Twist of fate update Thursday 14 December 2023

Twist of fate 14 December 2023:  Ranbir telling Prachi that neither I am innocent nor you are foolish. Prachi says if you was innocent then would have done what is right and wouldn’t have betrayed. Ranbir asks her to tell clearly.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to wait to end the matter here, and says Prachi’s mind is not suitable to talk all this, she is talking with calm mind, but she has much anger in her, if the matter gets worse then the drama will happen here, and I don’t want that. Prachi asks when this drama started, then why you didn’t tell anything. Vikram asks Prachi to sit and talk with calm mind. Prachi says sorry and tells that everyone has betrayed her, but she bear everything. Ranbir says it is better if you don’t talk about betrayal. Prachi says it will be a bad word if I start counting.

She says she will not bear anymore and coughs. Rhea gives her water. Prachi throws the glass and says I don’t want it. Rhea asks if you are fine. Prachi says I am not fine. She says Rhea…they are not mine and can hide things from me, can betray me, but you are my own sister, our parents and blood are same, and says if I trust anyone more than it is you. She says I fought with the world for you, but you have hidden truth from me. Rhea says trust me, I wanted to tell you, but couldn’t say.

Ranbir asks Prachi to talk to him, and says you can ask me question, but after I answer you then you have to answer me. Prachi says that thing will not come, and tells that she had gone to orphanage, and came to know that Khushi is missing. She tells that in the PS, I came to know that you have claimed to be her biological father, and you got the DNA test done.

Ranbir says why you always blame me, and tells that you accuse me always. He says you can blame or question me, and tells that I didn’t tell you about Khushi as I thought that I shall not tell you, it will be my life’s biggest mistake, as you have hidden from me that you are alive. He says if you can hide this from me for 6 years, then I can hide this for 6 days atleast. He says she is playing victim card and acting innocent, and says I have hidden from you that Khushi is my daughter and you have hidden from me that you was going to adopt her and asks her to say truly and gives Khushi’s promise. He asks her to say. Prachi says I came to know that Khushi is my daughter, she is my Panchi. Ranbir and his family are shocked.

Rhea says you know about it and is happy that she knows the truth. Prachi says no Rhea and says don’t be innocent, I had given you a chance, but you didn’t come home to tell me. Rhea says I am saying the truth. Prachi says nobody matters to you in this world, rather than Ranbir. Ranbir says I will end this discussion and says we both know that Khushi is our daughter Panchi. He says the matter is over. Prachi says Panchi is my daughter too. Ranbir says I will not let you take Panchi from here. She calls Khushi and says I know you are here.

Ranbir holds her hand and says I will give you my life, but can’t give you my daughter. He says I have sacrificed myself once for you, but will let my family sacrifice for you. Prachi says she is my life, I will take her. He says you had went to Aaliya to take her, then what happened. He says I will be with her always and will protect her, and will love her. He says you can give her motherly love, but can’t take her away from here. Prachi says she is my daughter, she will go with me. She tries to go inside, but Ranbir holds her hand.

Prachi says don’t challenge me, I will take my daughter from here. Ranbir says this house door is closed for you forever. Pallavi, Vikram and Rhea try to stop Ranbir. Prachi says you are doing a big mistake. Ranbir says I don’t care, I just need my daughter. He takes her out and pushes her out. It turns out to be Prachi’s imagination. Prachi says I had gone to orphanage to meet Khushi, but came to know that she is missing and is lost, so orphanage people are searching her where there is a possibility to find her.

Ranbir thinks Prachi is not telling that she wants to adopt Khushi. Prachi thinks Ranbir is not telling her that he knows the truth. She sees warden behind her. Warden says we have come here to search Khushi. Pallavi says Khushi is not here, I don’t adjust with kids easily, if she would have been here then I would have asked you to take her. Prachi thinks she is lying and tells that if they don’t get Khushi then orphanage will call the Police. Dida asks Khushi to be in the room, and says she will go and check. Ranbir asks them to check.

Prachi and warden come inside and search for Khushi. Prachi sees Dida tensed, and asks her about Khushi. Dida says Khushi is not here. Prachi says she is here. Dida sees Warden and asks why they can’t let them sleep. Warden tells her that Prachi has filed the case against the orphanage and the kidnapper who has kidnapped Khushi. Dida messages someone to come to her room.

Ranbir tells Pallavi that this is Prachi, and tells that she silently threatened him. Rhea tells him that he shall tell the truth to Prachi. Ranbir refuses. Dida comes there and asks Ranbir, why he is not checking his phone. He says Prachi shall think that we are letting her check the house and asks Ranbir to come with her. Ranbir goes with her. Rhea is tensed.

Prachi calling Khushi and searching in Pallavi’s room. The warden comes behind Prachi. Prachi asks her not to say any word and says if you think that you will apologize to me and I will forget whatever you have done with my daughter then I will not forgive you. The warden asks her to forgive her and says even God gives the chance. Prachi says I am not God, but a mother. She says I can’t say if I can forgive you or not. Warden asks Prachi why is she searching Khushi here. Prachi says this is Ranbir’s Mom’s mother and she can do anything for her son’s happiness. She goes out. The warden regrets and blames herself for the happenings and thinks she will search Khushi. Dida takes Ranbir to side and tells him that Prachi has filed the complained against him unknowingly.

Khushi hears that Prachi is here and goes from there. Ranbir says Prachi always jumps to conclusion. Prachi comes to the storeroom and prays to God to make her meet her Khushi. Khushi comes there and sees Prachi. She sees Prachi talking to the phone and stops. She sees Ranbir coming there and talking to Prachi. She smiles. Ranbir sees Khushi and distracts Prachi. The warden comes there. Khushi hides seeing her.

Just then something falls down due to warden. Prachi sits down to help her. Ranbir comes to Khushi and asks her to hide her, and trust him. Khushi says Parvati is here. Ranbir says you can’t come infront of her. Khushi asks if Parvati is with the orphanage and says if she will send her there. Ranbir says yes and asks her to hide. He makes her hide. Prachi comes there and sees him there. He says this is his favorite place, and he spends me time here. Prachi asks what happened to your choice. The warden comes there.

Ranbir asks her to check her to other side and closes the door. Ranbir asks Prachi why is she searching Khushi, and asks if she will give her to the orphanage. Prachi says yes, and tells that she will handover her to orphanage. Khushi hears and gets shocked and upset. Prachi says it to hide the truth. She asks if Khushi is here. He says no.

Pallavi and Dida tell that they shall act natural. Vikram asks them to relax. Prachi and Ranbir argue. Ranbir blames her for thinking about her benefits and losses. Prachi says she is not the same Prachi anymore, and knows how to calculate. Ranbir says your calculation is wrong. Khushi thinks Parvati doesn’t know plus and minus, and says she will teach her once everything is fine. He says he always knew the answers. Prachi doubts him. Ranbir says we shall not meet now.

Meera, dadi and Shahana are in the taxi. Meera tells that she doubts that Ranbir has kidnapped Khushi. She says they liked his family, but rejected him as he was separated. She says when I rejected, then he got angry, and his mother took him out. Shahana says Ranbir is such and asks her not to give Khushi to him. Dadi says yes and asks her to give Khushi to Prachi. Prachi says even I feel the same (that they shall not meet). Khushi gets up from the hideout place and steps on the wire, light goes. Prachi gets scared and hugs him. She asks what happened to the light. Ranbir says light comes and goes. He thinks mother is scared of darkness, but not Khushi. He signs her. Prachi asks if Khushi is hiding there and says she will check. Ranbir pulls her and hugs her asking her not to leave him.

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