Destined by fate update Friday 1 December 2023

Destined by fate 1 December 2023: Kanha gets a nightmare of Sayuri being tortured by Vikrant. He hopes Virkant doesn’t harm Sayuri and thinks what shall he do to get Sayuri back home. He thinks Rashmi started doubting him and he needs to leave home hiding from Rashmi. Rashmi wanders in her room recalling watching Sayurin in party. Indu asks why is she still awake and why don’t she lie down. Rashmi thinks she can’t lie peaceful until she finds out if that woman was really Sayuri or not. She recalls learning that Sayuri is pregnant and thinks she killed 2 lives that day and if Sayuri reveals truth to family, she will be in trouble, etc.

Sayuri gets lost in thoughts while cooking food and burns it. Kuku alerts her. She notices friendship band in Sayuir’s hand. Sayuri gifts her a band and says her Kanha friend gifted it. She asks her not to show it to Vikrant as she knows how Vikrant it. Kuku agrees and cheers up. Vikrant walks in and asks Sayuri to serve him food if their mother-daughter bonding is over. Kuku hides her wrist. On the other side, during breakfast, Tej and Daadi Mausi’s nok jhok starts, leaving family laughing. Rashmi’s looks at Kanha and Yash sitting far aside.

Kanha tells Yash that he wants to meet Sayuri in lieu of vlogging. Yash won’t believe that he has moved out of Sayuri’s memories and reveals that Daadi mausi had brought Riddhi here to get him married to her, but don’t know what happened during party that she left home even after Daadi mausi’s insistence. He suggests him to divert family’s attention by agreeing for a second marriage. He walks to family and agrees for a second marriage with a condition that Rashmi will find a girl for him who would be like Sayuri. Rashmi thinks she knows what is Kanha up to.

Sayuri serves food to Vikrantg and requests him to let her meet her daughter. Virkant walks away. He returns with CCTV camera technicians and asks them to install cameras all around the house. Sayuri asks if he can’t avoid it as she feels being spied all the time. Vikrant says he wants to spy on her and see what happens behind him, he will stop spying on her and may let her meet her daughter if she behaves well. Kanha waits outside Sayuri’s house and thinks of walking in once Vikrant leaves. Sayuri runs behind Kuku who stops near a locked room and feels afraid. Sayuri noticing camera on a wall acts as scolding Kuku and takes her from there; she thinks she needs to do something and rescue her daughter somehow. Kanha walks towards Sayuri’s house. Vikrant watches live CCTV cameras.

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