Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 31 December 2023

Strings of love 31 December 2023: Garry asks Sahiba if she will not congratulate him. Sahiba says they congratulate people if they work hard and achieve success, but he got a rewards without any hard work. Garry says he got a reward without an effort, but her hard work to try to stop his alliance failed. Sahiba says if he achieved his goal, he should keep Seerat happy. Garry says he will take care of Seerat and her more than Seerat as she and Angad are his well wishers.

Jasleen walks to her and asks her not to bother Garry again. Sahiba hopes Garry doesn’t betray Jasleen again. Jasleen says she will remember her advice, but first she should go and meet Akaal as he is calling her. Sahiba walks to Akaal. Akaal asks her and Angad to take care of Garry and Seerat’s wedding arrangements. Angad accepts his orderand looks at Sahiba

Sahiba also agrees. Akaal says though Garry and Seerat’s marriage is happening on Angad’s suggestion, it got elders’ blessings now and he expects Sahiba to respect elders’ wish. Sahiba nods yes.

Angad with Sahiba visits gurudwara and asks organizer if the wedding can happen today. Santosh also visits gurudwara with Taiji and says after so many hurdles, at last Seerat’s marriage is happening. A saint who had predicted it ealier asks Santosh if his prediction came true or not. Santosh gets happy seeing him and touches his feet. She asks what is the future of her daughter.

Sahiba prays babaji to help her clear her parents’ loan. Angad prays to let the marriage happen peacefully. He asks Sahiba about the loan. She says they are trying to find a solution. Saint warns Santosh to not let fire and ghee together or else everything will be destroyed. Santosh gets tensed and thinks what did saint mean. Taiji says maybe he meant Sahiba and Angad’s relationship would be at risk if Seerat and Garry’s wedding happens, so they should cancel this wedding. Greedy Santosh says Seerat’s marriage with Garry will happen for sure, Sahiba is mature enough to handle any situation.

Sahiba returns home with Angad. Manveer asks Akaal to stop this marriage as she never disapproved Angad’s decisions, but she is not happy with this decision. Jasleen asks if she is still angry on Garry, if she doesn’t want Garry return to his house. Manveer says the actual reason is. Angad interferes and says if they all forgot that today is the wedding. Prabjyoth says she didn’t select her lehanga yet. Jasleen says she will help her select her lehanga. Sahiba tells Manveer that even she doesn’t want this marriage to happen and requests her to stop it. Inder says their pleas get unhread in this house and its waste to raise their voice. Japjyoth calls Sahiba and says she knows Sahiba doesn’ want this wedding to happen, but she should forgo her differences and let his wedding happen.

Santosh selects a lehanga for Seerat and says at last her wedding his happen. Seerat says its already late. Keerat warns Santosh to stop her greedy behavior and ruin Seerat’s life. Santosh scolds her and shuts her mouth. Manveer tells Inder that she is worried for Angad as Seerat is his first love. Inder also fears for Angad. Sahiba calls Kulcha and asks him to ask client about the contract as its the only way to save their house. Santosh tells Seerat that she didn’t have to use any trick this time to convince Brars and they themselves came with this alliance. Ajith walks in and asks Seerat to look at this house carefully once as they won’t be staying here after tonight. Santosh asks what happened. Ajith informs that Chawla gave an ultimatum till 2 p.m. to vacate this hosue if they can’t repay 1st installment.

Santosh asks him to seek some time from Chawla. Ajith says Sahiba already did and he refused. Kulcha calls Sahiba and says client refused to give her an order as she is a Brar bahu now. Keerat calls her and informs that Chawla gave an ultimatum to vacate the house by 2 p.m. Angad hears her conversation.

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