Faltu Starlife update Saturday 16 December 2023

Faltu 16 December 2023:  Episode starts with Janardhan scolding Ayaan. He says I knew you lied there, you are trying to find her, what after next, you are ruining our hardwork, what will you do, academy won’t take her back after that video. Ayaan says that video can be wrong. Janardhan asks really, you believe so, not the world, Tanisha is your wife and Kanika is my business partner, Tanisha is your responsibility, not Faltu, did you think of Tanisha’s feelings, she is a sweet girl, focus on her. He asks Ayaan to decide himself. He sees Tanu at the door and asks her to come. She asks is there any problem. He says I was scolding him, I want him to get new ideas for business,but he… He asks them to talk. He goes. She asks Ayaan was dad talking about business or Faltu.

Faltu talks to the guy and asks about Vishal.He says he is still sleeping, the match video got viral, Rajan wants to give you more matches at extra payment, do you want to play, shall I talk to him. She says I will talk about matches later. Kanika worries. Tanu comes and cries. She tells everything to Kanika. Kanika asks her to relax, I think Faltu was following me. Tanisha asks what will we do if she learns our truth. Kanika says I have some plan. She shows the file. Faltu says I have kept everything ready for the dinner. Dadi says we just had lunch, why are you keeping dinner ready. Faltu makes an excuse and tells an emotional story.

She says I will come soon. She collides with Ayaan. Ayaan asks where are you going. Dadi says Rocky is going to see his friend’s dad. Ayaan asks which hospital, shall I come along. Rocky says no, you are rich, you don’t need to come and visit a poor man, I will handle. Ayaan asks what nonsense, I will come. She worries. Kanika says we have sent money to Vishal’s account from Ayaan’s account, he won’t know anything, when Faltu tries to find out, for who Vishal works, she will know Ayaan’s name, Vishal will take Ayaan’s name, Faltu won’t know about us. Tanu asks are you sure about Vishal.

Kanika says he can do anything for money, its his personal motive to see Ayaan’s destruction, he won’t leave us so easily, it’s a fool proof plan, chill, this will deepen the valley between Ayaan and Faltu, even if Ayaan shouts he is innocent, no one will believe him. Faltu says the hospital name. Ayaan says I know the manager, I will talk to him and help. Faltu says no need to take the trouble, I will manage. Ayaan says its not a trouble, come I will drop you and talk to manager. Dadi says Rocky, Ayaan solved your problem, go now. Faltu goes with Ayaan. He ties the seat belt. They have a moment. Faltu makes excuses and asks him to not come to the hospital. Ayaan gets sad and says I have understood, a person runs away and takes your help as a burden, you try to find that person and pray to meet him once. She feels sorry. He drops her at the hospital and asks don’t you want my help. Faltu says you go, I will manage, take care. He goes. She leaves from there.

She comes to keep an eye on Vishal. Ayaan meets his aide and asks about Faltu’s location. The man says we don’t know her address, Rajan’s phone is off. Ayaan asks why does she run away when I want to help her. He says I have to clean her name and fulfil my promise to her dad, I have no other way than to help her. Vishal wakes up. He doesn’t find water. He gets angry. Faltu comes in disguise and smiles.

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