Strings of love Starlife update Friday 1 December 2023

Strings of love 1 December 2023: Jasleen taunts Manveer and asks if she got a proof via driver that Angad lies to her. Manveer says she will never believe Angad again. Japjyoth asks why is she angry on Angad, its normal for a couple to visit Gurdwara together. Reports headed by Garry’s puppet Twinkle barge in questioning about Sahiba and Angad’s first festival post their wedding. Twinkle says they want to present Angad and Sahiba as a power couple Jasleen says Manveer doesn’t want to accept them as even a normal couple and asks them to question Manveer.

Strings of love 30 November 2023

Twinkle asks Manveer if all the hype during reception was a lie. Manveer stands nervous. Sahiba and Angad walk in. Twinkle questions them. Sahiba asks why should they answer her question, who let them in, did we ask them for an interview, etc. Twinkle stands tensed looking at Garry’s face. Sahiba asks them to leave right now. She holds Angad’s hand and tries to walk in. Garry signals Twinkle to ask Sahiba about her injury.

Twinkle asks how did she get this injury. Angad says Sahiba injured herself while trying to protect him during an accident. Twinkle says it looks like someone hit her. Sahiba asks if she is a doctor or was she present there to judge how it happened. She asks family to send them all away. Veer asks guards to take them all out.

Manveer alleges Sahiba of creating a drama to gain Angad’s attention. Angad behaving like a true mamma’s mumu in a childish tone says Sahiba is right and tries to explain.Manveer stops him and asks why did he visit gurdwara with Sahiba.

he was just protecting family dignity as people especially reporters would have defamed them. Manveer taunts Jasleen that her son was just protecting family’s dignity like he always does. At Monga house, Santosh questions Keerat if something happened at Gurdwara as Seerat is hiding in a corner after she returned. Keerat gets tensed.

Angad enters Sahiba’s room and locks door from inside. Sahiba asks why did he come here. Angad says he wants to talk and says he doesn’t want her to inform family about Garry’s act until she proves him guilty, he is sure his brother is innocent and can never hurt him. Sahiba says he is just comforting himself and knows that Garry is at fault. Angad says she hurt his family a lot with her lies, he will not let her do that again.

Sahiba says even her family is suffering and hurt because of his family, anyways he need not worry as she will not reveal all this to anyone. Angad tries to leave but stops seeing her writhing in pain. He scolds her for not applying medicine and asks if she thinks of defaming Brars by carrying this wound. Sahiba asks him to leave. Angad offers her ointment and asks her to apply it as nobody will come to ask her. Sahiba says she knows nobody will ask her even if she dies. Angad says she can apply it or goto hell. She tries to apply ointment and feels pain. Angad tries to apply ointment. She resists. He shuts her mouth and applies ointment. A romantic song plays in the background. He then asks her to eat. She resists. He scolds her and feeds her. Their nok jhok continues. He says after a few days, she will be freed from this house as he knows he can’t prove Garry’s crime and he knows that his brother can never betray him.

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