Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 17 December 2023

Strings of love 17 December 2023: Angad feels guilty thinking his own brother Garry’s backstabbed him. He recalls Seerat exposing Garry’s heinous crimes and rest of the events. O Bedardeya.. song plays in the background. He imagines Sahiba laughing on him and angrily throws liquor glass at the mirror and breaks it. Veer rushes to him and asks why is he punishing himself for Garry’s crimes. Angad says he is responsible for all this. Veer says he is not. Angad says Garry is jealous of him since childhood and he thought is limited to toys and other stuff, but didn’t know he hates him so much; he would have explained Garry that there is no competition between them.

He says he married Sahiba between all these events, but can never love her as he loved only Seerat. He says he feels bad for Seerat. He asks if he wasn’t a good elder brother for Garry. Veer says he is the best elder brother and even now is trying to prove himself guilty to prove Garry right. Angad continues that he made a misake and falls into pool.

Sahiba takes dinner for Seerat and seeing her sleeping thinks she shouldn’t wake her up. She hears Seerat weeping and asks her to stop crying and start afresh. Garry says its easy for her to say this as she is married, but my marriage is canceled twice. Sahiba says she had a dream of making big in arts business, now she hopes they both sisters will open a big art shop. Seerat says she doesn’t know anything about arts. Sahiba says nobody are born with talent and learn it eventually. She says she will teach her arts and they both will succeed in life.

Next morning, during breakfast, Manveer overfills her tea cup lost in thoughts. Gurleen stops her. Japjyoth says she is tensed after whatever happened yesterday. She reveals how Sahiba wanted to leave the house, but Angad following his responsibilities stopped Sahiba. Manveer says her son follows all his responsibilities, but he is always betrayed. Jasleen joins family for breakfast. Manveer stands up saying she can’t stay wherever Jasleen is. Jasleen apologizes her for Garry’s misbehavior and requests to forgive him. Manveer and Japjyoth tongue lash Garry’s heinous act. Prabjyoth supports Jasleen and says Angad has already punished Garry, Garry is also their family’s son and don’t now where he is now.

Sahiba walks in. Jasleen and accuses her of creating enmity between 2 brothers and demands an apology. Sahiba says why she is so restless after her son’s heinous acts are exposed. Jasleen continues to accuse her. Angad walks in and Sahiba just exposed truth and shouldn’t be blamed.

Manveer asks him to have something as he is hungry since yesterday. He says he will have something in office as he has an important business meeting and leaves with Veer. Japjyoth asks Sahiba to take tiffin for Angad like a true wife. Sahiba agrees. Angad reaches office. Reporters throng him asking if he will remove Garry from business after Garry’s betrayal. Veer says its their family issue and they don’t like to comment on it.

Reporters say his company stocks are falling down after his family controversary, what will he do about it. Angad walks in without replying them. He has an investor meeting where investors say customers are not buying his premium designs and hence they are forced to cancel their 120-crore business deal. Angad argues with them and walks away arrogantly citing them as arrogant instead. Sahiba walks in with tiffin. Veer says Angad’s mood is off today. Sahiba hears investors and says they can create designs which even common people can afford. Client asks if she can present designs by tomorrow.

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