.

Pallavi is sitting with Khsuhi on her bed, she asks if Khsuhi remembers how nice she felt when she came to their house for the first time after running from the orphanage, she promises she would also make a lot of nice dishes for her and love her a lot, Khushi says she even likes to stay here as both the Bua and Dadi love her a lot, pallavi says then she and Dida would go alone, Khushi asks where so Pallavi explains to the water park and garden, Khushi asks if they actually want to go there when Pallavi informs they made a plan to goo with her but now would go alone, Khushi in excitement leaves to tell everyone, Dida tells Pallavi it is wrong to bribe such a young child but Pallavi replies that nothing is wrong when it comes to family.

Prachi is taking off the clothes when Ranbir comes to her, she says she feels he desires to ask something from her, Ranbir says sorry when Prachi replies there is no need to apologize, Ranbir says she must apologize to him because she blamed him for kidnapping his own daughter in front of everyone, Prachi immediately says sorry when Ranbir replies she could not hear it so she once again apologizes, he stops her explaining he thought that he would feel nice if she says sorry but it is not the case and he knows she was bound and did not mean it. Ranbir offers to help Prachi take off the clothes, she runs to pick her saree which is about to fall and she runs to pick it up, the saree falls on the face of Ranbir, he closes his eyes until Prachi removes it. Ranbir asks if Prachi really wants him to leave as then he will not come in front of her anymore.

Bua while walking with Mehika asks her to not let Khushi leave this house as if she stays here then Ranbir would also stay here, so Mehika must make sure to love Khushi a lot, Khushi comes running asking them to step aside when bua picks her up in her arms, explaining she will cry a lot if Khushi leaves this house as they really like her, Bua explains that she will love her a lot and even play a lot of games, Mehika says even she will take Khushi with her to the parties where they will enjoy a lot, Khsuhi goes to talk with her Badi Mumma, Bua is eager to wait and see if Khsuhi actually manages to stay here, both Mehika and bua leave to check what is happening in the room.

Ranbir starts smiling when Prachi asks the reason for his smile, he replies he is wrong for the first time as she is quiet and not arguing, Prachi replies she never argued with him and was very calm but Ranbir replies he used to like it so never made her feel it, Ranbir asks Prachi to give an answer of his questions, she asks what is he talking about when he says would she miss him if he leaves, Prachi agrees when Ranbir replies even he would miss her, he requests her to stop him when she asks if he would stop, Ranbir says he will write a letter to her after thinking for two or three days, Prachi leaves due to the rain, Ranbir is shocked to see Akshay standing in the corner, he remembers how he saw the blood on the hand of Akshay and Prachi told him that she felt Khushi was calling her so she went to check her but then felt as if someone tried to attack her with a knife.

Akshay comes to Ranbir, who asks if Akshay was spying on them and blames how he know that Akshay had his daughter kidnapped and was even involved in the attack of Prachi last night, Ranbir warns how he is just waiting for the right moment to reveal the truth about Akshay in front of the entire family and take back his family, Akshay says that it is an open challenge to Ranbir that he should try his best to take his family away from him, Ranbir leaves mentioning they both should wait to see what happens, Akshay is furious.

Manpreet asks Mr Tandon to have at least some breakfast as it is time for his medicine, Prachi brings tea for Bua but she refuses to take it, Prachi apologizes to Manpreet explaining it is due to her past that they are facing so much problems, Manpreet says that Prachi does not have any fault in it, Mehika that it is the fault of Akshay bhai as he blamed Ranbir for kidnapping his own daughter and even Ranbir blamed Akshay, Mr Tandon says that both of them have kept blaming each other but are forgetting that both Akshay and Ranbir love Khushi a lot, Bua asks why has Khsuhi not come, Mehika says that she went to meet her, Khsuhi comes running to Prachi explaining that she has decided if she will go with Badi mom or not, Mr Tandon turns to Dida explaining she is the eldest amongst them all and should inform everyone how it is not right to influence the decisions of such a young child, Dida says that now Mr Tandon has asked her to decide, she feels that Khushi should stay with them for some days after which she will come back to them, Khushi runs to pack her bags.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to also pack his bags, he remembers when he asked Prachi if she wants him to leave, Ranbir asks Prachi who says that she does not want him to leave, Pallavi asks why did Prachi stopped him as now he would not leave, Akshay asks if Ranbir is not leaving because of Prachi, Mr Tandon questions why are they making such a big scene of it, Akshay starts arguing with Ranbir when Akshay threatens that he would say something which Ranbir might not like, Dida stops them both from arguing asking why are they making such a big scene of it, she says that Prachi is the one who stopped Ranbir even the last time and she knows Mehika also does not want Ranbir to leave but to stay in this house, Mehika starts smiling.

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