Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 16 December 2023

Strings of love 16 December 2023: Japjyoth asks Sahiba why she wants to go from Brar mansion, its also her house now. Sahiba says she had promised Angad that she leave Brar mansion if she doesn’t prove Garry’s crimes. Angad says now that she proved herself, she shouldn’t leave the house. Sahiba says why should she when he doesn’t consider fit her to be his wife. Angad says he doesn’t, but he married her keep his Darji/Akaal’s order and is trying to keep his promise. Argument ensues. Angad says her parents will be humiliated if she returns to her parental home after so much happened, media will humiliate even his family.

Sahiba says even now he is only worried about is family’s reputation. Akaal says Angad is right, she she should think about her parents. Angad snatches her bag and asks servant to keep it in Sahiba’s room. Sahiba recalls Ajith words during her wedding with Angad. She says she wants to visit her family today as Seerat had come here holding her wedding and her parents must be storming at her. Angad says he will also accompany her. Akaal says he feels good seeing Angad supporting his wife.

In car, Sahiba says he was acting good in front of his grandparents but doesn’t leave a chance to humiliate her behind them. She continues to confront him. Angad asks her to stop criticizing him. Sahiba says he considers her as his enemy. Angad says enmity is better than friendship after Garry’s betrayal. Neighbors humiliate Seerat says she got the most ill fate that her 2 marriages are canceled, her parents should commit suicide out of humiliate for giving birth to such a daughter, etc. Seerat breaks down. Santosh asks if she is happy after humiliating them again, what does she wants. Seerat says she doesn’t want to live with a lie anymore as its eating her from within, so she had to tell truth today. Santosh asks which truth.

Sahiba with Angad walks in and says a truth which Seerat informed whole Brar family; Santosh wanted to hide about Seerat’s wedding with her, but she found out. Ajith asks which truth. Angad says Seerat visited his house today to expose Garry’s truth. Ajith asks Sahiba what is Angad saying. Sahiba says Seerat had eloped with Garry on the wedding day. Santosh shouts she warned Seerat not to take Garry’s name and tries to slap her. Sahiba says that means she knew about Garry. Santosh agrees. Angad says hiding truth is a mistake which Santosh did by fixing Seerat’s alliance with him, but whatever happened during wedding was not her mistake. His family thought Sahiba and her whole family is involved in this conspiracy, but now realized they were not and his own brother eloped Seerat. He apologizes everyone and requests to forgive him if possible. He says they had to suffer because of his brother, so he is apologizing them and expects them to forgive him and his family. He walks away from there, leaving Sahiba stunned.

Garry recalls Angad trashing him brutally and determines to take revenge from him. Jasleen walks in and slaps him repeatedly for being so ridiculous and asks if he found only middle class Seerat to have an affair. Garry says he wanted to snatch Seerat from Angad like he snatch everything from Angad till now. Jasleen says he has to return back to Brar mansion. Garry asks after so much happened. Jasleen says good people like Angad will forgive other’s sins easily, so he should apologize Angad and return home. Garry says she shot at him, what if bullet had hit her. Jasleen says her aim is not weak like Garry, even she would have been kicked out of the house if she had not done that drama; she will now figure out how to get him back in.

Ajith asks Sahiba why did she hid the truth for so many days even after knowing about it. Sahiba tells him about Angad’s challenge and then says after seeing Angad apologizing them, she felt Angad is not bad and could experience his pain. Ajith says anyone would react similarly, he is happy that Sahiba is understanding Angad. Sahiba continues to praise Angad.

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